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New to MUSHing?

At the connection screen of the mush type: connect guest guest

To speak on guest channel type: +g "Hi there, I need help!

To speak to someone in the room with you type: "Hi there, I need help!

Alternately you can type: say Hi there, I need help!

To page someone type: page name=Hi there.

Example: page Discordia=Hi there, I need help.

To look over all news files type: news

To look at a specific news file type: news filename

Example: news Autobot

To leave the game type: LOGOUT (it MUST be in all caps!)

General Commands

+tf 1 -- Transforms to mode 1 (usually robot).

+tf 2 -- Transforms to mode 2 (usually vehicle).

+tf 3 -- Restricted to triple changers.

+gic -- Sends you to last ic location.

+gooc -- Sends you to ooc welcome room.

+nom player - Nominates player for rp, limit to one +nom per player per RP session.

+ooc -- Use to speak/pose oocly.

+requestchar character name=email address -- Notifies staff that you are requesting a character.

+roll stat/skill=specialty -- Rolls against a stat or skill, and with Science or Knowledge Software, rolls against a specialty.

+staff -- lists staff, Online Status, and their Admin Duties

+status -- shows Hit points, Energon, Nominations, Experience and what Mode you are currently in.

+stats -- Shows character stats, hardware, & software.

+cstats -- Shows your character armor, energon, forcefield, health points & current levels of each.

+where -- Displays the locations of all connected players.

+who -- Lists online players, connected time, idle time, player's faction, IC status, alias, and their DOING.

@chan/list-- Shows ooc channels.

@doing -- Sets your doing under the poll in who/+who.

LOGOUT -- Must be in all caps; logs you out of mush and allows you to reconnect as another character.

QUIT -- Must be in all caps; disconnects you from mush.

page player=message -- Sends a message to a player

page player player=message -- Sends message to list of players

follow player name -- Allows you to follow a player.

unfollow -- Stops following player.

+stats -- Currently it's showing mode, hp, and energon, and it will show more and more stuff as time goes on.

whisper player=message -- Whispers message to player, part of which may be shown to others in room.

whisper/silent player=message -- Whispers message silently to player.

whisper/noisy player=message -- Other players in the room may be told who you whispered to but not what you whispered.

whisper/list players=message -- Lets you whisper to many people at once.

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BBoard Commands

+bbscan -- Scans joined bulletin board groups.

+bbread <#> -- Scans messages in group <#>.

+bbread <#>/<list> -- Reads message(s). <list> can be a single #, multiple #s, or a range of #s (ie. 1-6), or any combo.

+bbread <#>/u -- Reads all unread messages in group <#>.

+bbcatchup <#> -- Marks all messages in group <#> as read. Can use multiple group #'s, may use 'all' to catchup on all messages.

+bbscan -- Totals unread postings in each joined group. Can place this command in your @aconnect.

+bbnew -- Reads the Next unread message.

+bbpost <#>/<title> -- This starts a post to group <#> with title mentioned.

+bbwrite <text> -- This adds text to an already started post.

+bb <text> -- Same as +bbwrite.

+bbedit <area>=<old>/<new> Edits your post in progress. Valid areas are: text, title.

+bbproof -- Displays your current post in progress.

+bbtoss -- Discards your current post in progress.

+bbpost -- This will post your current post in progress.

+bbpost <#>/<subject>=<body> -- Posts a message to group <#>. This is a quick way of posting a message with one command.

+bbedit <#>/<#>=<old>/<new> -- Edits one of your posted messages.

+bbremove <#>/<list> -- Removes a message by you. <list> can be a single number, a group of numbers, or a range (10-14).

+bbmove <#>/<#> to <#> -- Moves one of your messages to a new group.

+bbleave <#> -- Unsubscribe from group <#>.

+bbjoin <#> J -- Joins a group you've previously 'left'.

+bblist -- Listing of all groups available to you along with their timeout values.

+bbsearch <#>/<name> -- Shows you a list of <name>'s postings on group <#>.

+bbtimeout <#>/<#>=<days> -- Changes timeout for a message to <days>.

+bbnotify <#>=<on|off> -- Turn post notification for group <#> on or off.

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Mail Commands

@mail -- Shows list of @mails by #.

@mail[/switch] <player-list> = [<subject>]/<msg> -- Mails players the subject and message indicated, switch = /urgent - mail is marked as "Urgent", /silent – no notification to sender that mail was sent, /nosig - no mail signature.

@mail <msg #> -- Shows you specific message indicated by #.

@mail/read <msg-list> -- Displays messages which match the msg # or msg-list from your current folder.

@mail <msg-list, but not a single msg #> @mail/list <msg-list> @mail/folder These commands lists all folders which contain mail, telling how many messages are in each, and what the current folder is.

@mail/folder <folder#|foldername> -- This command sets your current folder to <folder#>.

@mail/folder <folder#> = <foldername> -- This command gives <folder#> a name.

@mail/unfolder <folder#|foldername> -- This command removes a folder's name.

@mail/file <msg-list>=<folder#> -- This command moves all messages in msg-list from the current folder to a new folder, <folder#>.

@mail/fwd <msg-list> = <player-list> @mail/clear [<msg-list> | all] @mail/unclear [<msg-list> | all] These commands mark mail in the current folder as cleared or uncleared. Mail marked for clearing is deleted when you disconnect, or if you use @mail/purge. If no msg-list is specified, all mail in your current folder is cleared. If "all" is given instead of a msg-list, all mail in *all* folders is cleared/uncleared.

@mail/purge Actually deletes all messages marked for clearing with @mail/clear. This is done automatically when you log out.

@mail/tag [<msg-list> | all>] @mail/untag [<msg-list> | all>] These commands tag or untag mail in the current folder. Tagged mail can be later acted on en masse by using "tagged" as the msg-list for other commands (which does *not* untag them afterward). If no msg-list is specified, all messages in the current folder are tagged/untagged. If "all" is given as the msg-list, all mail in *all* folders is tagged/untagged. (Ex: To clear all mail from Paul and Chani, @mail/tag *paul, @mail/tag *chani, @mail/clear tagged, @mail/untag all).

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