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  • Name: Nova Black
  • Faction: Decepticon
  • Branch: Military
  • Rank: 2
  • Function: Warrior
  • Alt Mode: Jet
  • Type: OC


"You can keep your redemption. I've got better things to do."


Nova Black is a Seeker who was driven out of her unit in disgrace when a brawl got out of hand. When she killed one of the team, the other 'Cons chased her off. She made herself a new life in a Neutral settlement, but when she discovered some Autobot activity nearby it gave her the perfect opportunity to get back into her team's good graces. She betrayed the Settlement, attacking it to bring the Autobot team out into the open. The plan worked, and she was promoted. Her experience as a Neutral outcast only cemented her hatred of the Autobots and her strong desire to be truly accepted as a Decepticon.


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