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File:Optimus Prime.jpg

  • Name: Optimus Prime
  • Faction: Autobot
  • Branch: Military
  • Rank: 9 Big Boss Bot
  • Function: Autobot Commander
  • Alt Mode: Armored Convoy
  • Type: FC


"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."


Philosopher, scholar, soldier, leader -- Optimus Prime is all this and more. To peace-loving beings across the galaxy, he is the living symbol of freedom. A true beacon of hope that shines against the forces of darkness. To his followers, Optimus Prime represents a bottomless well from which they draw courage and strength. And to the evil Decepticons, he is the hero in the universe who can shatter their dreams of conquest. He transforms into an Armored Convoy, a trailer truck with communications, fueling and offensive capabilities. It divides into an interceptor shuttle and fortified combat deck equipped with a multitude of defense weaponry, including heat-seeking ballistic buzz bombs, a long-range photon cannon, rapid-fire disintegration laser and double-barreled cannons.


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