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For the purposes of clarity, feature characters who are temporarily NPC'd by staff or temporarily played by players (temp-alts) are not included in this section.)

  • Alpha (Unknown) - A tall, old mech with yellow-orange optics who goes around in a cloak being mysterious. He seems to know a lot about the Protectobots.
  • Bumper (Neutral) - Contractor for Don Vespa.
  • Clamps (Neutral) - A thug that works for Don Vespa.
  • Deet (Unknown) - Otherworldly being that is searching for her lost pilot.
  • Doctor Fumik Tzu (Neutral) - A very ancient mech who has awakened to seek out a way to be young again.
  • Don Vespa (Neutral) - Mob boss in Cubicron, part of the Vendetta TP.
  • Down/Dome III (Neutral) - Sparkling from Cubricon. His creators work in Iacon.
  • Flare (Crystal City) - Monk, Groove's teacher in Iacon.
  • Hawkeye (Pirate) - The captain of space pirates.
  • NPanCea (Autobot) - A Bot medic.
  • NPandemiC (Decepticon) – A Con medic.
  • Rampart (Neutral) - A thug that works for Don Vespa.
  • Rancor (Neutral) - Vortex's informant in Cubicron.
  • Slice (Neutral) - A mech that works for Fumik.
  • Sparky (Creature) - A injured cyber-eel that Shark rescues; turns out to be pregnant.
  • Stopwatch (Neutral) - A thug that works for Don Vespa.
  • The Dragon (Creature) - Otherworldly being that hunts/eats Cybertronians.
  • The Shambleau (Unkown) - Otherwordly beings that infest a host and take them over.
  • Tiny (Neutral) - Mook for Don Vespa in Cubricon, Streetwise's occasional bodyguard
  • Weldbond (Neutral) - A old mech that created Arcee.

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