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"Thank you," she says shyly to her escort.”Excited? I suppose so. It's all so new to me." She takes advantage of having risen in the world to stare at the sights, blue optics darting from one burst of brightness and color to another.”I guess it's not the same for you; you've seen all this before, but I haven't!"

The atmosphere was powerful and energetic. Eager to be sure. Transformers were everywhere in robot mode, a few whipping along pre-flagged lanes for quicker moving around in their alternate modes. Solarix was not currently present yet, although the huge stage loomed overhead, like some great tree disappearing into the darkness overhead. Around it, working on the final preparations were the Constructicons, their lime green paint easily visible as they worked behind a line of Crys Guard who watched the crowd and kept the peace.

A Bumblepuppy barked and bolted through the crowd, running into one Transformer's leg.

Bluestreak walks through the crowd, his weaponry left at the Customs guard post at Crystal City's entrance, though now he feels rather helpless without them. Yes, this is a peaceful gathering, and yes, there are Guardians around... but still. He's so lost in his thoughts that he doesn't notice the Bumblepuppy running around, all excited at everyone around, that it isn't until the poor pup runs into his upraised-in-midstep leg. The poor 'Bot gunner does his best to not step on or kick the Bumblepuppy, but ends up falling flat on his side in the process.”OOF!"

It was always nice to get a bit of time off, away from the war. Well, as far as you could get these days, but it was still something. After doing his share of friendly nagging of a few Bots who needed a vacation badly (not that they all listen. Ultra Magnus still insists on being one of those 'volunteers' staying behind. The guy is practically welded to his work), Trailbreaker took his own advice. For the moment though, he was just strolling about, taking in the sights. ”... I guess this city is lax on its ener-leash laws." he remarks with a snicker when the bumblepup scrambles by.

Omega Supreme nods to Nebula, "I suppose so, but every year Solarix tries to do something different to make each festival unique." the massive Guardian finds a place for him to stand a distance from the gathering of transformers, yet at an optimal position to provide his little passenger a first class view of the events. A compartment opens before Nebula's seat to reveal an array of energon-goodies and threats to nibble on while she enjoys whatever it is that Solarix has planned. The Guardian doesn't say anything as he watches the Guardians he has placed about the city to help with crowd control. His blue optics scan the crowd and area for signs of Solarix. Now, the Guardian is starting to wonder.. he just assumes Solarix is doing his usual showmanship bit.

Apologetically, the young transformer chasing the pup waves to both the Autobots and darts after his new pet into the crowd again.

Somewhere, some excited chatter happens and Guards start to walk out, darting here and there... quick on their feet as they always were as they cleared the way. It seemed that soon, very soon, the opening ceremonies would begin before the Transformers gathered.

Bluestreak just grins sheepishly and waves to the proto chasing around the Bumblepup as he slowly gets up. No harm, no foul. Teaches him to not be watching where he's going anyways. He scans the crowd and spots a semi-familiar helm--he thinks it's someone named Trailbreaker, but he's not entirely sure on the name. He hasn't quite learned everyone's names yet.”H-Hey, wait a moment!" He calls as he jogs to catch up to Trailbreaker, nearly tripping over his own feet in the process.”Y'think the ceremony's about to start?"

It can be hard to tell when voices are directed at you in a crowd, but just hearing someone shout in general is enough for Trailbreaker to take pause, giving 'Streak a chance to catch up to him. Not that he's hard to catch up to.”Hey there!... Yeah, it looks like they're starting soon." He was a bit curious himself, mostly from his chatting with the old former guardsmech that had been staying in Iacon awhile.

Nebula doesn't even see the bumblepuppy or its owner; she's too far above the ground.”What is the Festival about?" she asks as she inhales one of her favorite treats, then looks embarrassed at her bad manners. Good thing no one can see her alllllll the way up there. Blue optics wide, she stares for all she's worth, but something catches her attention. He *is* on duty, she notices as he supervises his Guardians. She cranes her neck to peer at them, wondering curiously if something is happening. A sudden, brilliant flare of lights distracts her.

Without much fanfare at all, Solarix steps into view from a side street. He glances about a little, as though timid, before stepping back. He straightened, and with his guards around him, walked into view.

There were cheers to be sure - many supporters of him and those of the most faithful bowed deeply to him. Nobly, the old mech walks, his wings tucked and folded between his shoulders, armor curiously... dark for this day. With a device on his chest plate, forming an X across it all as he mounted up to the stage itself, striding towards the middle of it in his flowing robes. There, he stopped, glancing over the crowd with a soft, tired smile.

Bluestreak nods once to Trailbreaker.”I've never been here for this before--trip was always a bit too long to make it in time. I didn't think I'd be able to see this after the war started, much less after I joined the Autobots--," he begins to babble, his excitement growing as the buzz of the crowd also grows in anticipation, but he's (perhaps thankfully) cut off as the crowd around them cheers at Solarix's first appearance. When Solarix walks onto the stage, the gunner does bow--but only as far as respect dictates, and not nearly as deeply as the faithful bow. He has long lost any semblance of 'faith' in Primus, just as he lost everything else. He then straightens up again and looks around slightly, taking in the sights and sounds.

Omega Supreme has his attention pulled away from his patrolling Guardians by Nebula's sweet and cute vocalizers, "This Festival is a celebration of peace and freedom. This is the one time all the factions can be someplace and enjoy themselves without the war looming over their head. Because all are safe under the dome of the city equally." and as a tray of energon goodies is polished off by the young femme, another takes its place. Boy, the Guardian must have ordered a ton to keep Nebula's tummy happy, "Don't worry.. they are simply making sure that nothing gets out of hand.. nothing is going on, I wouldn't ruin our date with work." he smiles broadly with an innocent expression on his face. Then he turns his optics on Solarix and nods to the city's religious leader.

Trailbreaker gives Bluestreak a friendly nudge with an elbow when Solarix takes the stage, though the gunner does quiet on his own (it’s a miracle!). He makes enough of a bow to be polite, though not particularly religious himself, the old mech deserves the respect for what he does for the city. Good to see the Guardians are at hand too, though he can't fathom even the Decepticons being despicable enough to disrupt this holiday. Hopefully...

Nebula applauds enthusiastically, if only because Solarix is one of the few people she's met around here. It's not very likely, considering that the mech is retired, but she strains her blue optics trying to see if Protofire is among Solarix's guards. No, he's not. She didn't think so. Fidgeting a bit, she hopes that he isn't going to preach about Primus an' stuff now. Her head cocks to one side at Omega's explanation.”Peace and freedom? Isn't that kinda... out of place on this planet? Never mind, I shouldn't be bringing that up during this party." Not to mention that she's too young for such cynicism.

Nodding back to Omega Supreme, Solarix glances around now, the crowd still rustling as more enter the Square. The Constructicons had taken places at the sides of the stage now, a strange armed thing hanging over the middle of the platform. Solarix smiles again, optics dimming, then brightening.

When he speaks, his voice is amplified over the city as well, to others watching "My Friends... my allies... and others.” he began "Thank you for attending the first Festival of Lights to be held in over twenty vorns! It cannot have been done without the help of the many who worked and pushed for it. I thank you in the name of Primus.

"The Festival began its' history in the waning days of our planet's history. It was made to remember freedom - to celebrate the light that pushed back the dark of our oppressors and found our new Golden Age... an Age that, like all things has past." Silence.

"BUT... Despite this, we will still find reason to celebrate. We cannot turn a blind optic and forget the War is over - no, even here, the war can be felt. We do not celebrate to forget about what happens on our world, but IN SPITE of it. For even the hardiest of soldiers needs to rest his wheels on occasion. Even the merchant must close up shop, and relax... listen, and dream. That is what we gather here. Originally running for a full week, in these times the Festival will run for but a day and a night." He pauses, glancing over the Crowd. There was no sign of Protofire indeed. All the soldiers this day were much younger and alert.

Bluestreak acks a bit as Trailbreaker nudges him, but stays quiet since he doesn't want to seem rude to Solarix. He listens to Solarix's words, though not so much /hearing/ them as much as wondering what is going on with the stage--or what will happen, at least.

Pity that. Trailbreaker would of loved a chance to chat with the old mech again. Maybe another time. For now, he's listening to the speech. Twenty vorn? Wow, that's a long time. He'll wait for making witty commentary until after the speech is over, though he's got several good ones already rolling through his processors. But he doesn't want to be rude, of course.

Bluestreak acks a bit as Trailbreaker nudges him, but stays quiet since he doesn't want to seem rude to Solarix. He listens to Solarix's words, though not so much /hearing/ them as much as wondering what is going on with the stage--or what will happen, at least.

Pity that. Trailbreaker would of loved a chance to chat with the old mech again. Maybe another time. For now, he's listening to the speech. Twenty vorn? Wow, that's a long time. He'll wait for making witty commentary until after the speech is over, though he's got several good ones already rolling through his processors. But he doesn't want to be rude, of course.

"For a Day and a Night, Crystal City will shine like it did in its youth. For a Day and a Night, we will celebrate - there will be energon, dancing, music. Anything one would want to enjoy." The ancient mech's voice softens "When this is over, we will go on our separate ways, but never will we forget this time together. Crystal City remains free. I will now give the opening prayer.”

He lifted both his hands, gesturing out to those. Then he curled his fingers in, and lowered them, elbows out, to in front of his chest, as though holding something between his hand as his head bows "Primus, watch and bless over these here and now. Let them forget their troubles for a short time - forget all that worries them. As tough some may seem, all need a little rest. Bless the Guardians for protecting our city and keep their armor whole and their weapons keen. Show mercy to the civilians and those without a home due to this war and ease their pains, and remind them that while you work to help us all, we must also help each other.

Protect my city and my people. Keep it strong against the tides outside it, and remind those who would look towards its' energy and fuel greedily that we worked for it - if one wishes to buy it, then fine, but we will not fund a war machine, nor will we let ourselves be terrorized into subdual. Amen."

He then turns his back, his wings rustling as he walks to the center of the stage and the device built there. With the assistance of the Constructicon Scrapper, he was attached to the huge thing as it hummed overhead. His gold optics look back to the crowd and he nods, before those optics darken completely.

And the lights die. Like a ripple outwards, the entire city goes black except the glow of the shields and the far-away sound of the gates at work, sealed tightly. A long moment passed in the crowd, a few people shifted nervously. And then, Solarix' voice whispers: "There was darkness.”

"And then..." a loud hum began as the huge 'tree' started to glow... all colors rolling up its' sides, spreading to the dome overhead and down the walls like a waterfall. The city returned to life, glowing brighter than ever before, not a single shadow remaining anywhere. Not painfully bright, but... light everywhere.”There was LIGHT. Let the festival begin!"

Omega Supreme looks about and at all the transformers gathered and naturally feels out of place. Not only is he freakishly large, he does lack some social skills and since he promised to attend the festival. The mighty Guardian moves through the crowd carefully and takes his place beside Solarix." he nods once then looks up at all the pretty lights.

Bluestreak bows his helm and dims his optics as Solarix's prayer resonates through the area, though he remains silent and does not agree. He shows this much only out of respect, not out of belief--but no need to let others know that. He also shifts uneasily when all the lights go out--save for the optic-lights of those gathered--and has to constantly silently repeat to himself that everything's still OK, nothing bad is about to happen... then promptly forgets all of that as the lights turn back on in an amazing display.”Wow..." is all he can really say, looking around at the amount of /light/ surrounding them. Amazing, Bluestreak is speechless!

Trailbreaker lower his head and dimmed optical band for the quiet moments of the prayer. It's out of respect, and that bit of hope he keeps in his spark that allows him to maintain his jovial attitude. He's not a 'believer' per say, but his view isn't as jaded as his fellow Bot's, either. He was almost going to comment softly at Streak's uneasiness to remind him to stay calm, but doesn't need to as the 'tree' is illuminated.”.. Now -that- is a light show." He was a comment, but Bluestreak's awestruck? Miracles do exist! He can't help but smirk a bit at the other Bot's reaction. It IS pretty amazing.

So... to be honest, Arcee's only here because she's still trying to find someplace that she can put in a decent bit of work. She did listen to the prayer, which she put no stock in whatsoever outside of the respect naturally shown, but beyond that, she was more stunned to see the lights that followed. Her optics brighten just slightly, paying no heed to anyone else in the crowd. She doesn't know anyone, after all. This is just... another stop. She makes a soft noise in her throat, looking rather peaceful at the moment, and shifts a little bit. Well... it was a good day to come by, anyway, wasn't it?

Solarix stood very still in the device, as though he himself were powering the entire lights. His optics were closed, face tense in concentration. His wings had opened in the dark - spread now like two half-circles, bat like to either side of him that shimmered brightly and glittered almost like rainbows, moving them gently back and forth. He then smiles, relaxing as the device was disconnected. A moment passes and he slumps, then straightens and laughs as he waves at the crowd - less solemn, happier than before "Go now! Be merry! There will be a show on this stage in but a few minutes should you wish to watch. Some dancers from Polyhex I hear, and there is food aplenty." he turns to step off the stage - not off the side, but off the stairs at the front, towards the crowd itself as two guard moved to meet the mech.

Bluestreak shakes his helm to snap himself out of his 'daze' as Solarix's announcement--which sounds much happier than before--breaks through his wonder.”I wonder what Crystal City looks like now," he comments, having no interest in the dancers and more interested in how things have changed for the festival.”You wanna take a look around, or rather stay here?" He asks Trailbreaker.

Omega Supreme stands by Solarix's side and remains silent and respectful of his old friend and watches with a bit of concern at the stress on Solarix's face as he presents the fabulous light show. He blinks his optics and holds up a single claw to his leader, "Sir, you can tap into my power supply.. if you need." he says as quietly as he can in his deep booming voice. He sighs and hates not being informed as to what is happening. and his optics study the device that Solarix seems to be operating. He realizes it looks to be of Constructicon design and just shakes his head wondering if this was the great secret that Solarix was hiding.

Solarix laughs softly as he puts a hand on the claw, smiling as he murmurs "It actually drew very little of my own power. It’s just... dizzying." he explains to the Guardian, reassuringly. No longer attached to the device, or with the harness he steps down and his optics fall on Arcee then, noticing her. He smiles warmly and lifts a hand, gesturing her closer.

Dancing fembots? Even if they were from Polyhex, he can be on the medics on -all- sides having to patch up as many oil-leaking nasal ducts as they will overcharging related injuries. Trailbreaker can only chuckle a bit to himself at the thought, before turning to 'Streak with a nod.”A little sightseeing sounds good. Or around here, it's more like light-seeing."

The slight femme blinks, bright optics flickering as she looks toward Solarix with a puzzled expression. It takes a moment as Arcee glances around, almost to ensure she is, in fact, the one being motioned for. Finally, she does slip over, her steps light and graceful, entire expression a little bit wary. The look of a femme who's been through more than she should have in her very short life.

