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  • Name: Moonlight
  • Faction: Neutral
  • Branch: Civilian
  • Rank: 1
  • Function: Smuggler
  • Alt Mode: Proto-Copter
  • Type: OC


"If I can't find anything to laugh at any more, I'll hang up my hat for good."


Incredibly social, but always with her own interests in mind, Moonlight is a recent arrival to Cybertron. And she's not altogether sure she likes the planet. Confident in herself, but knowing her limitations as well, she likes to slip between the social cracks while trying to master the concept of such split factions. Being from Monacus, where everything has a price, she struggles with the idea of outright war rather than calculated backstabbing between commercial peers. Respect based on rank seems something foreign to her, and loyalty to a concept rather than an individual is equally strange. Her alt mode, a Cargo-copter that belongs to no particular line of production, lets her get around and move her merchandice quickly. Except for the most basic of weapons, most of her gear is hand held rather than body mounted. Even though she carries little in the way of hard weaponry, and she isn't very big, don't make the mistake in thinking she is helpless.


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