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Nitrogear Bytaboom

As Shred takes her leave for refueling and recharge, Nitrogear turns around. He notices Bytaboom there, in the doorway. "Hey, Comrade. Been a long time. I thought you were gone, or worse: Dead." Nitrogear expresses his concern, looking upon Bytaboom's panther form.

The panther sits back on her haunches and states, "I've been in sleep mode for a while. I was not at all.. dead. If anyone bothered to check on me.. they'd see." She gets up from her sitting position, "But no one bothered did they?"

"I was looking everywhere for you, Comrade!" Nitrogear exclaims loudly. "I flew across the whole of Cybertron." Nitrogear looks sad.. Nitrogear quietly says, "I thought.. I thought you were out looking for Chimera. So.. I only searched outside of Polyhex. I looked for a long time, Comrade." Nitrogear hangs his head.

Bytaboom sighs. She pads over and sits down near Nitrogear, "I'm sorry if I worried you. Although.. I think the Emperor may have my head for not reporting in..." She grumbles and shakes her head, "If I search for Chimera.. it will only be.. well.. let's just say.. they wouldn't like scraps."

Nitrogear suddenly HUGS Bytaboom tightly! His arms wrap around Bytaboom's shoulders and chest plate presses into her head... Nitrogear sure seems happy to see Bytaboom again. "I never see you.."

Bytaboom lets out this small squeak and is surprised. She blinks her optics and replies, "Well.. I'll give you a hint as to where to look for me. The technology lab. I'm usually tinkering in there." She grins.

Nitrogear lets go as Bytaboom doesn't hug or anything in reply. With a nod, Nitrogear replies: "I will look for you in there first next time, Comrade."

Bytaboom literally pounces on Nitrogear, placing her paws on his chest plate. She licks his cheek and grins at him, then replies "You haven't seen my other form have you?" She tilts her head to the side.

Nitrogear is taken by surprise by Bytaboom's pounce and lick of her metallic tongue to his metallic cheek. Nitrogear grins up at Bytaboom in return, replying "No, I have not, Comrade."

Bytaboom smiles and sits back up, "I will show it to you one day." Her optics narrow slightly, as if remembering something, "I should head back to the technology lab.."

Nitrogear replies with a nod, "Very well, Comrade. I look forward to it."