Bluestreak grins and nods.”Yeah, seems like it. Well, let's get going before the rest of the crowd gets the same idea, right?" He starts to make his way through the crowd, eagerness to see the sights removing his usual near absent-minded clumsiness--though he doesn't move so quickly that he loses track of where Trailbreaker is. "Hello there my lady!" Solarix states pleasantly to Arcee, bowing his head gracefully "Welcome to Crystal City. Primus keep you safe."

Omega Supreme nods as Solarix reassures him, his optics keeping a careful watch on the old mech. He keeps his claw nearby in case Solarix needs it for support. He seems to relax a bit as his friend steps away from the device and smiles as his attention is drawn over to Arcee. He keeps his optics locked on the pink femme for long moments as he studies and examines her to see if she could be a threat. But she seems harmless enough so he allows her to approach Solarix. Then he has to wonder if the two know each other. He just looks back and forth between the two, "I am Omega Supreme." he states and reaches out to offer Arcee a single claw in greeting.

"Hello, both," Arcee greets, keeping her tone as pleasant as possible given her circumstances. She rests an ivory hand lightly against the offered claw, though her optics don't really leave Solarix.”...my name is Arcee. Thank you... for the welcome. You have a lovely city." Ergh. Being polite takes too much time. She can't help but wonder, though, why he picked her out of the crowd.

Trailbreaker at least doesn't lag behind too much, at least. Now if they were in vehicle mode it'd be a different matter.”Sure is nice that even in the middle of chaos a nice place like this can still exist, ain't it?" Idly he folds his hands behind his back, well, as close to as he can, with one 'hand' being a gun. Which notably has a deactivator cuff clamped to it, since it couldn't be removed at the security check like his other weaponry."

Bluestreak nods as he finds some of the crowd starting to move forwards, so takes a different path while dodging as many people as he can.”It is..." he replies, his grin fading a bit.”Didn't used to be the only place either..." A brief optic-flicker, then a shrug as the grin returns in full force--though a keen-optic can see that the grin doesn't reach his optics.”But it's a nice change from Iacon and all the other areas. Nice change from the war as a whole."

Soft music plays from one side not far from the two Autobots where they stood. Enclosed in a half-dome, it was dim lighting and heavy fog within as light flute music played softly. Through the mist, figures moved in time to the music, with a sharp click-click of toes on the reverberating floor, half hidden and only hinting at the feminine lines within as they moved in unison, a half dozen completely, back lit to further hide their identities.

Trailbreaker catches a bit of that look, but this is the last place he actually wants to bring it up. They're supposed to be relaxing and forgetting about the war, after all. He steps to the left side of 'Streak as they negotiate around the other crowds, so he can give him a pat on the shoulder with his actual hand.”Yeah, there were a lotta places, before." But leaves the matter at that. Time for more positive thoughts! "A nice chage of pace indeed. Just watch out for the cables, you don't want to be tripping on the lights fantastic!"

Shark comes from.. somewhere.. a hole... a side street.. an alley.. somewhere.. like a ninja out of the shadows. Then he leans against a wall.. just watching.. not interacting.. just here. Arms crossing over his chest, optics turned down low.. like he doesn't want to be seen.

"Make yourself at home. And thank YOU. I wish I could take full credit for its' beauty." Solarix smiles, standing on his own now. His optics flick, noticing movement here and there as he gestures "Omega Supreme, Arcee, did we wish to go and enjoy the show? " his optics flicker, noting Shark there.

Omega Supreme smiles when Arcee touches his claw then he looks down at Solarix, "I'll go wherever you tell me to sir." he sighs, "Nebula had to leave early because of her curfew." he lowers his massive claw to offer the two a first class lift to wherever it is they want to go. The poor Guardian seems completely distracted and lost at the moment, "Don't be modest.. this festival was all your doing sir."

Bluestreak looks up at Trailbreaker as the black 'Bot pats his shoulder, and offers a faint smile that only slightly flickers in his optics--but better than not reaching it at all.”I'm not going to trip over cables... I've already tripped over that Bumblepup from earlier, so I think I've filled my quota for 'awkwardness' for now," he grins back, seeming to brighten back up as the conversation turns to something less (possibly) gloomy.”Your name's Trailbreaker, right? I still haven't learned everyone's names just yet."

Shark doesn't really meet anyone's gaze so doesn't even notice that Solarix spotted him. He seems content to stay out of sight and out of mind, armor smeared on purpose with something dark hued.. perhaps grease or used oil.

Omega Supreme looks down as his Crystal City insignia starts to blink and flash colors, "Sorry sir and Ms Arcee, there’s an emergency issue that I need to take care of, please enjoy the rest of this evening." he smiles and nods to the pair and to the pair of Autobots and the sneaky Shark. The mighty Guardian turns and starts to head in the direction of the customs gates. He slowly lumbers away, he's gigantic.. what do you expect?

Solarix watches Omega Supreme depart, before he glances to Arcee in the void left behind by the Guardians' passage. Then his optics focus on Shark more fully,

+Roll: Solarix rolls against their Awareness Stat, and Succeeds! Success by 6

It's faint, but it's enough to make Trailbreaker feel better for trying a little. Defense may be his specialty, but playing morale booster seems to be what he does most. Which is fine with him.”That's me, yep," he replies with his usual grin and a nod.”And you're... Bluestreak?" Even with file lists of names and such for working in Security, he takes a moment to match a name to faceplate. Especially since he doesn't really have any blue on him!

Solarix watches Omega Supreme depart, before he glances to Arcee in the void left behind by the Guardians' passage. Then his optics focus on Shark more fully, and he tilts his head as he waves the other mech forwards "Come on out of there! There is no need to do that on this fine day! Welcome, enjoy yourself." he pauses "Autobot. Yes, an Autobot, whom I do not know." his optics then slide to the cloudy stage not far away as the girls start to form up into a double line, still half hidden in the mist. A few transformers watching ooh suddenly as one comes out of the mist... a Seeker, female, with shorter wings in the style of a civilian, her form still backlit, although reflections hinted at a white torso as she stood, utterly still. Then moved with such grace that one might think her armor was rubber as she swayed, spun, then clicked sharply on the floor, face soft and calm, arms forming a halo around her upper torso. Click click to the left, click click to the right and then she paused again.

And then, together they all repeated the sequence in unison, each one moving carefully and gracefully with easy steps.

Bluestreak nods once and grins sheepishly.”Yes, I am," he confirms as he easily sidesteps someone--though nearly steps on that little Bumblepup again. A quick hop and spin solves that problem quickly--though he doesn't fall flat on his face or side this time.”They really do need Energo-leash laws around here, don't they?" He comments lightly.

Shark's optics flicker as he's beem somehow spotted.”Slag." he cusses so softly only he would hear it. Arms uncross, falling to his side as he steps out of the shadows.. looking like some sort of special ops guy coming out of his surroundings.

Arcee shifts up slightly as she turns to watch only briefly, though she moves along with Solarix without really knowing why. Well, there is the fact that he generally seems quite kind, and she's been sorely lacking in any real friends as of late. She settles her gaze on Shark when he slips out of the shadows, shifting uneasily back onto her heels, ready to spring and run at a moment's notice.

One of the two bodyguards by Solarix frowns at Sharks' appearance, but he says nothing. Solarix instead nods at Shark with a smile, his optics glancing back to the femme on the stage. He sighs a little, looking a little... wistful almost.”How are you then, Autobot?" he asks in a quiet voice, ending up not far from Bluestreak and Trailbreaker.

Trailbreaker laughs a bit at that.”I said the same thing earlier!" Even as he kneels down to collect the poor pup, and then hand it off to the young totbot trying to catch it.”Here ya go. Be sure to hold onto 'em tight." Gives the youngin' a pat on the head and gets back to his feet, the new angle of view giving him a brief glimpse of Solarix and his companions. Good to see the old mech is actually taking time to mingle amongst his citizenry and visitors, not a lot of politicians do that these days.

Shark's optics power up just a hint, glancing at the pink femme that backs away from his very appearance. His expression unreadable, lip line held neutral.”Solarix, I see things went off without a hitch." he notes, voice oddly soft even for him. The question, unanswered.

Bluestreak grins at the pup.”Sorry, I can't take you home. You won't like the trip, and I can't have pets in the barracks," he says to the Bumblepup as Trailbreaker hands it back to its true owner. He waves as the proto runs back into the crowd, then glances over towards where it seems like Solarix and a few Cybertronians he doesn't immediately recognize are talking. He's a bit torn here--he's curious as to what's going on, but something tells him to just keep moving.

"Indeed it did... Oh!" Solarix's optics seem mesmerized by the dancing now as the white femme swirls, dips... then steps off the stage. Laughter rings out as she keeps in time to the music, weaving between a few, circling around Bluestreak and then Trailbreaker, and finally Shark as though examining each one in turn. Solarix folds his arms, smiling.

Shark turns his head a bit to watch the white seeker dance around them.

Bluestreak blinks a bit as his thinking is suddenly interrupted by one of the dancers actually stepping off stage and twirling around the area--including around him. He tries to follow the dancer's movements, but circling around him /while twirling/ nearly gets /him/ dizzy. He does try to make sure he doesn't stagger, though he does have to scoot a foot a bit more outwards to maintain his balance. /Well, that was different,/ he thinks.

Trailbreaker watches as the femme dances by, seeker or not, he's still got some appreciation for a nice piece of chassis. War just doesn't leave a lot of time for romance though, alas.”Well, her suspension sure bounces in all the right places..." he comments off-handedly.

The dancer's head turns to stare straight at Trailbreaker. To her credit, despite her shocked expression she doesn’t lose her step at all as she turns now to face him fully, hands on her hips. The clicking becomes louder on the metal ground as she makes her way STRAIGHT towards the black mech now, a few other people around him backing away with an 'ooooh' of doom.

Shark coughs softly, "*cough* Incoming trouble *cough*." like he can tell by those movements something is about to happen and it won't be pretty.

Bluestreak moves back a few steps, not wanting to get involved in this, though he's grinning the whole time. Trailbreaker asked for it, that's for sure.

Solarix snickers a swell and glances to Arcee in amusement as well, grinning as he watches the dancer.

Arcee takes a few steps back, arms folded and expression a little bland. She's got nothing against the dancers, of course, but sometimes. She gives a sigh, inclining her head forward, just watching the situation unfold. Yeah something's gonna blow. She's got a hunch.

.. Poor Trailbreaker just doesn't have much luck with femmes, does he. First Jade, and now... Though to his credit, he stands his ground even when other people start backing off a little, and puts up a somewhat goofy grin in spite of the impending female doom feeling. You gotta admire her ability to stalk like that -within- the dance steps.”.. Yes, miss?" Is about all the otherwise witty Bot can come up with to say. o0(Oooh hex nuts. I put my actuator in my mouth again didn't I)

Circling around Trailbreaker like a Shark would, the white seekerette continues her gait easily, a now double-cadence coming though her actual 'bounce' does not change. Hands still on her hips as she looks him up and down, inspecting him. The other dancers were still on the stage, in a 'holding pattern', although they WERE focused on this. Finally then she pauses... the music tensing as she spoke finally

"I'm glad at least, ONE of ours' is complimentary. Your own gearbox looks a little... loose." she then winks and turns and makes her way back to the stage amidst the quiet laughter of a few... including Solarix.

Shark doesn't laugh though, but you do see a barest hint of a smile as he watches the dancing seeker retreat after that zinger.

Arcee actually can't help a laugh, though she covers it up quickly with one hand covering her mouth. She's seriously trying not to laugh out, but that was a good line from the femme. Can't help but applaud one of her own!

Solarix of course, is snickering quite openly, though his hand was over his mouth to try and still it as best he could.

Bluestreak grins despite himself, but he does hold back a chuckle of his own. Poor Trailbreaker, he really /did/ step in the oil that time. At least it wasn't as bad as it could've been... right?

Thank goodness robots can't blush! There's a bit of a flicker in Trailbreaker's visor though, that's practically the same thing as he looks the other direction as the femme walks away, tugs a little the plating edge around his neck servos and makes a vocalizers clearing sound lightly. But then grins himself after the moment of awkwardness.”I did sorta ask for that, didn't I.." He's a good sport, at least.

Shark comments, "Oh yeah." then he turns to Solarix and offers a wave, then pulls off a standard special ops disappearing into the countryside move as best as he is able to anyway. ;)

Returning to the stage, the femme disappears into the smoke again to renew the dance with the others.

And then suddenly, with a sudden short burst of sound, the fog is blown away, revealing the brightly colored femmes as lights started to flash in all sorts of colors, the music triple-timing it as she took her place at the head of the line. Quicker and faster... almost military, they picked up the speed, hands on hips and tapping in perfect unison. Then at the end of the set, the femmes swept one leg around in a half arc, fingers trailing along the seams of chassis. Click click - the other leg, repeating it twice as they moved gracefully and beautifully, ending with a twirl on the ends and then returning to their original spots. The music speeds up as they go through it again before the music reached a crescendo and they froze, hands spread out to the crowd with beaming faces. And the crowd applauded loudly, enjoying it.

Solarix clapped loudly, and tossed an energon chit, before looking to Trailbreaker "Indeed you did. I would council you to make sure that if you do make those comments, ensure the lady is out of hearing." he chuckles, dipping his head "I am Solarix. But... you probably knew that."

Bluestreak watches the end of the performance, arms folding behind his helm as he continues to grin, seeming to actually relax for the first time since arriving here. It is good to forget for a time, it seems. He flickers his optics a bit as he glances over at the rest of the group, seeming to remember just where he is. He straightens back up and bows to Solarix out of respect as he simply introduces himself: "I'm Bluestreak, sir." Yes, even Bluestreak knows when to babble and when not to--he just chooses not to... most of the time.

Trailbreaker ahems a little to himself again. Though at least he's in too good of an overall mood to take that gearbox comment as a shot at his out datedness. Fortunately there's a quick diversion from the matter, giving a polite nod in Solarix's direction.”Yeah, and it looks like you've done a fine job with this city, too." Peers up at the dancers briefly again, then asides in a half-murmur to Bluestreak, "Mebbe we oughta go see some sights that aren't gonna risk shootin' back." Never mind weapons aren't allowed in the city.

Quickly adds a "Name's Trailbreaker." in there. Blame it on being a little off-balance from the snappy retort.

Arcee doesn't introduce herself. Noo, she's still standing back a little ways from the main group, her head slightly down, optics dim but alert. She's tired. Tired from working, wandering... and hey, at least this place seems safe.

"Ahh. They're here to dance and make a profit. Not all of them are brutes.”Solarix reassures both Autobots as he gestures to Arcee "This is Arcee... Arcee?" he blinks. He THOUGHT she was right beside him and he looks about, surprised, and then back once more "A pleasure to meet you both. There are still many sights to be seen. I think they even opened the Coliseum up for casual racing." he notes.

Bluestreak stands straight again.”Casual racing, huh? I haven't seen that in a while," he muses as he grins.”Why don't we see what's going on over there, Trailbreaker, and see who's the fastest mech or femme?" If only to remove the poor mech from this site of minor humiliation, at least.

