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  • Name: Ironburn
  • Faction: Decepticon
  • Branch: Military
  • Rank: 1
  • Function: Scientist
  • Alt Mode: Exploration Tetrajet
  • Type: OC


" You know what's the most fun thing about being a scientist? You get to try out all the neat toys you build. FOR SCIENCE!" *BOOM!* "SUCCESS!!"


Eccentric. That's a generous way to describe Ironburn's behavior, at least as far as the Decepticons are concerned. The Autobots would probably describe her as fragging wacko, but this isn't a completely inaccurate description either. Ironburn has always been inquisitive by nature, the function for which she was built being an exploration vessel. Somewhere along the lines, within the first few hundred years of activation, she discovered that accumulating information about the way of the universe was not nearly as interesting as putting said information to practical use, and she quickly realized that the most interesting use for this info was reducing matter to slag. This is what led her to joining the Decepticon military as a scientist. She had no interest in the war itself, she just wanted to be able to learn and build and put to use her creations, and do so with unlimited resources and minimal restrictions, because by Primus the Autobots certainly weren't gonna let her.


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