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  • Name: Offroad
  • Faction: Neutral
  • Branch: Military
  • Rank: 1
  • Function: Mercenary
  • Alt Mode: Cybertronian Heavy Half-Track
  • Type: OC


"I rather live for something then die for nothing."


Offroad is a military machine. Designed for combat and rough terrain, he can be seen as the first class solider of Polyhex, or was. Though created for the decepticon cause, he sits on the fence watching both sides of the war. He supports the autobots cause, but he will also help the Decepticons not for Megatron, but for the city he was created in and for its people. As such he is one of the few Mercenary units on Cybertron who hides out in Crystal city and Cubicron. He is armed with an assault rifle that is used for medium range to long range fighting, two side arms for more close range combat, a energy sword for hand to hand combat, and on his backside two large plasma cannons designed to fire of a burst that can explode an area in a distance shot. His alternate mode allows him to move over all forms of terrain with ease, though he is not fast, but he is very sturdy.


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