Trailbreaker is quick to jump on the diversion from the moment. Though it's likely even he'll be laughing at it later.”Sounds like a great idea!"

Bluestreak nod nods.”Let's go, then," he agrees with a grin.

For a Day and a Night, the city shone. For a day and a night, people were happy. Songs were heard, stories told and dances danced. People were happy and the city felt living again.

And here once more they gathered in the square. The Constructicons were now gone, having done their part, and the glowing 'tree' rose up into the dome overhead. Of Solarix, yet again, there was no sign.

Around the city, the patrols remained vigilant, the huge Gate of the city having been temporarily sealed off, the force field humming loudly. A constant noise, always there. But one grew used to it.

And the bells tolled, the time when the Festival was over approaches as people gathered one last time, side by side.

"Ding dong.." A white mech stated to himself as he walked down one of the allies. His crimson blood optics glowing brightly in the shadows of the tall crystal structures, "Ding Dong go the bells..." He then smiles sinisterly to himself, "..go the bells for the final ring.. hehe.."
For a Day and a Night, the city shone. For a day and a night, people were happy. Songs were heard, stories told and dances danced. People were happy and the city felt living again.

And here once more they gathered in the square. The Constructicons were now gone, having done their part, and the glowing 'tree' rose up into the dome overhead. Of Solarix, yet again, there was no sign.

Around the city, the patrols remained vigilant, the huge Gate of the city having been temporarily sealed off, the force field humming loudly. A constant noise, always there. But one grew used to it.

And the bells tolled, the time when the Festival was over approaches as people gathered one last time, side by side. ' Bluestreak has been wandering around Crystal City, this being the first time he's ever even been here. He never had an opportunity to leave his hometown, though the stories of the City's brilliance in its prime seems to've not been total myth.”Wonder what this was like back before the War," he wonders out loud to himself, then the bells begin to toll. Eager to see what the ending ceremony will hold this time, he runs back to where the crowd gathers.

"The bells toll in joy, the bells toll in sorrow..." A black mech nearby the white one adds, his transparent red visor showing red optics glowing, yet slightly narrowed with a hidden smile behind his permanent faceplate.”I wonder which meaning they hold today...?"

The white and black mechs get a couple weird looks, including one from a visored mech who gives them a slightly longer look than what could be normal. He shakes his head, though, and goes back to following the crowd as they walk. His armor is drab grey, and while his chassis is bulky, it's the sort of guy who could easily be lost in a crowd...

Jade is just sorta hanging out, watching the going ons and such. Lots of pomp and circumstance.

The Stage was cleared again. A few banners lay here and there, having fallen and pushed to one side simply. Then the bells toll again one last time - right on the hour.

And behind the Stage, the temple doors open, revealing Solarix. His body seemed a shade... darker, and he steps his way down the steps carefully, his face oddly serious as his guards walked behind him. He climbed onto the stage once more, making his way to the center now. The blue banners over his small wings fluttered as he paused, then smiled at the crowd, waiting for silence to take hold.

The White mech looked to the black one, as a battle-plate activated over his face.”All seems to gone quiet-- whatever could it mean? Hehe-- think we outa.. go take a looksie or, should we take advantage of everyone's distraction?"

Omega Supreme walks on through the city. The massive Guardian is sparkling.. it looks as if his armor has been waxed multiple times. The City's Protector shines proudly and around his shoulders is an elegant purple cape to represent his status and station in the city. The Guardian walks right up to the 'tree' and stands beside it with both claw and cannon behind his back as he waits for whatever it is that’s supposed to happen. Or further orders from Solarix. He stands on full display of everyone feeling quite uneasy and sort of like a trained cyber-monkey on display for the public's amusement.

<Radio-CC> Solarix transmits, "Omega Supreme?"

<Radio-CC> Omega Supreme transmits, "Yes sir?"

<Radio-CC> Solarix transmits, "Where are you?"

The black mech glances at Omega Supreme as the Guardian takes his place, then dims his optics as his voice also lowers to just those two--which wasn't hard with the roaring crowd nearby.”Leave the advantages to me... go ahead and see what's going on. I'm sure you prefer... close and personal anyways, right?" He needles a bit, knowing full well that the white mech needs no such encouragement.

<Radio-CC> Omega Supreme transmits, "I am on staff in the Prism."

Nebula has descended to the ground for the moment, speaking quietly with a vendor selling plush Guardian dolls as souvenirs. A few credits change hands, and she hurriedly stuffs the doll under her arm and straightens up to pay attention to the undoubtedly important speeches going on. She has no intention of interrupting all this to return to Omega.

<Radio-CC> Solarix transmits, "Ah. I see you now. Good. Can you take Nebula and go and check out Downtown for me."

Bluestreak moves a bit through the crowd, trying to find a good spot to stand and watch without getting blocked (or blocking someone else). He eventually finds a spot that's good enough, and his optics shine eagerly like a proto waiting for an activation-cycle present.

Solarix glances around again, murmuring softly under his breath. Then he spreads his arms "My friends, my allies, and... my foes." he chuckles a little, hands lowering "Thank you for making this event what it is. It has been a beautiful two days and it saddens me it must end." indeed, he looked sad "But all things end eventually, even the good things. And thus, I will now close the Festival of Lights in the traditional way. First, a prayer." His optics dim, hands lifting again.

"Creator Primus, watch your children - protect them and guide their hands to do the RIGHT thing. Never turn your optics from them and keep us safe this day."

A few shifted uneasily at the prayer's seriousness.

The large gray mech settles himself in the crowd, turning his visor towards the stage where Solarix stands. He crosses his arms across his chest, visor brightening slightly before he bows his head in recognition of the prayer.

Omega Supreme suddenly looks puzzled at a transmission he got and scans the crowd for something. The Guardian moves over to reach his claw out for Nebula, "Come little one we are needed elsewhere." he looks back at Solarix a bit uncertain about the situation.

<Radio-CC> Omega Supreme transmits, "What is going on sir, I thought you wanted me to be by your side."

The White mech nods and hehes softly to himself as he slinks off and goes to where the crowd is, time to go see what is going on with all the.. people. Perhaps to even see what chaos he can create up close and personal.
As he made his way out, he heard the prayer and his hand flexed. Oh-- he thought to himself-- how Primus won't save anyone.. if they are given the command.

Nebula is uncomfortable with the religious stuff, but she manages to stand still instead of fidgeting. With Omega's sudden approach, she figures that the official ceremonies are over... or are they? Solarix said *first* a prayer, implying something more. Oh well, Omega's already made his move, so she steps forward to meet him.

Bluestreak's eagerness fades into uneasiness himself. For such a joyful celebration, and for such a mech such as Solarix, a prayer like that doesn't seem to forbode anything well. So just what's going on now...?

The device Sol has right now is going to shut down ALL POWER in the city. That's the signal. The gate will be wide open to the Army waiting outside, hidden. It will be fast and sudden. Rampage, loot, sunder!'

The device Sol has right now is going to shut down ALL POWER in the city. That's the signal. The gate will be wide open to the Army waiting outside, hidden. It will be fast and sudden. Rampage, loot, sunder!'

The black mech lets the white one disappear into the crowd, a plan of his own forming in his mind. He meanders around a bit, listening and being patient. Oh, he's already made some plans of his own before now... now to see if it will bloom one Pit of a fiery flower...

Somewhere out in that crowd is Shark, not watching the stage or even listening to the words coming from it. No, instead he is more intent on the crowd itself. Still covered in his self-made camo look, he moves among them.. looking for anything out of place, anyone suspicious looking. Let the others enjoy things, he's on the hunt for the trouble that is bound to be out here.. somewhere..
Hands held up in the blessing for a long moment. Then he lowers them and steps forwards, back to the base of the tree as he states "As the city was lit, so it shall be unlit once more. As though coming out of a dream in a rest-cycle so will the light end." he notes, and carefully - on his own this time, hooks himself into the system. His golden optics dim.

And then, with a sudden dimming, the entire square goes dark for but the glow of lances and optics. The darkness spreads over the city entirely... Darkness. Silence.

A little too silent. In fact, there was not even the hum of the force fields and shielding in the background. Someone coughs nervously in the dark. Bright, golden glowing optics flash into visibility on the stage "... Primus."

The whisper seemed unbearably loud in the darkness, and then another sound started to build. A terrible, most terrible sound that one never hoped to hear. The sound of jet engines.

A lot of them, and then the far-off shuddering sound that many soldiers would recognize - an explosion, and then lights could be seen overhead in the south and east - to the airport, and gateway - swirling and spinning overhead. Tetra jet Navigation lights, and the plumes of energy that came from launching missiles towards targets on the ground. A flash of light, and a pillar of smoke is seen before it goes dark once more.

<Radio-CC> Solarix transmits, "*A sudden confused chatter between various mechs: "The gates are down. Where's the power?? “There’s someone approaching! Oh Pri-*BOOM" And then Solarix: AMBUSH! To Arms! Omega - Stop them. I... I need to regain power to the grid."

Omega Supreme scoops up Nebula and holds her protectively in his claw and the Guardian continues to move towards the downtown area away from the celebration. He speaks into his communicator, "I want everyone on full alert, authorization omega alpha 75." he goes to place Nebula in what he thinks to be a secure sector of the downtown area, "Wait for me here Nebula." he smiles and deposits a huge load of ener-treats for her to enjoy while he's gone." the big Guardian moves away before she can protest. The large Guardian tears away his cape and runs towards the gates of the city.

The white Decepticon grins before he says loudly, "Ladies and Gentlemechs!" He raises both of his hands, two detonators can be located in them, "May I draw your attention to me.. and Behind! For the greatest show on Cybertron, Hahhahahaha!!"
Then with a few seconds, he clicks the two buttons, and a large rumble can be heard before a massive amount of explosions went off not far from the area.”Beautiful the flames are in the night-- Don't you agree! Whahaha!" He cackles, before he flips the detonators away and makes a half-hearty salute, "I guess your Primus ain't here tonight, hehe.." Then charges quickly into the alley once more, kicking on his radio.

Runabout receives a private Radio transmission. Runamuck sends a private Radio transmission.

Runabout smirks as the lights go out, and he tosses in what look like small Energo-chits into the crowd.”Farewell... time to meet the Primus you so closely revere..." he murmurs softly as he presses a button on his arm. Some other buildings around the area, and even in other areas, suddenly explode, damaging others not laced with explosives, and the 'Energon-chits' he tossed into the crowd also explode like very deadly firecrackers. He jumps over a wall and presses a few other buttons, setting off other explosions, and laughs lowly as his optics burn like the fires building around them.

Shark knew it.. just somehow he knew something would happen as the lights go dead and there some panic. The explosion and the sound of the jets isn't helping matters either. Then the double ugly brothers rear their heads, "Slag." he cusses, then cues up his radio. Into which he says, "If there's any Autobots near or in Crystal City, get over here cuz the Cons are causing havoc." Then he yells into the crowd, "Get the slag out of here people!"

Nebula is startled by the lights going out, then by suddenly being scooped up by Omega in the dark. Her first thought is obvious: power failure. The sound of jet engines isn't noticed to begin with, especially as Omega hurries towards the center of the city to leave her there, baffled. The explosions are what finally clues her in, and she puts the pieces together. Well, she's been got out of the way of any defenders, which is what she would have done herself. Taking cover in a sturdy looking building, she keeps enough presence of mind to make sure she has a backdoor out. After that, it's hurry up and wait and worry as the occasional building blows up nearby.

Hands held up in the blessing for a long moment. Then he lowers them and steps forwards, back to the base of the tree as he states "As the city was lit, so it shall be unlit once more. As though coming out of a dream in a rest-cycle so will the light end." he notes, and carefully - on his own this time, hooks himself into the system. His golden optics dim.

And then, with a sudden dimming, the entire square goes dark for but the glow of lances and optics. The darkness spreads over the city entirely... Darkness. Silence.

A little too silent. In fact, there was not even the hum of the force fields and shielding in the background. Someone coughs nervously in the dark. Bright, golden glowing optics flash into visibility on the stage "... Primus."

The whisper seemed unbearably loud in the darkness, and then another sound started to build. A terrible, most terrible sound that one never hoped to hear. The sound of jet engines.

A lot of them, and then the far-off shuddering sound that many soldiers would recognize - an explosion, and then lights could be seen overhead in the south and east - to the airport, and gateway - swirling and spinning overhead. Tetra jet Navigation lights, and the plumes of energy that came from launching missiles towards targets on the ground. A flash of light, and a pillar of smoke is seen before it goes dark once more.'

<Radio-CC> Solarix transmits, "*A sudden confused chatter between various mechs: "The gates are down. Where's the power?? " There's someone approaching! Oh Pri-*BOOM" And then Solarix: AMBUSH! To Arms! Omega - Stop them. I... I need to regain power to the grid."

Runamuck receives a private Radio transmission. Runabout sends a private Radio transmission.

Hands held up in the blessing for a long moment. Then he lowers them and steps forwards, back to the base of the tree as he states "As the city was lit, so it shall be unlit once more. As though coming out of a dream in a rest-cycle so will the light end." he notes, and carefully - on his own this time, hooks himself into the system. His golden optics dim.

And then, with a sudden dimming, the entire square goes dark for but the glow of lances and optics. The darkness spreads over the city entirely... Darkness. Silence.

A little too silent. In fact, there was not even the hum of the force fields and shielding in the background. Someone coughs nervously in the dark. Bright, golden glowing optics flash into visibility on the stage "... Primus."

The whisper seemed unbearably loud in the darkness, and then another sound started to build. A terrible, most terrible sound that one never hoped to hear. The sound of jet engines.

A lot of them, and then the far-off shuddering sound that many soldiers would recognize - an explosion, and then lights could be seen overhead in the south and east - to the airport, and gateway - swirling and spinning overhead. Tetra jet Navigation lights, and the plumes of energy that came from launching missiles towards targets on the ground. A flash of light, and a pillar of smoke is seen before it goes dark once more.'

<Radio-CC> Solarix transmits, "*A sudden confused chatter between various mechs: "The gates are down. Where's the power?? " There's someone approaching! Oh Pri-*BOOM" And then Solarix: AMBUSH! To Arms! Omega - Stop them. I... I need to regain power to the grid."

Runabout receives a private Radio transmission. Runamuck sends a private Radio transmission.

Bluestreak flickers his optics as the lights totally go out, then he hears an all-too-familiar sound in his audios. Tetra jet engines.”No..." he whispers, standing up in the darkness as his optics glow brightly.”No, no, no...! Not here... not /again/...!" Then the explosions start up, startling him out of his frozen reverie, and one such explosion knocks him off of his perch onto the ground--which also has the effect of protecting him from the subsequent ones.”Ow..." He shakes his helm and scrambles to his feet, glancing around and running towards where he thinks the main gate is towards, opening his radio to reply back to Shark. He has to get his weapons back before the fighting /really/ gets bad!

