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  • Name: Nitroburst
  • Faction: Crystal City
  • Branch: Military
  • Rank: 5
  • Function: Combat Medic
  • Alt Mode: Bolt Hyperspeeder Racer Edition
  • Type: OC


"Those who think medics are weak have never fought me."


Before the war, Nitroburst and her twin sister, Saberstorm, were trained in the Cybertronian martial-art of Metallikato by a Decepticon mentor. She is indeed a medic, and a very good one at that, but that does not make her any less of a warrior than her twin. In fact, that is what she hates the most--of being underestimated as a warrior just because she's a medic, when it could be argued that she's /more/ deadly. She prefers spears, lances, and other such 'long range' bladed weapons, though she is quite capable of using other types of melee weaponry as well. Though her preferred element is fire, she usually uses it to compliment her defensive capacities--usually as a repulsor forcefield. Personality-wise, she is more calm than her twin and often has to be the voice of reason or the mediator between her twin and the world. She is highly spiritual and is usually found either meditating or practicing if she isn't getting pulled into whatever 'fun' Saberstorm is dragging her into. Her hovercar alternate mode is designed with speed and agility in mind, and she can often be seen racing her twin down a rare stretch of clear highway whenever they can get away with it.