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Name: Bankshot

Faction: Neutral

Branch: Civilian

Rank: 5

Function: Parts Dealer

Altmode: Hovercar

Type: OC

"Wanna make a deal?"


Bankshot seems like a pleasant enough femme on the surface, friendly and polite to most who meet her, no matter their faction or alliances. On the rare occasions she loses her temper, however, she shows surprising viciousness, lashing out at the source of her frustration with a brutality that wouldn't seem out of place in the Decepticon ranks. She has part shops in several neutral settlements, and there have been rumors that she's considering expanding to Cubicron as well. Rather well-armed for a neutral, she has a powerful photon pistol on her at all times, as well as several trithyllium blades hidden in her subspace. Transforms into a sleek, fast hovercar.


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