Some may have their doubts, but others are certain - /that/ wasn't supposed to happen.
As the Tetra jets make their swoops and the civilians start to panic, the visored mech moves quickly. Using his superior size as a way of herding those nearest to him, he starts trying to get them towards cover while shouting to capture - and hold - their attention. At the same time, though, he's looking around wildly, searching for something among the attacking Decepticons.
There has to be a ringleader...

Jade hmms at the odd festivities, she looks about a moment trying to get her bearings with everything going on.

Megadeath surges his way through the city. He was on foot now, and commanded the forces easily from where he was. He had a mission - he made his way forwards, through, into Downtown, cutting down all in his passageway, when Omega Supreme's form caught his optics "A Guardian still standing! what are YOU doing in here? " he rumbles.

Solarix twists a little bit, caught in the device on the stage. In alarm, a few Crys Guard move to try and free him, pulling on various parts of it and standing with their backs to the Hierophant, for protection. As Runamuck and Runabout begin to do that voodoo that they do so well, two of them leap - one for each Run, their spears glowing brightly with energy as they move to attack.

The loud voice of Omega Supreme bellows through-out the city, "We are under attack, this is not a drill! Activate your weapons and defend yourself!" the powerful Guardian moves to the center of the city ready to combat the threat. He raises his claw and fires off several bursts into the air. The burst float up and explode, helping to illuminate the dark city a tiny bit. But the flares don't last long and the city is suddenly filled with Guardians of all types and sizes, ready to attack any invaders while Omega Supreme's main purpose seems to be shooting flares into the air.

Runamuck makes his way to his brother, however stops dead in his tracks as a Guard lands right in front of him, "My-- what a shiny spear you have, my dear." He said with a soft cackle and steps back, "Now come on-- can't we all have, ya know.." He puts his hands up, "..a little fun.." Then he opens his hands and drops to round objects which click across the ground, before opening and spraying smoke into the air thick as smog.

Runamucks' Guardian coughs as the smoke surrounds him. But he bolts straight forwards, his spear leading as he tries to plunge it into where Runamuck WAS the last time he saw him, the guardsman’s' movements smooth and easy.

Optimus Prime receives a private Radio transmission. Omega Supreme sends a private Radio transmission. Omega Supreme receives a private Radio transmission. Optimus Prime sends a private Radio transmission.

Shark moves into the crowd, trying to give some direction to those that are panicking.”This way, follow them." staying as calm as possible. He keeps moving, wending his way through the panicked crowd to assist where he can.”That way folks, keep moving as fast as you can without tromping on others. Assist the elderly and young please."

Omega Supreme (OS) pages: to Optimus: Crystal City is under attack by the Decepticons, we could use assistance; send whatever forces you can spare! Autobots are trapped in the city as well as innocent civilians!

Runabout smirks as he turns around to face the guard getting ready to poke him with that Energo-spear.”Well now, won't you be a nice spectacle... A fire of Primus, extinguished into the Void you deny exists..." he comments. He disappears into his brother's smoke, but not before throwing something at the guard--something that looks like a dart.

People flee from the streets. Fortunately, it seemed they DID run drills of some sort, and with Shark to help, the people got put away easily. Doors opened, as people shared their houses and barricaded them, the crowds thinning out incredibly, with only a few wounded and dead remaining, and the warriors still standing - as well as the Autobots and Decepticons.

Bluestreak feels like he's reliving something that should've never been lived in the first place. He jumps over debris, ducks behind shattered buildings, and generally stays out of the way as he makes his way towards the main gate. He already knows too well that he's useless without his weaponry, and he curses silently for the whole situation to happen now. Why do dreams like this always have to become nightmares?!

Nebula peers at Megadeath from behind a wall. He's definitely not a rock star. In fact, he's a reckless, destructive mech. No doubt he's an Evil Decepticon, even if he's on foot. Her building sustains damage, but it still stands. Thankfully, it's not in that nasty Decepticon's path. Someone dashes by in a panic, heading straight for Megadeath, but she hastily trips him and drags him behind her wall.”Don't go that way!" she hisses at the silly mech.

Runamuck continued to run, before tossing out a few explosive to the side as he ran. These explosive attached to the walls he tossed them at, beeping, before flickering red in a circle, which seemed to start to speed up, "Bro!" He yelled back, "Lets move it! We did our job! Hahha!" He the transforms and starts to burn rubber on out of the city. Crashing into anything that so much tries to get in the way.

Runamuck transforms from Robot to Armored Racing Hovercar Mode.

Jade hmmms again, as she listens to the radio chatter, "I think they need some better bouncers at the gate, this is just madness." As she moves to stay out of the way for now, figuring the other will be back soon enough.

Good, because without some sort of safe house or bunker, there were going to be a lot of innocent people killed.
The visored mech spins around as Megadeath makes his entrance, and the visor darkens. Wordlessly, he starts running, straight for the Decepticon warlord.
He's probably suicidal. Don't worry about him.

Sky Lynx receives a private Radio transmission. Optimus Prime sends a private Radio transmission. Sky Lynx receives a private Radio transmission. Optimus Prime sends a private Radio transmission.

Sky Lynx (SL) pages: <Priv-Radio> Optimus Prime transmits to you privately, "Drop the weapons at <coords>." Sky Lynx (SL) pages: <Priv-Radio> Optimus Prime transmits to you privately, "I'll do the rest."

Seeing motion, Megadeath turns to fire in Nebula's direction, the firepower causing rock and dust to explode violently.”Forwards! To the Energon! To the center! I want Solarix!" he bellows, and starts forwards again. In the sky, it was now lit up brightly - smoke reflecting fires, the lights of Tetra jets all over and Omega Supreme's flares. Several units bank off quickly and dive towards the Guardian, firing with their measly weapons at the huge Guardian.

He runs along, entering now the Prism Forum as the sight of the visored mech catches his three optics. Not recognizing the mech as anyone in particular he rumbles "Begone from here. You are not worth my time." he points to the trapped Solarix "HE is what I am here for. Solarix, Surrender! Save your people if you wish them to live and submit to the Decepticon Empire!"

Optimus Prime receives a private Radio transmission. Sky Lynx sends a private Radio transmission.

Sky Lynx (SL) pages: <Priv-Radio> You sent Optimus Prime a private message containing, "Yes Sir, getting ready to launch from base now."

Sky Lynx receives a private Radio transmission. Optimus Prime sends a private Radio transmission.

The Guard yelps at the dart, swatting it away - and a loud BANG is heard as it explodes violently, knocking him to one side. He stumbles, falling to his knees now halfway between Megadeath, Runabout, and Solarix. He pushes himself up, optics blinking as he stared at Megadeath, hand still on his spear.

Shark luckily had been scoping out the city for days when he was off duty, he knows where all the safe houses are and the best ways to get out of here, plus all the hiding spots to boot. A little recon can go a long way. Once the crowd is thinned enough, he scopes out who is injured and moves to assist them. The dead there isn't much he can do with after all. Though you can bet he's keeping tabs on the Con brothers and making mental notes. Wait.. Solarix is trapped... how did he miss that? "Oh slag."

Solarix mutters a little, surprisingly calm as his optics flash and flicker repeatedly. His wings had opened... huge, butterfly hoop wings almost as he tries to repower the city grid - the thing now stuck to his chest.”Come on. Primus... I can do this." he rumbles, a half dozen guards still around him now, spears pointed out at any who tried to approach.

Sky Lynx (SL) pages: <Priv-Radio> Optimus Prime transmits to you privately, "I'm counting on you, Sky Lynx."

Nebula erks and stumbles back as her wall disappears. Fortunately, there are more, and she drags her quiet, shocked companion deeper into cover. She overheard what was said, though, and once a building is between her and that dumb Decepticon, she hurriedly makes a radio call.

Runabout lets the guard focus on Megadeath, laughing as he also transforms to catch up to his brother.”Let's fly, then, brother!" He laughs as he catches up to Runamuck. Runabout falls backwards and reforms into a black armored racing hover car. Runabout transforms from Robot to Armored Racing Hover car Mode.

Omega Supreme receives a private Radio transmission. Nebula sends a private Radio transmission.

Nebula (N) pages: <Priv-Radio> You sent Omega Supreme a private message containing, "The big Decepticon says he's after Solarix!"

Bluestreak receives a private Radio transmission. Optimus Prime sends a private Radio transmission.

The area those explosives were set-- Went BOOM, in a very big way, causing a massive Firewall to move back toward where the two were and following them right out, with Runamuck, yelling loudly, "AHHHahhhahah!!" Before skidding hard and then making a sharp turn.
However on his next turn, he nearly collides with a Guardian's foot and keeps moving, even as a shot nearly nails his fender, "Oh yea! I'm loving this!"

Optimus Prime receives a private Radio transmission. Bluestreak sends a private Radio transmission.

A large shuttle could be heard in the distance, however unlike the jets, there was some shooting from outside, then the sound of something massive transforming outside, before the sound of a massive explosion. It seems a Few Decepticons just got claimed by an unexpected Guardian.
On his way to the location, he also located Optimus Prime and flew over head, "Prime!" He called out before dropping the weapons at the location, and then making his full way for the city-- and into the burning inferno. Thank Primus for his hull designed for such extensive heat.

Bluestreak reaches where it seems like the customs station /used/ to be... and strong emphasis on 'used' because right now, Guardians and Decepticons seem to be in the midst of a heated battle.”Slag... I'm not sure which is worse... Crystal City or Kalis..." He receives a transmission and sends a reply, charging forwards and dodging as many shots as possible as he makes his way to where his rifle and cannons are stored.”I guess... at least /this/... isn't a massacre..." He finally reaches the station and grabs his weapons, as well as any Autobot ones he can easily get to. Hopefully he can get back in time!

Shark grins, "Just what I wanted to hear." he literally cracks his knuckles and runs toward the nearest Con that happens to be in range.”Time to kick chassis and chew on ener-chips.. and I forgot my chips!"

Omega Supreme frowns and turns to run towards Megadeath, "You are under violation of Crystal City laws.. punishable by death!" he raises his plasma cannon and starts to power up the omega-cannon. The city is being razed and his loved ones are threatened the Guardian goes into his berserk mode. He reaches way up and grabs one of the tetra jets in his claw and starts to squeeze and armor begins to rumble in the mighty grip.

Runabout sends a few transmissions as he triggers more explosives--these geared more towards damaging (if not outright deactivating) as many Guardians as possible.”Indeed!" He activates his force field as he drives next to his brother, creating similar chaos and destruction while also ignoring close calls--such as getting shot at or nearly getting stepped on.”Let the fires of the Pit burn!"

Megadeath's words don't seem enough to shoo away the visored mech - if anything, he runs faster, before finally leaping up into the air. And we mean leap - he seems to shoot upwards, feet emitting a sort of rocket before abruptly...breaking off.
Yes, you read that right. His feet break off. Though, a closer look would reveal that it wasn't so much his feet, but armor /around/ the feet that breaks off. Underneath, blue metal is revealed - and as the mech reaches the apex of his jump, more parts break off him. Pieces fall from his arms, and his newly-revealed hands reach up and grab the falling weapons that Sky Lynx brought into play. Drab gray falls off his torso, the red and white underneath seeming to almost glow. And finally, the pieces surrounding his helm. The visor falls away, revealing twin optics that burn as twin suns.
The form of Optimus Prime lands before Megadeath in a kneel, but it's a hard enough landing to break the ground he lands upon. He looks up, and brings twin blasters forwards without hesitation.
"Time to leave, Decepticon."
He fires.
The Tetra jets have begun to land now. They seemed to be everywhere. one suddenly flies out of the air - or well, falls - and crashes into a building near Bluestreak due to a well placed missile by one of Omega Supreme's guardians. The jet engines' sound dies off as now they hit the streets, bursts of firepower still coming as they start to loot and raid as much as they could. The form of Octane is seen flying through the air from the Airport, heading right THROUGH The Forum of the Prism towards the Energon storage banks not far away, transforming into his tanker as he passes.
Megadeath himself dodges, firing at a the guard at his feet and ending his life. He bolts his way towards Solarix, only to skid to a halt as red and blue catches his optics. All three of them blink as he turns that way.

"Optimus Pri-" *BLAM* the blasters slam into his chest, smoking it as he stumbles back. He then growls and lunges forwards, his powerful eye-laser streaking out in return to the leader of the Autobots.

Solarix twists again at that, turning now to Blink "Optimus." he whispers a little, watching this fight happen now. His armor had turned pitch black curiously, the guards watching Prime battle the mech, a few darting out to stab, thrust... one fires at Runamuck.

Sky Lynx flies through the air looking at the chaos below, "..Such is the destruction I was called down to stop; it seems sometimes that this life so wishes for its own destruction." He states to himself in amusement.
However he lets out a roar of his arrival which shakes the skies. Biting at a Tetra jet who got to close and crushes it in his massive jaws, before making his way down to join the fight.

Shark was going to give Megadeath what for, but then Prime makes that pretty sweet entrance and instead he moves toward the troublemaking duo.”All right you two uglies, who wants a piece of me?!" he calls out loudly, "C'mon, one on one.. right now.."

The Tetrajet in Omega Supreme's grasp screams in pain as he was crushed. A few others peel off, now moving to stay OUT of reach of the Guardians' claw as they whirl and zip around him, firing missiles and laser power freely.
As soon as they've fired, Optimus is getting up onto his feet to press the attack. He fires with both blasters again, emitting a grunt as Megadeath's eye lasers strike into his shoulder. It doesn't stop him.”You will call off your attack, and pull all of your forces out of here!" he demands as he moves forwards, trying to close the distance between them.
Being shot at from everywhere, and not a drop of energon to drink. Then-- some smart-aft Autobot thinks he can call him ugly.. or his brother.. oh slag no.”You wanna play Auto-punk?" Runamuck calls out as he skids his tires in a 180 fashion to face the Autobot, his head-lights flare on, revving his engine, "You got any idea /WHO/ you are even /DEALING/ with?"

Bluestreak ducks as a Tetra jet slams into the building nearby, and his optics dim as his movements become more sure--perhaps a bit more robotic, if that's possible. He transforms and races back towards the center city square, dodging and weaving around battles and rubble. He really doesn't even think anymore, only having his single objective at the moment--protect Solarix.

Bluestreak jumps back and folds together to become a Speedster Hovercraft. Bluestreak transforms from Robot to Speedster Hover car Mode.

Shark puts hands on hips, raises that chin up a hair, then glares at one of the Run brothers. A hand raises up from his hip, the fingers making that 'come here' motion.”Bring it." Then he moves into readiness, expecting just about anything from this character.

Sky Lynx lands down not too far from where it seems a poor femme has hidden herself(yes, this would be you Nebula). The large draconic creatures optical band glows brightly here, brighter then the fires it seems as he easily adjusts to the poor lighting even from what light the fires create, "You there-- you need to make your escape now. This area could fall at any moment."
Though as he says that his optical band flickers as he scans the area, seemed to he need to move elsewhere soon.

A roar of engines passes through the Forum! Octane has blasted off, and streaks by daringly overhead, making a beeline south, out of the city!

