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  • Name: Firesong
  • Faction: Autobot
  • Branch: Military
  • Rank: 2
  • Function: Vigilante
  • Alt Mode: Flame Tetrajet
  • Type: OC


"I'm too old for this Sh*t."


Firesong has been fighting since birth, many centuries back. Once a brave fighter of the Decepticon Empire, he has left the Empire, and the Military, due to his 'heart not being in the fight'. He has seen too much destruction to continue, caused too much death himself, to continue on. He will strike out on his own, looking only to be left alone. However, his quick and burning temper may cause him troubles, especially amongstr those he has fought against for so long. In his Robot form, he is of medium size, about Average for a Decepticon Seeker. He carries Flame Weapons, the normal lasers of a Seeker had been replaced at his request. Fire intrigues him, calls him. He can not pass a Fire, without stopping to watch it burn, to watch it consume. In Tetrajet Form, he is sleek, fast, but no less addicted to fire. He carries no convential weapons. He can fly high, and cold holds nothing to cause him fear, as he carries enough of a Fire inside to keep him warm. Now, however, the Ex-Decepticon knows he is in for a major trial, escaping the Decepticons will be difficult, and by no means something to enjoy. He will have to be smarter, faster, and when it comes down to it, more tenacious against them, than he ever was before his desertion


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