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  • Name: Depth
  • Faction: Neutral
  • Branch: Civilian
  • Rank: 1
  • Function: Confusion Maker
  • Alt Mode: Hover-Transport
  • Type: OC



"I like to keep them guessing."


An alien mechanism that comes to Cybertron via a time travel glitch. May he have mercy upon the denizens as he takes in the culture of the planet while in different guises. He'll pick an actual form to settle into then it's time for the chaos and mayhem begin. A definite naughty mech\, he will be so bluntly honest about what he's feeling and thinking it may cause one to pause to figure out if he's at all serious. All the while he'll be picking up more culture\, learning all he can to blend in that much better with the locals. Will someone figure out he's not a Cybertronian or will it always be his little secret... that remains to be seen.


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