Omega Supreme continues to squeeze down on the tetra jet and any and all screams are ignored until there is a loud crunch as the jet is broken in half and the spark squeezed out of him. He throws whatever is left of the tetra jet at the others. He watches Optimus for a moment and nods. He raises his cannon arm and fires the omega-cannon after Megadeath. The amount of energy being produced by the weapon lights up the entire area as energy crackles from the blast.

Runabout skids around as well in perfect unison with Runamuck as his headlights also flare on.”Take him down, brother... I'm going to make sure the Guardians don't cause too much more trouble..." He remarks before he charges at Shark first. However, he simply charges on past the Autobot and races off to a place where the Seekers are having issues with the Guardians.

Megadeath chuckles at Prime as he turns now, aiming his own cannon at Prime "This is now Decepticon lands. Maybe YOU should retreat! You are outnumbered, the city ahs fallen Prime!" he states "The sooner YOU leave, the less will die!"

Nebula squeaks in surprise; her attention was on the fighting. But she recognizes this one; she hauled his heavy backside to Iacon.”I don't know if the skies are clear, or I'd fly myself. I don't have any weapons! I could carry a bunch of people, though, if I'm not going to be shot down." Does she know a safe place to go? No. Frag. Normally, she'd scold herself for bad language, but this is an exception to the rule. Go to Iacon, maybe?

"Head to Iacon." His optical band stays focused elsewhere. Then the large Draconic looks at her once more, "If Air protection is what you need out of Crystal City-- Then I will give it. However be quick about it-- The Decepticons must be dealt with swiftly and I must deal with them as such."

Shark dodges the charge of the one brother, still waiting for the one that is sitting there to make his move.”So what you waiting on.. your creator to give you the okay?" he taunts.

Slag dammit! Everything was going great for once. Peaceful, a rarity, people able to relax and enjoy themselves. Why must the Decepticons ruin such things? Such things run through Trailbreaker's processors as he hurries back towards the epicenter of the chaos after having been help shield the evacuating citizens, a bit on the slow side as he's had to stop and direct a few stragglers along his return. Poor mechs, innocent and caught in the middle of such disaster. Not even Trailbreaker could put a humorous spin on such things. So instead he focused on doing what he could to help relieve the situation, as dismal as it may seems.

Seeing the Decepticon fliers speed by overhead he stops, optics narrowing into a determined scowl behind his visor.”I think it’s time someone grounded you flyboys!" He powers up his force field generators, erecting a barrier in midair right in front of several of the fliers and hopefully knock those annoying bombing runs out of the sky.

Granted, he's an open target to anyone -else- that might want to bash a Bot, as he's not shielding himself with the fields at the moment.

"Crystal City belongs to Crystal City," the Prime responds, continuing his 'dance' with Megadeath.”And the mechs that live within it. Those who would bring war to it are not welcome here, and that includes YOU!"
At the final word, he abruptly lunges, trying to take Megadeath down with a tackle.
"Oh-- I was just letting you say your prayers.." Runamuck replied as he revved his engine and then charged, before he transformed, a flicker of his armor as he went to go for a tackle, arm pulled back. What will Shark reply to such action?

Runamuck transforms from Armored Racing Hover car to Robot Mode.

Bracing himself for impact, Megadeath catches Prime easily as the two go rumbling across the ground, now slamming into the base of the Stage. The guardsmen leap forwards, spears pointed down, but they... could not really attack with Prime and Megadeath intertangled as the Decepticon hisses foully into Optimus' face, snapping back with a fist, only to send it forwards once more.”If we cannot have it, then NOBODY can!"

Combat: Runamuck's force field flickers off. Combat: Runamuck's force field flicker's on.

Bluestreak races down a rare stretch of clear road as he plans the best route back to the center.”Shark!" He shouts as he opens up a door and tosses out two green weapons--a rifle and a pistol--as he passes by. He closes his door again and speeds on, racing towards where the center of the whole mess is. He still has a job to do, the only thing he can focus on in this melee.

Nebula is frightened, and the only thing she can do is flee. No weapons means she's a liability in any fight, as are the other civilians. So... she sighs and steps into the open. Into the open as long as that Megadeath character isn't still nearby. Once she has a large amount of room, she transforms into her ship alt mode. Fully realizing what a big target she is - bigger than Sky Lynx! - she settles on the broken pavement, waiting to be boarded, and urging them to be quick about it.

Nebula transforms from Robot to Starship Mode.

Optimus takes the blow to the faceplate, head snapping back with the force of the strike. He grabs for Megadeath's fist while delivering a punch of his own to the three-opticed Decepticon.
"Tell that to Solarix, and the people of this place!" He notes the Guardsmen surrounding them, and in the back of his processor, an idea forms...

Omega Supreme has connected.

Sky Lynx takes to the air as Nebula does what she can, and he deals with any Decepticons that try to bother her. Burning a few who fly into close, or snapping at their armor, even seeming to 'eat' a few.

Solarix shifts again as he grumbles, wings snapping back and forth. He seemed preoccupied, optics dimming as he works to try and bring the power online again.

  • A flicker, and the lights all over the city start to brighten - then fade once more.

Omega Supreme has disconnected.

Runabout zig-zags around the area as he spots an Autobot using force fields against some of the flying Tetra jets.”Now, now... this won't do..." he murmurs, activating his own force field over himself as he charges at Trailbreaker.”Let's see who is better, you or me!"

Combat: Runabout's force field flicker's on.

Shark snatches them just as Mucky makes a lunge for him, which make for an interesting moment since he nearly gets away with dodging the lunge fully. Instead Muck just glances his side with one arm around his torso. He's thrown to the ground, but with weapons in hand.”This is my rifle. This is my gun." Then he moves the rifle butt at Muck, aiming to strike him with it.

"I think I will then, once I'm done with you." Megadeath glares, and then suddenly his third optic flares up and shoots again aiming right for Prime's face!

Trailbreaker has a brief moment of satisfaction in sending Seekers scattering, but its short lived as he starts towards the center of the city again. Only to get interrupted as the hover car comes speeding towards him.”Slag!" Throwing up his own force field in front of himself this time, but not as a wall. Instead he tilts it at an angle and to the side slightly, trying to get an angle to deflect off Runabout's own field and send him skidding out of control instead of attacking directly.

Bluestreak continues to race towards the city square, barely flickering a headlight as he sees Prime and Megadeath fighting. His priority is protecting Solarix, Prime can take care of himself. He transforms, cannons reconnected to his shoulders and rifle in hand, and carefully moves up the steps behind Solarix, mainly making sure that nobody's trying to snipe either of them.

The Speedster Hovercraft unfolds and straightens to form Bluestreak's robot mode. Bluestreak transforms from Speedster Hover car to Robot Mode. Combat: Shark does a Generic Combat Roll on Runamuck and SUCCEEDS!

Solarix continues to try and bring the power grid back up, when he hears Blueshift behind himn. His head turns, two of the remaining guards whirling, their spears aimed for Bluestreak now. But a quick gesture from Solarix has them lowered "Autobot.” he greets, sounding distant "A fool. Just an old fool."

In no mood to get an eye laser to the face - the one at his shoulder hurt enough as is - Optimus Prime rolls off Megadeath, but not without a final kick to the Decepticon. He gets to his feet quickly, reaching to reclaim his blasters.”You won't have the chance."
Runamuck is smacked by the butt of the rifle, thankfully it seems that force field absorbs a good part of it. He then growls softly at being pinned down like this, \
"Slagger!" He barks out before, he puts down a explosive on the ground, to well-- blast him free and blast the guy up, well-- at least get him off mostly. Oh-- the wonderful pain it is to be a Battlecharger known as Runamuck, to blow ones self up for the sheer pleasure to get free and run, well, amuck!

Runabout slides up and off to the side of the force field, the warring energy fields crackling and hissing in the process, and it seems like he's going to get upended onto his roof. However, he seems to complete a full turn as he transforms to his robot mode, slamming his hand into the ground to send him back up into the air to right himself. His free hand snaps forwards, throwing an explosive at Trailbreaker to try to take down that force field.

The black armored racing hover car splits apart and forms Runabout's robot mode. Runabout transforms from Armored Racing Hover car to Robot Mode. Combat: Runamuck does a Generic Combat Roll on Shark and SUCCEEDS!

Bluestreak doesn't seem to react to the spears pointed at him, but he nods once to Solarix after he's pretty much cleared to be safe.”What happened, sir?" He asks Solarix quietly, sensors and optics scanning the area with a sharpshooter's focus as he stays more towards the leader's right-hand side, letting the guards focus on guarding the left.

Nebula carries a load of about twenty Transformers when she fires her heavy secondaries, slowly rising into the air and not doing the immediate area much good in the process. That's one of the reasons why she looked for a large open space. She'll still be sorry, though, if she totals any Decepticons in the air from her thrusters, but not TOO much. Sky Lynx is replaced by Omega Supreme as she ponderously gains velocity and banks southwards towards Iacon and safety. She hopes.

Shark seems Muck put something down between them, but before he's rolled off completely something goes off! Sending him flying and MUck as well. He pulls off a tumbling move and somehow manages to roll up onto his feet.”So that's how you want to play huh? Two can do that." he notes. Despite the fact his arm and back are injured, he snaps off a shot at the departing Con.

Combat: Shark does a Generic Combat Roll on Runamuck and FAILS!

Solarix puffs a little bit as he moves his head, as though working on something. He lifts a hand slightly to Bluestreak "Drained the city of energon. They took it... No power left... None for the defenses, none for the lights." he murmurs, almost forgotten it seems, in the battle "I need power. A lot of it. I do not have enough myself..."

Sky Lynx watches Nebula, before he hears more fighting. Once he makes sure all is safe, he takes off in that direction, he glares down at the fight Prime and megadeath are in, however, from the air several Decepticons head for Solarix and for Bluestreak(along with the guards), "Oh no you don't!" He yells out with a growl, before he charges in the air and smacks down two, and bites into another, taking it down with him, landing close to Solarix and the group with the tera-jet in his jaws. It crying, before it cries are silenced with a hard crush of his jaws. Energon leaking down his muzzle as his optical band flickers.

BOOM! The explosive hits the shield, but at the odd angle only partially absorbs the resulting blast and still sends Trailbreaker skidding backwards, dropping into a three-point stance with his hand for additional support to keep from falling down completely..

This is one of those times its a benefit to have his whole left arm being a weapon, as even in such a somewhat awkward stance he's able aim and fire off a laser-pistol level blast at the black Battlecharger.

The guardsmen near Sky lynx stare at him a moment, before bowing their heads in revered respect to the Guardian. They turn then to the fight, backing up as Prime rolls to his feet. A few inch in on Megadeath, but he swiftly was on his feet as well.

"This IS my chance! I have done what no other Decepticon warlord has! It WILL be ours!" he lunges for the Autobot Commander once more, this time an electric blade snapping into his right hand and plunging to Optimus' chest.

:Runamuck rolls up to his feet as well, and dodges the attack laughing gently.”Oh Autobot, you make my day!" He then places out his hand, "Oh-- what a beautiful night it is too, fires blooming-- screams in the air.." His optics then seem to burn bright red, "..your body will soon be joining them.."
Runamuck then charges foreword, pulling out an energy-knife and trying to slice at Shark.”Hhahaha!"

Combat: Runamuck does a Generic Combat Roll on Shark and FAILS!

Runabout lets the force field worry about taking the damage, the shots pinging into and being absorbed by it, while his optics glow.”Now, my black adversary..." He brings his rifle out of subspace, snaps it up towards Trailbreaker, and fires a strong blast at the Autobot.”DIE!"

Solarix adds "I'm also... I cannot disconnect from the grid to help.”

Shark jerks his body neatly out of the way, shaking his head.”You wish you ugly piece of slag." he states. With Muck in just the right spot, down comes the elbow upon anything handy.. head.. neck.. upper back.. whatever.

Combat: Shark does a Generic Combat Roll on Runamuck and SUCCEEDS!

Bluestreak snaps his gaze up as Sky Lynx tears into a group of Decepticons heading towards him, and he snipes at the stragglers. He fires one shoulder-cannon at another squadron incoming, and sends a bolt of electricity at another.”Acknowledged, sir," he replies automatically to Solarix, his dulled optics without any of the life they had in them yesterday.

Rather than avoid, this time, Optimus Prime brings up one of his guns to deflect. It might not have been the best of plans - the electricity seems to engulf the gun, and he hisses as it channels into his hand, finally dropping it. He stumbles back, towards the guards.
Sky Lynx optical band then looks to Solarix, "Sir.." Sky Lynx says gently, taking a few steps.”..How much power does it require to reactive the defense grid to the city?"
However in hearing the crackle behind him, and seeing prime in his optical band stagger back. That sends a cold chill down the Guardian's circuits and a low growls emits, as he then turns his attention to Megadeath, letting out a roar toward the Decepticon, as if to say.. in a very crude way.. Leave my master alone!
Though Sky Lynx doesn't move, because he knows something greater must be done, if-- it can be done.
Megadeath grins at that and stalks forwards, the Guards still circling both of them. They remain behind Prime, although the spears were angled so that, should Prime be pushed back, they will not impale him directly, recognizing his power and authority here as the battered warriors fought for their city. In small groups they ran, now having regrouped and were starting to push the Invaders back little by little, golden energy meeting the Decepticons. Hover cars sped through the streets, and high-hover cars and choppers started to rise into the air and battle the tetra jets. A bitter, hard struggle.

Megadeath wavers a little bit a the Guardians' roar, but only does that, not taking his Optics off Prime.

Runamuck oofs gently as he is moved back by the impact and cringes behind the battle-plate.”..I really do like you-- you know how to play dirty." He drops the energy blade, then brings up his foot, while holding his slightly damaged shoulder to give the Autobot a kick in the face!

Combat: Runamuck does a Generic Combat Roll on Shark and FAILS!

Solarix turns his optics towards Bluestreak, and then Sky Lynx. He states "A lot more than you would have, blessed Guardian.”he reaches a hand out towards Sky Lynx though anyways "But it should be enough... to turn the tides of battle."

Optimus Prime looks down at his hand, then up at Megadeath - then takes advantage of Megadeath's brief hesitation by turning around and grabbing one of the Guardsmen's spears.”I need to borrow this," he says simply, forsaking both blasters in lieu of the shafted weapon. He spins back around without another nanosecond wasted, hoping to strike the knife out of Megadeath's hand.
Sky Lynx focuses on Solarix and nods gently, before he makes his way up to Solarix. His optical band dims greatly, making him in such an odd moment, seem softer, "Then take what you need-- the city must be protected.. as equal to the safety to Cybertron itself.."
Then Sky Lynx bows down on his lower legs and lowers his head to Solarix, "..take all the energy I have-- if that is what saves the city.. and her people.."

Trailbreaker is unsurprised to see the force field take the hits, it's what they're made to do. His likewise absorbs the rifle blast, but the loss of strength is all too apparent to him. A bit of a dilemma rattles through his mind briefly, but he's quick to decide. He grits his expression, and the shimmer of the field flickers out.

