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  • Name: Jazz
  • Faction: Autobot
  • Branch: Military
  • Rank: 4
  • Function: Operations Officer
  • Alt Mode: Star-Bullet Hovercar SE
  • Type: FC


"Do it with style, or don't even bother doin' it."


Jazz is a Special Operations Agent skilled in Espionage, capable of taking on whatever tasks are asked of him, and accomplishing them with style. He has an eclectic love of all forms of culture and music, giving him a good basis for conversing and getting along with just about anyone. He is friendly, cool-headed, witty, sly, and has a good spark, but beware his slightly off-beat sense of humour! Taking on the most dangerous missions, his superiors trust him to get the job done under pressure. His marksmanship with his Photon rifle seems uncanny. If Jazz has a fault, its that he is easily distracted by all the things he finds fascinating, but his charismatic personality offsets that shortcoming. Hes quick, agile and stylish, both physically and mentally, whether in vehicular mode or in robot mode, so this bot always lands on his feet!


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