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  • Name: Farshot
  • Faction: Neutral
  • Branch: Civilian
  • Rank: 3
  • Function: Sniper
  • Alt Mode: Hover-Buggy
  • Type: OC




Farshot was created and designed to be a 'protection' sniper for medics in a guerrilla-warfare gang in Cubicron. After a stray shot from an EMP gun, he decided to be quit being a gang-member and help those that he could. His altmode is a modified hover-buggy that he has setup to also be a mobile sniping platform for himself. He is good at navigating the areas of Cubicron and being able to hide not only in the shadows but in plain-sight when need be thanks to built-in hologram emitters. He excels at shooting with a laser rifle that he has modified to have variable power so as to not kill unless needed. He usually combines his stealth and holograms in order to make himself a hidden when he takes on a protection job. His main strength is he can stay in one place for a long time but his main weakness is he's used to be a loner despite working on that since leaving the gangs and he has a tendency to lose track of time.


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