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  • Name: Metro-X
  • Faction: Neutral
  • Branch: Military
  • Rank: 4/ Buffer Zone Protector
  • Function: Law Enforcement
  • Alt Mode: SCM Enforcer
  • Type: OC


" Politics is the death of true justice."


An orphaned law enforcement unit from a city destroyed by the Cybertronian War. Metro-X is somewhat disgruntled and disenchanted by how politics has almost made keeping the peace in cities not controlled by the major factions more of a moot point than a difinitive. Traveling the landscape, accepting that he has become something of a Law-For Hire, providing his services where they are needed. In robot form he packs equipment allowing him to act as a stand up fighter, with shoulder mounted rocket launchers and plasma blaster systems in his arms. Taking the form of a Skirmisher Class Multirole Enforcement VSTOL, Metro-X is capable of ground and atmospheric movement as per his former duties as a pursuit and capture member of the now destroyed Tetrahex police force. Large enough to carry several cybertronians inside of him in vehicle mode, but armed with a small array of weapon systems to provide support as a multirole fighter. He is also capable of transforming into a three headed cybertronian cerberus hound, a symbol of old Tetrahex, maintaining his flight wings for added mobility.



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