It comes back to life moments later, but not around Trailbreaker. The prismatic energy glimmer reforms around one of the larger fires, to snuff it out by depriving it of the air it needs to stay ignited. But it's going to take time for it to burn itself out. He's comparatively vulnerable right now, but he knows it. It's a sacrifice he's willing to take to protect the city that's suppose to remain peaceful.

"I've got no plans on dying tonight, and neither does this city!" He shifts his stance enough to level his arm-weapon towards Runabout, charging up a larger blast before firing.

Combat: Trailbreaker's force field flickers off.

Shark makes a small smirk as he takes a step out of the way of the rising knee, "Thanks." And since he's just right there where he wants him, he flexes his hand so it's bent at a 90 degree angle and aims his palm right at the Cons nose area of his face plate. Palm heel strike anyone? "Now shut up!"

Combat: Shark does a Generic Combat Roll on Runamuck and FAILS!

Bluestreak moves slightly to continue to guard Solarix, shoulder-cannons moving independently as he focuses on keeping Decepticons at bay. That is all he can do, perhaps, but he won't let history repeat itself. He cannot let this place become a second Megatron's Fury!

Runamuck dodges the attack and chuckles softly, "I'm sorry lil' bot, am I getting on your nerves?" He says mockingly, "I am so sorry!" He then jumps back, using his booster for assistance in lift, before tossing down several explosive, "Lets have a party!" Before they all go BOOM.

Combat: Runamuck does a Generic Combat Roll on Shark and SUCCEEDS!

Runabout smirks behind his faceplate.”Fool... this city is already dead," he remarks as he almost carelessly tosses a few cube-like explosives at Trailbreaker's feet, some of which stick to his armor.”Farewell." And with a snap of his fingers, they explode.

Startled, the Guardsman easily relinquishes his spear, instead now falling out of the circle to bolt across, gathering up his brother-at-arms' remains and take it out of this place for now, running quickly out of sight.

Megadeath leaps backwards as the spear is brought around. His three optics narrow, and he lunges again, to get PAST the spears' own attack distance and slash at Prime across the arm now, before the Prime is ready.

Solarix smiles at Sky Lynx at that, nodding as he reaches over, using a hand on Bluestreak for balance "Your gift will not be unappreciated. I will see if I can get SOMETHING online..." he touches Sky Lynx' form, near the seam where cables are visible on his neck, and a small spark flashes between his hand and the cables there as he started to draw power from the Guardian.

Apparently, being reformatted into Prime means that you gain some skill with weapons, even if they aren't your own; Optimus takes some steps to the side, spinning the weapon before with both hands in order to create a barrier of sorts. He manages to avoid the new slash, at the very least.”You don't have a chance, Decepticon - this is your /last/ chance to surrender!" With that, he thrusts forwards.
He's nowhere NEAR the skill of a guardsman, but at least he seems to know how to use the thing.
Somewhere in the semi-distance is Ironburn, perched on a building, watching the entire battle through a pair of binoculars or otherwise some sort of Cybertronian Vision Zooming device. There's a reason this particular Decepticon is positioned here rather than in the battle. A: She's more of a scientist than a fighter, never mind that she can hold her own in a scap, so Self-Preservation was pretty much in order. B: Well, she's got a rocket launcher for just in case she's told to just blast the lot of them. She doesn't imagine it will be used in the near future.

Bluestreak doesn't seem to notice Solarix's hand resting on the torso armor between neck and shoulder, too focused on guarding and repelling the Decepticons--though he doesn't move around much now. He fires another volley of scatter missiles, his cannons pointed in opposing directions to take down another group of straggling Decepticons, and keeps his rifle trained on Megadeath--just in case. Though even in his more 'blanked out' state, he knows better than to get involved in Prime's fight unless necessary--like a direct threat.

Megadeath parries the attack by Prime in return, darting sideways now as his optics flash, blasting out towards Prime a third time. He slides sideways, fist swinging in the same direction to the side of Primes' head with a hiss "This is YOUR last chance! Because if you DONT go..." he trails off with a growl.

Shark frowns as those charges come raining down on him. He ducks maybe two, but gets the next one. He grimaces as he hits the ground, rolls a couple times, then raises his gun at the con.”Apologize to the gun." he hisses.

Combat: Shark does a Generic Combat Roll on Runamuck and SUCCEEDS!

Sky Lynx does flinch a little as his energy is starting to be siphoned, however, he doesn't fight, instead after the first initial shock, he seems to calm down and relaxes. However, sadly in suck a state, the large Guardian is in a very venerable state.

Solarix finishes quickly and drops his hand. His optics flickered "Now let's see if I can do this. They've locked it somewhat... it wasn't DESIGNED to do this, but I'm going to MAKE it." he states simply, grimly.

On the bright side, Optimus avoids the eye lasers. On the dark side, it's because his head was hit by a fist. Again. He stumbles once more, and whether it be to him being off-balance, or rattled in processor, or simply unaware...he trips, going down onto his back.”Ngh!"
Apparently, Megadeath is just that good. Optimus doesn't seem to be /quite/ at his best today...

+Roll: int is not a Stat or a Software you have. Please try again. +Roll: Solarix rolls against their Intelligence Stat, and Succeeds! Success by 7

Runamuck is blasted right in the face, his face-plate flies off and he holds his face with his good hand, since his other arm is still hurting just holds by his side.”You slagging pit-muncher.." He grumbles out. One optic glares out, "...you’re going to pay for this..." He then steps, back and pulls out his rifle, then fires.

Combat: Runamuck does a Generic Combat Roll on Shark and SUCCEEDS!

"Just to let ya know Bot." He grins as he spit out energon fluid.”..I suggest.. not moving for Five minutes.. hehe..."

It's not that he doesn't notice the squared off explosives, to the contrary Trailbreaker is more than well aware of their presence. But moving would take him out of the range he needs. Got to hold that force field just a bit longer.. a little longer...

Explosions erupt, obscuring his vision as they engulf the Autobot from view. The field flickers off as Breaker is knocked down, but its job has been done. If not extinguished, at least kept the fires from raging farther out of control. As long as there was something to be rebuilt afterwards, there was something left to fight for...

Now splintered pavement crunches as Trailbreaker steps out of the cloud, even darker burn marks and cracks spotting across his chassis, oil leaking from a few of the wounds. Slag. Even without the force field he took that blast, hard, but still got up in such a beaten state. He's tougher than perhaps the Battlecharger gave him credit for.

"Typical Con. Ya talk too much." He makes a quick lunge towards Runabout, using the last bit of field power he has to shape a small one around his fist. It may be just enough to get it past the other barrier as he winds up and swings knuckles for 'Bout's face.”So talk to hand cuz the sparks ain't listening!"

Sky Lynx backs up once the energon is taken and shakes his head slightly. His optical band flaring to life. Though a part of him wondered why Solarix called him 'blessed'. He was not blessed-- he was just, well.. Sky Lynx.
However he glanced to see how his commander was fairing his snarled as he noticed Prime on his backside.”...no.." He hissed out as he started to make his way. Though his footing not so good as his system started to readjust themselves after the drain. However a Decepticon did get in the way by boot kicking him on the muzzle.
Sky Lynx grunted at the Decepticon, "..get.. out of my way.." He snarled out before he lashed at the Decepticon with a claw and smacked him into a building-- and more correctly.. right through the building. Poor Decepticon...

Shark takes that right in the chest, but then where else was the Con going to be aiming? He takes several steps back, a grimace on his face for a bare moment then a full on scoul.”Eat darkness." he hisses, aiming and firing his black light gun at Muck.

Combat: Shark does a Generic Combat Roll on Runamuck and SUCCEEDS!

Megadeath lets out a howl as Prime falls, and he launches himself forwards. Blade pointed down out of his fist, he seemed to be intending to tackle prime with the full intention of having the knife between them, with his full weight to sink it into the Autobot's chest plate!

Ironburn just winces as she watches the action go by, "Slaaag, that's really gotta hurt." Careful observations. This is a scientist at work, observing the experiment in action, collecting Data, and by all means avoiding getting the slag beaten out of her.”Come on, boys, you can take them! Just a little more unf!" Scientist? Really?
Runamuck acks as he surrounded by darkness, "Help me! I'm blind!!" He seems to be having more fun with the torment of darkness then in pain, but yea-- it did smart, but let’s face it-- he is a nut-case from the word go.
So as he laughs and flails around, he trips and cracks up laughing even more. Oh brother-- your brother is losing it.

Runabout looks mildly impressed, even with the battle mask shielding his full expression. However, he doesn't get a chance to reply as the punch cracks against his force field and sends his head snapping back. He isn't physically hurt, other than the whiplash effect, but he still staggers back a few steps.”And you... have no sense... of anything... much less self-preservation," he replies back as he runs around Trailbreaker, strafing the Autobot with rifle-shots as he stays out of melee-range.

The power grid flickers again, a ripple of power going through it, before fading once more.

Shark takes that blindness to his advantage, since he cannot really move much he just scopes out what he can and stands as still as he can til the friction ray wears off.”Glad you find it so amusing." he quips.

It seems to happen in slow motion.
Optimus Prime reaches for the spear, but it becomes obvious that he's not going to be able to smack Megadeath away - not with something so flimsy as the spear. And it's too big to position under the Decepticon in time. So, Optimus uses the next best thing - his own feet.
As Megadeath falls over onto him, the Prime doesn't so much as kick as push his legs up, then back - not to kick Megadeath away, not by any means. But to use his own momentum against him, and send him onto the waiting spears of the Guardsmen behind the Prime.
Runamuck sits there, still snerking, however what can be seen of the damage, his right side of his face had taken the blast and was darkened, parts of the armor missing, along with the protective optical lens, leaving behind just the optical sensor exposed.”..Oh yes-- you are fun.."

Bluestreak glances over his shoulder to check on Solarix, especially with the power-grid flickering again, and he spots a Decepticon trying to sneak up behind them. Without saying a word--which is an oddity in and of itself--the gunner moves slightly to the side and fires a shot at the Decepticon, who ducks and shoots back. That shot hits Bluestreak in the abdomen, and he coughs a bit as his systems hiccup briefly.”Not... again!" He barks out sharply as he fires a stronger blast this time, hitting his target and nearly disintegrating the poor 'Con's cranial unit from the force of the blast. Have to buy more time, have to make sure Solarix stays as safe as possible...

Shark would so be stomping on laughing boys face and grinding his neural net into the ground if he could move. For now though, he has to wait. And he can do that, patient for a young mech.

THe guards braced their spears as they realized what Prime was doing, and Megadeath ends up flying over Prime's entire body, much like Scar did by Simba. And then he lands on the spears, several of them breaking under his weight as he stumbles through the Guards, now leaning against the edge of the Stage.”Hrrrph... NO!" he rasps, optics flickering. the energy-tipped spears had mortally wounded him and he leaned there, the Guards now standing back, a little in shock now, watching. Two move to Prime to help him to his feet faster.

Solarix turns his glowing optics, staring at Megadeath now with a grim, defiant Expression as he states "Not now, not ever, will we bow our heads to you."

Sky Lynx was about to get involved, after all-- Protecting the Matrix barer was about as important as protecting Cybertron itself. He wasn't sure why-- but Solarix seemed to fall into that same boat as well.
When he heard Bluestreak cough out those, words his attention turned, and he let out a barkish roar at the Decepticons getting to close. Then with a wide birth, and with sheer speed, his Tail craned around and went flying at a few Decepticons knocking them away, before coming down and chopping a Decepticon right in half.
His head then turned over his wing and looked to Solarix.”If the grid cannot be activated.. then the city cannot take much more of this. Can you remove yourself..?"
Though Sky Lynx could fight all night, far as he was concerned, though his systems may complain, but he would sure try.

"And you have no sense of preservation in general!", Trailbreaker retorts, holding up an arm, or more so the paneling that extends off the back of his shoulder module to at least shield his head, crouching down a bit, trying to keep his armor taking the beating before more sensitive parts do. Blasts pepper his frame as his opponent runs circles around him, out of melee range... Or is he? In his crouched position Trailbreaker grabs onto a piece of random rubble and yanks on it, twisting himself in direction counter to Runabout's circle. Half swinging, half throwing what turns out to be a street light post knocked over by the initial blasts to overcome the Con being out of immediate reach.

Optimus Prime looks over his shoulder to see the results of his maneuver - there's something to be said about faking weakness, but there's also something to be said about new repairs still being, well, new. He gives the Guards a wordless nod of thanks as they help him to his feet, reaching up to rub his shoulder.
"You're done, Decepticon."
As the darkness fades from Runamuck's vision, so does the friction field around the youth. The Decepticon stands to his feet once more. He opens his arms up fully, even as the other sparks in complaint, before he brings his hands together and.. claps. Yes-- claps to the Autobot.”Bravo.."

Shark tests his fingers first, to see if there's any heat there. Then looks at the clapping Con, yanks back his arm and aims his closed fist straight for that exposed facial structure. He indeed is playing dirty!

Combat: Shark does a Generic Combat Roll on Runamuck and SUCCEEDS!

Runamuck howls in pain as he spins and falls to the ground, however-- though he ows, he starts to laugh again, "More Autobot.. More.. hahah!" He then slowly climbs up to his feet, coughing up mech-fluid, but still laughing.
Ironburn winces as she watches Megadeath get dropped, and mutters, "Slag... It looks like this isn't going t be going our way after all." She takes a moment to drop her binoculars, and then heft up the Rocket Launcher that she had been keeping at her side, and peeks through its targeting reticule, and points it in the direction of the fight.”Just give me the word, Lord Megadeath, and they're toast..." Saying more to herself than to anyone else.

"N... Not so Prime..." MEgadeath rasps, stumbling up the stairs onto the Stage itself. Solarix was still standing there, the Two guards flanking him. One grabbed Bluestreak by the arm, gently but firmly tugging the wounded Autobot away from the Hierophant.

And then suddenly, the Decepticon Warlord laughed darkly. A dark, rolling laugh that echoes out over the now-silent Forum. He pulls himself up the stairs, a few feet closer to Solarix now, the spears still impaling him as he sparks wildly and madly. A strange glow was coming from him as he shouts "I told you! If I cannot have it, then NO ONE CAN!" he roars, his chest plate splitting open - blinding light emerging from it. No, not the Matrix - but a small Nuclear Reactor. He laughed as he stumbled back, the power flickering there.

And then Solarix lunges forwards, wrapping his arms around the Warlord in a tight hug, hands closing over the reactor as it flashed a last time.

And as though it were pure daylight, at the high noon position, the entire city lit up with bright, white light.

From a semi-distant building, by the way.

+Roll: Sky Lynx rolls against their Locate Software, and Succeeds! Success by: 2

Runabout is caught off-guard with the lamppost attack.”OOF!" He barks out as the rubble slams into his chest, shattering his force field and denting the armor. He's sent tumbling back, now well out of anything but ranged weaponry, but doesn't bother getting up as he just starts /laughing/--a low chuckle that sounds eerie and somehow slightly insane as well.”I see, I see...! All for the fallen City, all for the lost cause--the Autobot cause!" He sits up and slowly moves to a crouch, still chortling.”Well then... whatever shall I do in face of such conviction?" He smirks behind his faceplate once more, his optics narrowing unkindly behind his cracked visor even as the city lights up.”Break it... shatter it... and above all, destroy it. Only then will it be truly magnificent in its destruction!" He fires one powerful blast from his rifle at Trailbreaker.

