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Welcome to Dark Ages of Cybertron MUSH archive wiki

Updated: June 26 2013

1,284 pages since January 2009

Notation: This is now an Archive. Any NEW files will be scrutinized by the archive webmistress.

The MUSH is officially closed to applications and is being converted to another type of MUSH. Logs from the new site for Dawning Age of Cybertron MUSH, which is currently down, are now here for your reading amusement.

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Reference Stuff

Character Profiles Inspirational reference for new players.

News Files List of all news files.

Notable NPCs Non Player Characters on the mush.

Bulletin Boards

Catch up on IC and OOC goings on.

Getting Started

What is a MUSH? A must read for new mushers.

Mush Commands for All For all players.


Maps of the Grid Learn to get around

Character Picture Gallery Drawings of player characters.

Plots and Timelines

A LOG TIMELINE FOR DARK AGES OF CYBERTRON MUSH An all inclusive numerical log-by-log timeline; separated by year.

A Log Timeline for Dawning Ages of Cybertron MUSH Added 6/26/2013