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  • Name: Lifeline
  • Faction: Neutral
  • Branch: Civilian
  • Rank: 3
  • Function: Medic for Hire
  • Alt Mode: Flatbed transport
  • Type: OC


"Of course I can fix it. Here's my fee..."


Lifeline is a skilled medic, trained at one of the most prestigous medical centers on Cybertron. As a no-nonsense femme, she was known for being bluntly honest, fair and impartial, but not one to take BS from anyone, and more than strong enough to stand up for herself. When the war started, though, she flatly refused to pick a side, thinking the Decepticons too violent and the Autobots too preachy. She's earned her keep since the destruction of her home city by repairing any mech who approaches her -- and asks politely. For those that have tried to recruit her to their ranks or threaten her into working for them, she responds with either a door slammed in their face or worse, as the occasion warrants.


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