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  • Name: Catilla
  • Faction: Crystal City
  • Branch: Military
  • Rank: 4
  • Function: Investigator
  • Alt Mode: Nitro Tiger
  • Type: FC


"Stalk before you strike."


Originally, Catilla was a part of a law enforcement squad patrolling smaller settlements. But when such settlements were abandoned to seek shelter in larger cities he found a place in Crystal City instead, where his close attention to detail, high power sensing equipment and skills go him recruited as an investigator for the defenders of the city. When he's off the job, this cat sure knows how to relax. But on the job, Catilla is patient and vigilant, a natural crafted hunter. He takes great pride in being able to silently stalk his pray, or to remain still for long periods of time waiting and watching for the quarry to arrive, then strikes with a ferocity and quickness akin to a wildcat. Fittingly, his alt mode is that of a Nitro Tiger, one of the more difficult to hunt animals of Cybertron. Hardened steel claws and fangs can rend easily through metal in this form, while in either form, he sports a silent but powerful air concussion cannon that can shatter metal from the impact. Tail coil is strong enough to crush foes, becoming a restraining whip in robot mode. Because he prefers to plan ahead of time and prepare for the worst, when situations get out of hand he tends to prefer to retreat instead of rushing into the chaos. Better to live and lick your wounds while planning for another day.