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  • Name: Mirage
  • Faction: Neutral
  • Branch: Civilian
  • Rank: 0
  • Function: Huntsmech
  • Alt Mode:
  • Type: FC


"Who and what I am, I hide from my enemy."


He is one of the planet’s elite upper class, preferring to spend his days hunting turbo-foxes instead of involving himself in conflict. Often is unsure about his motivations for enlisting. Has contempt for the 'commoners' he with whom he interacts. Mirage is a superior hand-to-hand combatant, and a skilled sharpshooter. He is armed with a rifle which fires explosive, armor-piercing darts, but the most important piece of his arsenal in his function as a spy is his shoulder-mounted electro-disruptor, which can bend photons to make him invisible, or appear to be where he is not, or even alter his physical appearance, hence his name.


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