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  • Name: Kick-Off
  • Faction: Decepticon
  • Branch: Civilian
  • Rank: 1
  • Function: Slave Gladiator
  • Alt Mode: Boxy Car
  • Type: OC


” Draw courage from defeat and you gain more than you lose.”


Captured by the Decepticons, Kick-off has been trained as a gladiator to fight in the grease pits of Polyhex. Out of a need to survive, he's become a specialist in hand-to-hand combat who is without equal in the pits. His hatred of the Decepticons and unwillingness is well known to his captors although he has long since given up on escape, focusing his energy on learning from the inside, how the Decepticons worked, and surviving long enough to tell someone of it, someday. He transforms into a sturdy, boxy car, and is equipped with a flamethrower and energon spear.


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