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September 02, 2011, 4:25 PM

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Lockpick Makeshift

(Shopping District, Cubicron)


Lockpick's shop was small, cluttered, and boarded up. At least the windows. The door was still unlocked. He was inside, yawning lazily. Business sucked right now, and he was pondering packing it in early as he stared down his roads of various equipment, electronic parts and other paraphernalia that he had collected in an attempt to make a profit. Behind him rows of blank card keys and other things were behind him, somewhat gathering a little dust. He sighed.

The door slides open suddenly, and a mech makes his way in. There wasn't anything particularly special or interesting about him- dulled dark paint, average frame type, facemask hiding almost everything but his optics, and just a generally uninteresting appearance. He heads toward the counter, leaning on it casually. "Heard you can get a mech in anywhere." He says in lieu of a greeting.

Lockpick looks up, a little bit bored seeming. Then he straightens a little, leaning across the scratched steel counter himself "That's my company's guarantee. A keycard for any door on the planet. " he states "And of course, confidentiality." he tilts his head, looking the mech up and down "Where you you needing to get?"

"Iacon." The mech answers bluntly, not twitching even a relay under Lockpick's gaze. "Think you can do it?"

Lockpick blinks "Iacon? The Autobots' frontmost impermeable base? " he echoes "Which door specifically? Front door can be easily done. the Munitions Bay or high-security areas are a little iffy, and if I succeed have a really high price. But front door yeah. It would take me a few days."

The mech makes a noise that might have been a laugh, if it actually had any amusement in it. "Just need in the front door. I can get around myself from there."

"Fair enough." he didn’t ask any further questions as he names his price - expensive. He then pauses, and watches the mech to see what his reaction would be. "Ten percent down payment, rest upon completion. "

The mech gives Lockpick a considering look, before pulling a small box out of his subspace and dropping it between them. "Just get it done." He says simply, pushing away from the counter and straightening.

Lockpick blinks at that and eyes the box. He opens it, doing a mental calculation, then states "Come back in three... no, give me four days. Just in case." he states "And I’ll have it ready for you."

Giving Lockpick a sharp nod, the mech turns and walks toward the door. He pauses before leaving, glancing over his shoulder. "And you're not going to say anything to anyone?"

Lockpick states "Confidentiality is part of the deal."

"Good." And with that, the mech slips back out the door, heading out into Cubicron.