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  • Name: Bytaboom
  • Faction: Decepticon
  • Branch: Military
  • Rank: 2
  • Function: Scout
  • Alt Mode: Cyber Panther
  • Type: OC


"Another one bites the dust."


Bytaboom has a lot of spunk and her bite is worse than her spark. She has come a long way from being a slave and an experiment - to whom nobody knows, as she was found inactive and reactivated by the Decepticons. She is the first of her kind in beast mode. She knows how to track a target and her aim is rarely off- lethal and deadly in battle with the use of her pistols and cannon. One of her strengths is protecting her fellow soldiers on the battlefield and her strong will. She oftentimes likes to tinker and experiment with her equipment despite safety warnings. Cannot resist Energon vodka.


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