However as the blast goes off, Sky Lynx seems less bothered by it, because something else caught his attention, someone with a rocket Launcher, "..what.." He says softly, though something clicks in his logical processor, he seems to move in the way of firing sight of the Rocket Launcher, The explosion, though blocked by Solarix, still singes his armor, however he does call out, "Prime! Solarix!" His optical band trying hard to adjust quickly to see if they were all right.”Reply!"

Bluestreak's optics seem to flicker slightly as he seems to be coming back around mentally, and his hands start to shake as he finally starts realizing the magnitude of just what is happening here.”No... no, no, no, nononono!" He protests as he futilely tries to get back to where he was protecting Solarix--then instinctively jerks back as he snaps one arm up to shield his optics. A sudden, /major/ heat signature sparks up in front of him, one that he almost has to wonder will scald his paint if not boil him from within. Sure enough, it keeps climbing... though soon seems to reach a holding point, as if the blast is actually contained instead of released in an uncontrolled burst. But he's no scientist, so he doesn't know.

Optimus Prime's optics widen in surprise as he realizes what's about to happen. What he's watching open. He immediately starts to tear himself away from the guards, shouting a warning to Solarix.
But it's too late. The light blinds him, and he throws an arm over his face to shield his optics.”No...!"
This is why awesome people wear shades at night. Ironburn goes wide eyed for a moment, before turning her head and ducking behind cover in order to avoid getting her optics getting fried by the sudden flash of light from the blast. She waits a few seconds, before setting her light dampeners on, and then peeking out from behind cover, before standing back up to look at it, "Woah. Thaaaaat isn't good..." Still, Rocket Launcher is gripped, and hefted back into position to find a good target.

Shark shakes his hand a few times to rid of some bits of metal that lodged into his fingers and hand.”You are one tough piece of slag." he notes, then there's a couple cries of NO from somewhere nearby, but before he looks what's going on, he'll give Muck a boot to the gut!

Combat: Shark does a Generic Combat Roll on Runamuck and SUCCEEDS!

Runamuck gets a boot, and he falls over, his systems crumbling under that one as he coughs out more mech-fluid with energon. He falls to the ground on his side, and now-- doesn't seem moving. That is another Decepticon down for the count. However, in his fall, he does send a sos out to his brother's attention.

The light was not unlike that of the Sun as it stood there on the stage, blinding out the form. The one remaining Cries Guard had got knocked away to one side as he sits up, staring slack-jawed "P... Primus." he rasps a little bit, optics burning out, but he could not look way from that light.

Indeed, The light was getting...smaller. Less blinding. A melted pile of slag was on the ground, as predicted when a Transformer is at the heart of a nuclear meltdown. But... there was also a figure there.

Solarix stood, holding the overloaded reactor in his white-hot hands now. He was staring at it, body black - and yet, at the same time, white hot. HIs 'wings' had opened up like a butterfly's encircling him in a halo of absorbing material. He twitches a little, focused fully on that power now as he tried to contain it.

"That which destroyed my city... now... give it back its' life" he intones finally, body straight and powerful, so full of energy it looked like he might shatter should he move or even THINK the wrong way. Slowly he turns his head up towards the cables still connected to him. They glowed softly, then lit up, the glow in front of him dimming as it started to expand through the city's grid, each and every light flickering on, clicking as machines returned to running and the shields were brought back up...

And a somewhat ominous whirr as automated defenses came back online.

Crystal City glowed again at full strength, powered by the very creature that sought to destroy it.

Trailbreaker growls under his breath as something sparks in his side, leaking oil dripping in one of the exposed breaks in his armor. He wouldn't be in nearly as bad shape if he had used his force fields for himself, but then the city would have burned around them and truly would be lost. No, this was better, he reassured himself. Better one old mech get broken than one of the few remaining bastions of hope and safety for those not wanting to fight Cybertron has...

And then there's a massive explosion of light from closer to the center of town. And in a split second of trying to discern what that was, gets wailed by the rifle blast. Struck square in the chest and slams into a wall behind him, then slumps to the ground amongst the rubble. Oooh, that hurt.”You Cons just don't get it, do you?" With a grunt he put a hand on top of some of the wreckage, propping himself up to sit.”As long as there's glitches like you, there's gonna be someone to fight.. to stop you." Despite the pain sizzling his circuits, he manages to smirk a bit.”You can break our frames," There's the sudden hiss of energy as he fires his shoulder gun at Runabout, using a technology similar to his shields that turns the beam into a similarly near solid 'force' projectile.”But you'll never destroy our hope!"

Shark shoves at him with his foot, "Stay down." he spits. Turning to behold something so glorious even the young mech cannot help but be astounded by it.”Woah."

Sky Lynx sees Prime is safe, and that relieves him slightly, then he sees Solarix rise from the 'ashes'. He would smile if he could, but only his optics band can flicker. He remains silent, but he does take one action, he bows his head low to Solarix's return, in respect to the Crystal City's leader.
Woah, indeed.
Optimus slowly lowers his arms as his optics readjust, attention locked onto the Hierophant. For a few moments, he's still...then he turns, reaching down to pick up his weapons.”We're not done here yet," he notes grimly, letting it filter onto the radio.”Let's finish taking out the trash."

Runabout gets clocked by Trailbreaker's return shot, sending him back to the ground with a deeply dented faceplate/helm and a shattered visor for his trouble, but the S.O.S. message from Runamuck catches his attention.”Hn. You idiot..." He mutters softly as he glares at Trailbreaker. The ominous click of automatic turrets also gives him some incentive to think this through.”Well then... my dark adversary, it seems like we will have to finish this another time," he remarks as he gets up and gives Trailbreaker a brief bow.”But next time... I /will/ finish you off." And with that, he transforms and charges back the way he'd come, towards where Runamuck had been fighting Shark. Time to get his brother and get out.

Runabout falls backwards and reforms into a black armored racing hover car. Runabout transforms from Robot to Armored Racing Hover car Mode. Ironburn has partially disconnected.

Don't worry Runabout, your brother wasn't going to much a servo...

+Roll: Sky Lynx rolls against their Locate Software, and Succeeds! Success by: 28

Ironburn watches as Solarix absorbs the blast or at the very least doesn't allow the city to get blown to Slag. This is something of a relief to her, as she says, "Well, I'm still operational, at least this operation isn't a total failure." Self preservation indeed.”Still... I've got to test this Rocket Launcher on something..." She pause, before grinning, and hefting it back up, and pointing it towards Optimus Prime's direction, taking aim and waiting for an opportune moment.

Bluestreak shakes his helm and flickers his optics as he tries to clear his vision, but the bright light and heat (which had heavily charred his paint, due to his proximity) was messing with them too much at the moment. In that case... he turns full attention to his battle-computer and scanners, using them to target any foolish Decepticons still nearby, and he opens fire on them.

From his half-propped position against the rubble, Trailbreaker looks towards the bright light again, for a brief moment considering perhaps it really was going to be his last battle and now he was seeing the bright light they say is at the end of the tunnel when your spark finally goes offli -- Oh wait, the glow is getting lower, as Solarix turns the destructive force into resurrection for the city's power instead.”Now that!", he remarks as he pushes himself onto his feet.”Is a light show." Attention turns back to the Decepticons, but Runabout is already speeding off with the auto-defenses hot on his tailpipes instead.”Get out and stay out!" Ow ow ow... he ends up leaning against the wall he had smashed into as several servos in his back infrastructure start sparking again.”... Scrap it all."

Solarix has his optics closed now as he continues focusing the power, the glow in his hands dimming more and more as he channels it into the city, his armor now... pitch black, an oily kind of pitch black all over, save his faceplate. He twitched again, the strain obvious on his face as he continues to work at this. Finally he moves, so quickly that there was a flash of sparks as the tube disconnects from his chest plate, ripping it off and he nods at Prime, not yet speaking again as he parts the Guards, joining Prime by his side as he sparks and flashes, still twitching like a mech on the verge of overload. He lifts a hand, optics narrowing and lets out a searing lightning bolt towards the nearest of the two Decepticons - Runabout.

Sky Lynx sees that his commander is alright and Solarix, then with a quick turn, he takes back into the air just as quick. He spotted something, now-- where did it go?
Ah yes-- there it was, oh-- a Femme at that! Decepticon too! Just as she was taking aim, she find a set of large teeth right in her sights as Sky Lynx lets out a loud roar at the Decepticon.

Combat: Solarix does a Generic Combat Roll on Runabout and FAILS! Solarix destroys one of his own buildings. Doh!

Shark pauses an electrical bolt zaps past him, then keeps firing at will. Between him and other Bots here, you would think the cons would be packing it in and splitting.

Runabout sees Shark still standing, and Runamuck... well, /not/. Nnnh. Idiot indeed. Though he's taken /completely/ by surprise as a lightning bolt arches up past his rear bumper, scalding his paint and destroying a building in front of him--which nearly cuts him off from where his brother lies unconscious.”YEOWCH!" He barks sharply, skidding around slightly to regain his equilibrium.”We're going, we're going!" He roars right towards Runamuck and brakes sharply, which dips his nose downwards... just enough to scoop up his brother. He has enough energy to activate a force field around them both, mainly to just keep Runamuck in place, and races towards the nearest exit out of here. He knows better than to stick around at this point... unlike some.

It certainly looks like the Decepticons are taking the opportunity to flee, but Optimus Prime isn't going to let them go without seriously regretting their actions. After all - they're the ones who attacked. They're the ones who came, fully intending on the destruction of innocent life. And they will gain little mercy at this point, with all of the damage they have caused.
Optimus Prime doesn't waste time or words, simply raising his gun - the only one that still works, with Megadeath having shorted out the other one - and firing, before moving on to the next Decepticon.
Ironburn blinks when the teeth block her sighs, and she gets roared at, and takes a moment to look up from her aim, and say, "Sorry, can you move a little to the right? You're blocking my sights." However, being that she's probably going to get a beating if she doesn't move, she lowers her rocket launcher and says, "Then again, you're a reasonable Autobot. How about you let me go on my merry way, because the fight's over, we've lost, and you wouldn't hurt a lady, would you?"

+Roll: Sky Lynx rolls against their Terrify Software, and Succeeds! Success by: 33

The Guardsman with Bluestreak helps him up, Spear still in his other hand as he states "Autobot, you're heavily wounded, but so brave to keep on fighting. They are in retreat - let the Crys Guard take it from here." he notes, though he does not move to stop Bluestreak, nor falter in supporting him.

Trailbreaker is badly beat up and not in much fighting shape anymore, so after a few remarks over the radio he ducks down behind one of the half demolished walls to take cover from the lingering fighting still going on. If only his systems didn't eat up so much power... Or his armor had been better.. No, he did the right thing stopping the fires first, THEN the Decepticon... He's taking a few moments to put his own self-confidence issues back into the corner of his mind he usually keeps them in.

Sky Lynx closes his jaws, and cants his head as the Decepticon acts so calm.. who was she kidding, so. He growls softly before he speaks, "May I state--" He says with a growl, "...the only reason I speak-- is because I was given the processor to speak.. but I can assure you." His optical band flickers as his massive claw comes to rest on the building, claws digging into the structure.”..You will be a taste morsel-- cause I'm still a beast within." He Then snaps his jaws, catching the tip of the rocket launcher and snapping it in half, before chewing on the structure-- wait-- did he swallow it.”...your next.. little Decepticon.. Sky Lynx is hungry and hasn't been fed." His optical band glowing bright white.

Bluestreak shakes his helm firmly once more, realizing that there's nothing really more he can do here. Besides, firing on Decepticons isn't really what he wants to do right now anyways. He hears the Guardsman and turns his face towards him, nodding slowly.”I... I will... I need t-to help... another c-comrade," he agrees quietly, stuttering, his expression looking more haunted than anything.”Primus... protect you..." Though said rather automatically, he does mean it (for once), and he turns to slowly walk down the steps and find Trailbreaker, half-shot optics or not.

Shark sees the Cons are running, including the ugly brother duo. He looks around, wondering who is in need of help out of here.

The guardsman nods, and moves to walk with Bluestreak now, his spear on his back as he glances about.”Where would he be? " he asks Bluestreak, still supporting the mech.”I will help YOU, for helping me."

Suddenly, Ironburn is without a rocket launcher, so now the Glass Cannon is merely Glass. She winces as her weapon is pretty much eaten, and gulps for a moment, and says, "I'll take that as a 'Run little Girl' command." With that, she leaps up into the air, and transforms in mid jump, before jetting off. FAST.

<Priv-Radio> Optimus Prime transmits to you privately, "If you'd have them, I can leave a few Autobots behind to help rebuild the city. It's the least I could do for breaking your laws and entering. *Dry, humorless*"

Solarix receives a private Radio transmission. Optimus Prime sends a private Radio transmission.

Sky Lynx watches the Decepticon leave and huffs out flames into the air, before he falls downward, and kicks on his thrusters, to spin in the air and head back to Prime. He lands down in front of the commander with a trotting like walk, tail flicking about happily, "You called me sir?" Now-- he is back to well-mannered Sky Lynx!

Solarix does not speak either as this happens. He turns to look around. Noting Bluestreak, noting Trailbreaker. He moves to Trailbreaker first, still glowing brightly as he states "A little to get home... you did well. I thank you." he then touches Trailbreaker's weapon, transferring some of the energy from Megadeath into the Autobot. He tilts his head at the radio, wings twitching, almost so fast as to be vibrating.

Solarix starts to lose his glow more steadily now, still expending a lot of that energy into heat that escapes around him. Finally, he slumps, and drops to a knee after what he gave Trailbreaker.

<Priv-Radio> You sent Optimus Prime a private message containing, "*sounds fuzzy* I would be... most appreciative of this. and I think I can overlook the breaking. Thank you"

Optimus Prime receives a private Radio transmission. Solarix sends a private Radio transmission.

Shark spots Solarix heading toward someone and moves that direction. He's damaged himself, but always willing to help out another for whatever he can gain from it.”Slag Solarix, black does not become you."

Optimus Prime regards Sky Lynx, optics narrowing slightly before nodding.”Will you be able to help transfer our wounded back to Iacon?" he asks, before immediately realizing that Solarix next to him is in less than stellar condition. Ignoring his own damage, he immediately reaches down, making to grasp Solarix's arm and hoist it around his shoulder.”Easy. We'll need to find you a medic, too..."

Bluestreak doesn't really have the spark to move away from the Guardsman, or the mental strength to actually walk on his own. Yes, the whole event has him that rattled up--probably even worse.”He's... not that far away, I think..." He lifts his optics and sees the glow that was likely Solarix rapidly fade.”Probably just ahead..."

