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  • Name: Hound
  • Faction: Autobot
  • Branch: Military
  • Rank: 4
  • Function: Scout
  • Alt Mode: Off-Road 4X4 Vehicle
  • Type: FC


"Observe everything, remember even more."


Hound would just as soon be sniffing around the Geode Forest or exploring one of Cybertron's metallic canyons as he would a Decepticon outpost. Doing so is as much a pleasure to him as it is his duty, using his topography skills to record every detail to his memory banks. Seeing how the ongoing war is slowly deteriorating the planet saddens him greatly, as a barren landscape is as boring as it is useless. Hound is only of average power for a soldier, but as an advanced scout his bravery and loyalty is unwavering. He's equipped with a special hologram projector that can utilize his database of information to create elaborate 3-D maps, or be used to create visual illusions and camoflague to distract enemies. In off-road vehicle mode he can transverse terrain that would be difficult for other Autobots, armed with a rear turret that functions as a combat rifle in robot mode. Hound's sensative sensors and infrared tracking systems can be disrupted by high frequency electromagnetics or other unusually strong energy sources, causing glitchs in his data recordings.


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