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  • Name: Chains
  • Faction: Autobot
  • Branch: Military
  • Rank: 3
  • Function: Skirmisher
  • Alt Mode: Ironfox T1 Heavy Cycle
  • Type: OC


"Why run from trouble when you can run over it?"


A former gang member out of Cubicron, Chains remains rough around the edges, but his background also makes him an active proponent and defender of independents among the Autobots, and protective of those he befriends. Aggressive and near-fearless, Chains revels in his role as a mixture of advance scout, explorer and guerilla warrior, favoring hit and run tactics. Designed for exploration of harsh territory, Ironfox T1 heavy cycle mode gives him almost unparallelled versatility, quick and agile, but without being as fragile as most other light vehicles and cycles. Designed for close quarters or dealing with surprise, possesses both a light shield generator able to create a disc-shaped, meter-diameter personal force field from his left arm, and a rectractable hook and 100m chain from a housing in the right arm, usable both as a short-range melee weapon and enabling him to quickly scale almost any obstacle. Noted for his courage, but acheiving his combination of speed and toughness in a small package necessitated a lack of effective long-range weaponry and cargo space.


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