Runabout moves through South to Downtown -- Crystal City Runabout has left.

<Priv-Radio> Optimus Prime transmits to you privately, "Are any of your Guardsmen medics, or can I get you somewhere?"

Solarix receives a private Radio transmission. Optimus Prime sends a private Radio transmission.

"I am... not wounded. Just tired. Well, a little sore." Solarix reassures them, straightening once he was on his feet. He stands then, nodding as he takes his arm back "You have much more damage than I. You fought Megadeath bravely. His death will be rejoiced by many." he coughs a few times, smoke clouding out of his mouth at that. Then he smirks at Shark, his color rippling again before returning to normal "No... it really does not.” He then looks again to the Guardian, falling into a tired silence.

The Guardsman nods at Bluestreak, helping him to walk along. Others start to arrive, giving reports - bowing to both Solarix, and Prime. There was still gunfire in the distance and the occasional explosion as well. It seems the Decepticons were in full retreat.

"I can-- take anyone who needs a shuttle to the repair bay, yes sir." Sky Lynx states canting his head gently, "But if you don't mind me saying sir," He then cants his head the other way, "You require maintenance yourself-- and I cannot leave you behind-- and Solarix also requires medical attention.. so perhaps.. we should all return to Iacon-- or.. is there medics still available here to see to him."
Sky Lynx then looks to Solarix, as he seems to stare at him, unsure-- why he is staring...

Content the Decepticons are actually leaving, Trailbreaker manages to hobble his way out from behind his cover, notably limping on one leg. Those explosions at foot level probably mangled up a servo or something. But he manages to half-stumble towards the other Bots, eventually putting his hand on shoulder.”Well, aren't we a pair now. You can't half-see, I can't half-walk."

"I know, Sky Lynx," Optimus Prime says simply. He lets go of Solarix as the Hierophant tugs it back, and gives him a wry look.”I'm sorry the Festival didn't go as planned - but taking down Megadeath will be a strong blow to the Decepticons."

Shark watches as Sola returns to his normal hue, glancing around as the other Bots gather around.”Well I for one hope Jade isn't on duty, that medic doesn't seem too hot to do her job." he notes.

Bluestreak manages to smile faintly, though his half-blind optics seem to lose their light.”If... only that were totally true..." He says quietly to Trailbreaker, strengthening his stance so that he could actually stand without assistance, as well as perhaps support Trailbreaker a bit. He can let his processor crash later. He gives the Guardsman who had assisted him a nod in silent thanks, unable to really say much else.

Trailbreaker then glances over his shoulder as Solarix gives him a bit of recharge, smiling gratefully in return.”Me, nah, I just put out a few fires. You and your mechs deserve the real thanks, for being willing to defend their home despite the circumstances." He's back to being his usual jovial supportive self, despite the injuries. The pick-me-up of power helps, too.

The guardsman releases Blue finally, offering him a bow from the waist "I am Guardsman Flare." he states before turning and darting away to join the patrols and flush out the last of the Decepticons.

Solarix watches with a smile. His optics are taken off of Sky Lynx finally as he looks to Prime "Indeed it will be. And hopefully now.. the Council will see that Crystal City cannot stand on its' own." he pauses, looking to the Autobots before his head dips to Trailbreaker "You did more than you thought, Autobot. But I know many of your kind well - we can try and point fingers for praise all day if we do not stop." he chuckles and steps back "I should let you depart... I have to begin rebuilding my city. I hope that which was as planned, was enjoyed by you all."

The appreciation helps his wounded spirit, even if Trailbreaker is too modest (or self-conscience. Maybe both) to let it show. Instead he gives Blue a bit of nudge in Sky Lynx's direction.”Com'n, Streak, the taxi-bot is waiting."

Sky Lynx cants his head to Solarix before he steps up to Prime and speaks quietly to the Autobot Commander, "I will be outside waiting sir.."
He then starts to make his way out of the city, however he does look over his wing to Solarix, "..Solarix--" Sky Lynx starts, his optical band dimming gently, "Take care of your city, for perhaps long as it stands-- it be a reminder to all of what Cybertron could be.." He then looks away and makes his way out.

Bluestreak nods slowly as the Guardsman takes his leave. /Flare, huh? I'll remember that.../ he thinks foggily. He staggers slightly at Trailbreaker's nudge, caught off-guard, and offers a faint smirk to the other mech--which really looks more pained than anything.”Just tell me where to go... I'm sure I'll fall over something over a Bumblepup if you don't," he replies back quietly, perhaps trying to find some way to make himself smile.

Solarix bows his head back to Sky Lynx "I will. I intend to." he states solemnly. He lifts a hand over the Departing Autobots, gesturing the sign of a blessing in midair. He kept himself standing still as he watched them leave. His high Guardsman approach now... forming up behind him as one touches his elbow in concern, but he waves the mech back

After giving Solarix one final squeeze on the shoulder, Optimus Prime starts following his Autobots towards their Guardian. The day is done, the battle's over, but with all that's still smoking in the city...it's hard to tell who really won.

Trailbreaker chuckles a bit in response to Blue, partially leading him, and partially leaning on him for a bit of support as well.”I think all the bumblepups are dog gone by this point."

Sky Lynx transforms outside and awaits his passengers for take off. Prepping his wings and thruster units. Oh Sky Lynx-- how little you realize how often you will be doing this in your lot of life in the future. You best get use to it now.
With gears spinning and body shifting, the long draconic neck seems to sink back into the shuttle itself, the head of the beast attaching into body of the shuttle and the once mouth with rows of teeth, seeming to vanish. The blue legs of the lower half, seems to fold into the box itself. The mighty Sky Lynx now looking like a harmless shuttle craft... Or is it?

Sky Lynx transforms from Draconic to Cybertronian Space Shuttle Mode. Solarix puts a hand on PRimes', in silent thanks for all he did. He steps back, out of the way of the shuttle, but then shouts "Go up over the city and to the east wall - there is the Airport entrance there! It would be easier right now."

Bluestreak smirks a little bit, but shutters his optics briefly as he relies on Trailbreaker's guidance to board Sky Lynx and get out of here. Within his mind's optic he can still see the devastation of a place that shared a worse fate than Crystal City... but another time... later... he can lose himself in that Pit, as he always does. But for now... it's time to go back to Iacon.

Gears can be heard turning, and mechanisms unlocking and relocking as parts attach and detach. Soon rises with large draconic neck upward highly and proud, looking before what surrounds him, and the stance stating true authority over his domain.

Fighting. Why did there have to be fighting /here/, of all places? Wasn't Crystal City supposed to be a safe place? The little femme, of course, hadn't even been remotely involved in the combat. She had been hiding with her creator elsewhere. But now the little slip of silver is crawling out, looking around with her bright blue optics. Steeplechase does look a little bit devastated... it isn't that she doesn't understand there's a war going on. She's just trying to wrap her processor around why someone would want to cause so much /destruction/.

Solarix stood there. Despite his weariness, there were things to do. Light had been restored, and the fires put out. HIs optics catch sight of motion now as he walked along, helping to look for survivors. Brightening a little bit as he saw her, the old mech turns to walk towards her quickly "Are you okay?" he asks.

"I'm okay," Steeplechase replies quietly.”I was hiding. /We/ were hiding. But my creator's got joint ache. He's still hanging back still things cool off." Dusting herself off lightly, the silver minibot makes a bit of a production of making sure there's no dents or dings in her armor plating.”...are the Decepticons gone?"

Solarix looks a little dinged up, but mostly tired as he knelt beside her, putting a hand on her shoulder "Yes. They are gone, or captured." he states softly, reassuringly "I'm glad to know you are both okay.

Steeplechase gives a slow, careful nod, watching Solarix. She doesn't quite know what to say, or how to express her frustration. Her small fingers are tapping in time against her legs, and she fusses for a moment or two longer as she sighs.”Can I help any?" At least her core's in the right place.

Solarix tilts his head thoughtfully as he looks around, and then back "You can if you want to, indeed. You can help look for people, or spot fires that need to be extinguished." he notes, voice positive.

A bright smile breaks out across the young face. Steeplechase is immediately on the case, and she's humming something in pitch to herself as she climbs over wreckage and rubble, helping out the work crews as best she can. Occasionally she'll pause to think about something, but more often than not she's as into the work as anyone. At some point, though, she does pause near Solarix again, her expression turning pensive.”...why do some mechs do this? I mean... what's the point of the violence?"

"They are greedy. They want to take what we have worked hard for.” Explains Solarix softly as he stood, walking along with her now "Their leader is a terrible mech, who wishes to rule everyone, and destroy those who will not."

"That's... all kinds of awful," Steeplechase murmurs lightly, settling to sit for a moment and rest on a piece of rubble, watching around her quietly. She thinks about her home, what everyone here has, what they stand to /lose/... and gives a little shudder.”Doesn't seem right to me."

Solarix nods, his face softening as he kneels beside her, elbow on her sitting spot "No, it is not right. It is against what Primus wishes us to do." he states softly "Which is why there are others who fight back - ourselves, and the Autobots more so."

The minibot makes a thoughtful sound, crossing her legs where she sits.”We fight in our own way, right?" she inquires, rocking back a bit and holding to her ankles.”Maybe... I can get Forte to help me brush up some of my tunings. I may be able to write an anthem or something..." A look of childish musing crosses Steeplechase's face, then.

"Of course we do. I for example, do not fight openly unless I have to." Solarix takes a seat on the ground now as they talk.”Hmm. That is a good idea. you are an artist then." he nods "What instrument? I used to enjoy music."

Steeplechase smiles brightly.”I'm a musician. Well, a student, actually. Theory and composition." She moves her fingers lightly.”I play the laser harp. It's my specialty, though I play a few others."

Solarix ahhs and nods "Laser Harp.” he smiles "I never did catch your name. You are...?"

"I'm Steeplechase," the little femme introduces herself cheerfully.”Most everybody just calls me Chase, though. S'easier." She rocks back, still holding to her ankles.”Shorter, too."

Solarix chuckles "Chase. Steeplechase." he dips his head "I am Solarix. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Steeplechase. It warms my heart to see new Transformers."

Solarix and Steeplechase are sitting on some rubble, taking a break. The city was almost in ruins - a good amount of it damaged, many Guardians dead and people wounded.

Steeplechase smiles brightly, optics lit up cheerfully and just about illuminating her pale face.”It's very nice to meet you." She /is/ quite young, of course, and that's plainly obvious.”There's... not a whole lot of mechs or femmes my age around."

"No, there are not sadly.” The older mech sighs "Or many of my age around either." he chuckles and looks back to her "I do have a good friend who can befriend you I think. She has become part of my own household.

Tracks transforms from Robot to Vehicle Mode.

At that statement, Steeplechase looks genuinely interested, her legs unfolding to cross at the ankles, knees tucked up.”Really? I always like to meet new people." There's that bright, pleasant smile again.

Solarix grins "Then you should like her. She's somewhat new to the world, so you could help her settle in." he notes brightly, despite the situation around him.

A blue car drives along the remnants of the roadways, surveying the damage done to the once beautiful city. He detects the energy signature he has been searching for since he arrived. He slows to a stop, transforming and jogging over the rubble towards the older mech and the youngling keeping him company.

Tracks transforms from Vehicle to Robot Mode.

"Dunno how much I could help /anyone/ settle in," responds Steeplechase as she makes a face.”/I'm/ still not really settled in. Everything's all kinda... newish." To her, at least. But what's this? Someone else approaching? Sitting up straight, she turns to look toward whoever it is that's headed their way.

Solarix nods "Still, it would help both of you then. Eh?" he straightens, looking over and blinks, lifting a hand "Ahh. A friend of mine. Tracks!" he calls over.

Tracks breathes a sigh of relief seeing Solarix relatively intact. He jogs over to the two, "Forgive me, I arrived as soon as I heard... Are you ok?" He nods to the youngling, "Hello."

Steeplechase peers up at Tracks, tipping her head inquisitively to one side. She makes a thoughtful sound, then rocks back with a cheerful smile.”Hiya." And settles back to let the older mechs talk.

Solarix stands wearily "I am tired. And my head hurts. But I am unharmed." he reassures Tracks softly "Thank you Tracks. Tracks, this is Steeplechase. Steeplechase, this is a good friend of mine, Tracks. I have known him for many vorns."

Tracks gives Steeplechase a small bow, "A pleasure to meet you, are you alright? I heard about the attack, too late I'm afraid..."

"It was kind of scary," Steeplechase comments, tucking her legs up underneath herself.”I was hiding with Forte when--..." She trails off, as if realizing just how long she's been away from her creator when she promised she wouldn't be long at all.”Oh! May I be excused? I told Forte I'd be straight back and I completely forgot!"

Solarix laughs a little and nods "Go ahead. one of my guards will help you back there.” he states with a smile "Give my regards to Forte please." he then looks up at Tracks. Once she was gone, he states "You did good Tracks. Not all of us can always fight."

Steeplechase gives a pleasant nod, an acquiescent statement to his request, and then darts off, the guard who'd offered hard-pressed to keep up.

Tracks gazes over the destruction and rubble, "I should have been able to find this out. I should have been able to warn you...

Solarix pauses at that, then states "You cannot know everything Tracks. You've done so much... and indeed, you DID stop my city from becoming a memory. Prime was here." Nebula has disconnected.

Tracks shakes his head, "I was lucky to pass on your message, I found him by chance at the Freedom Spire... But thankfully, he was here, but you lost much of your land to the Decepticons..."

"I know. But we will regain it. And we still have our City, and our people. I will be pushing for a full alliance with the Autobots."

Solarix states this as he turns to walk with Tracks quietly, his optics darkened.

Tracks says, "That's risky, you realize that will only put you on top of Megatron's list of obstacles..." Tracks walks along side his friend, keeping pace, "But I suppose there is no other option...""

"I know. But we are vulnerable now - The damage and death reports still roll in." He slows a little, optics dimming again.”I must convince the council first."

Tracks nods, "After such a vicious attack, they may have no choice but to agree... Then again, they could also be influenced to side with the Decepticons out of fear. This could go very badly..."

"I will tread with caution. While I cannot make them decide, they cannot choose to make a decision without me either. A double edged sword." Solarix states and he stops, shoulders limping a little "I should... go rest.

Tracks moves to carefully help Solarix stand, "I shall escort you back to your quarters, if I may?"

Solarix accepts the help, the Guards having moved a little closer. Not out of suspicion of Tracks, but concern for Solarix "Please do. To the Monastery." he states "I have a long day ahead tomorrow."

Tracks nods, guiding his friend back towards the temple, "I am glad you are ok Solarix. My spark nearly stopped when I heard of the attack..." He did not want to admit how much the priest meant to him. How he had become a sort of father figure to the wayward mech.

Solarix reaches up to pat Tracks' back on the shoulder with a smile "Mine did too. So did mine." he states, optics staring straight ahead "Let us rest, and tomorrow, begin to rebuild."

Tracks nods, "Of course... My finish will suffer so the city can shine again.