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TF Conventions for 2010

Sat Jan 02 Shark

First you got: BotCon (aka the TF Collecters Club Convention) http://www.botcon.com/BotCon10/

Then there's one in Canada: http://www.tfcon.ca/

There's Cybcon, not location/date posted that I can find (will post when I find one).

The UK convention: http://www.autoassembly.org.uk/One for you midwestern types: http://www.freewebs.com/dairylandtransfans/DTFdairycon2010.html

There's also a post on a forum here http://www.ntfa.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4364 for one in Sweden

Oh then there's one in Spain: http://www.asoc-acat.es/portal/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=6:jornadas-de-transfans-espanolas-2009&catid=1&Itemid=10 and well it goes on and on kids! - MrJaws

New Logs up

Thu Jan 07 Shark

For your reading enjoyment, more logs are up on the wiki. Here's the direct link to my own logs, which are separate from other logs. http://darkagesofcybertron.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Sharks_logs


Thu Jan 14 Nitrogear

This is an OOC Message- Computer crashed, again. I will be away until I get it returned. Sorry for any hang ups guys. NG out

Setting Email

Tue Jan 26 Death

I would like everyone to please make sure your email is set upon your character. This was originally set in the first room of Character Generation by doing this: +assign Email to youremail@whatever.com This /MUST/ be a legitimate email. NO FAKE EMAILS. You can also set a public email up for ALL to see by doing:&pub_email me=youremail@whatever.com Unfortunately an EX ME or @DECOMP ME does not show you the player if you set the admin only visible email, though I do believe the public one would be visible. So if you want me to check if the admin only visible email is set, I can do so. Thanks for your cooperation in this! - Death

TP Planning

Tue Jan 26 Death

To help with planning TPs so we can get the max number of players involved I would like to ask players to please @mail me with days that work best for you along with evening hours that work best for you. Please note your time zone. I will track all data on a spreadsheet. Oh and if you would state in your @mail the names and factions of your character(s) that would be very helpful! - Death


Fri Jan 29 Death

Hello all. I have done some work with the wiki in regards to the logs and anything else that needed to be categorized. I'd like to thank Vitacus for putting in a character category as well as a OC and Autobot category. It was something I wanted to do after seeing the 2K5 and TU wikis. Hopefully a Decepticon, Neutral, and FC category can be added to the character section so we can plug in all our wonderful OCs/FCs for all to see. If you would like to check out the wiki, point your browser to: http://darkagesofcybertron.wikia.com/wiki/Dark_Ages_of_Cybertron_Wiki


Mon Mar 01 Death

That is the question. There have been times when I have asked for folks to log. I'm sure there have been times folks have logged and just didn't get around to cleaning those logs up. What I would like to encourage everyone to do is check your computer for DAC MUSH logs that are NOT up on the wiki yet and email them to me at: zypherion@hotmail.com

What's in it for you? 1 nom per uncleaned log. 2 noms per clean log (no pages/ooc/channel chatter). 3 noms per clean/spell checked log. If it's a log relating to a TP, you'll get an extra nom.

I also encourage players to log any RP in the future, the same nom system will apply. Also, anyone participating in TPs I will personally give 4 noms for doing so. I hope this encourages everyone to get out there, RP, participate in TPs, log, and send in those logs! - Death


Thu Mar 04 Death

Thanks to a helpful coder type (Minion) the +events is working again! YAY! To help yourself with the Timezone Issue (which is now set for EST in +events), you will need to set &tz me=-8 (for PST), &tz me=-7 (for MST), &tz me=-6 (for CST), &tz me=0 (for GMT) - unfortunately you will have to RESET this when daylight savings comes around in 1.5 weeks. Then you can +events/tz and get YOUR time zone listed for all events. +event # will give you the specifics of the event. If you got questions, just shoot them toward me or Disco until the help file on +events is up and running

+roll and you

Tue Mar 09 Death

All right, in the situation where +roll is being used and participants are both succeeding, the person with the highest total wins. so if your succeed is 18 with total of 35 and the opponent is 15 with total of 25, then your roll wins out. If the totals tie, just reroll it. Same can apply if you both fail the roll. Hope that helps settle any confusion. -Death

+help faction

Tue Mar 09 Death

It was discovered that there was an issue with using commands under +help faction. To fix this, characters would have to &FACTION_DEFAULT me=Abbreviation here (AUT for Autobot, CC for Crystal City, DEC for Decepticon, UNA for Neutral/Unaffiliated). That way +roster and other faction commands would work. Please adjust yourself accordingly. Thanks! - Death

Daylight Savings Time

Sat Mar 13 Death

At 2am Sunday those of us that do Daylight Savings will be setting our clocks forward. This will affect the &tz me setting, so your new one will be &tz me=-7 (for PST), &tz me=-6 (for MST), &tz me=-5 (for CST), &tz me=-1 (?) (for GMT). EST does NOT set this since +events shows as EST. +events/tz will show you the time zone for your area once you do the &tz me setting. Any questions, just page ask me. - Death

Mail checks

Sun Mar 14 Death

Just a reminder to please check your @mail for new messages on a regular basis. There are times when I or other staff may contact you about upcoming tps or for upgrades that you apply for (news cgcost for more on that). Feel free to @mail back too! Discordia will handle the upgrading questions. She or I can handle tp questions. Character questions should go to Annubis. - Death

Goa's OOU background

Sun Mar 21 Goa

"Retired" from his position as an unaffiliated energon dealer in the prestige of the Decepticons, their practices under Starscream's rule drove Goa away from the pursuit of wealth... though he would deny their slow fall from power had anything to do with it. The crimes he claims to have witnessed make him, indeed, a little preachy in his criticism of mercantile pursuits. There are worse traits to have for a mech who spends most of his time collecting, analyzing, and blending energon and its constituent fuels. He even serves it to his fellow Autobots if he's given the chance and not found too irritating.

Goa's alt mode, heavily modified since joining the Autobots, appears to be based off of a mine clearing vehicle. His 'back' is practically a separate armored unit, with two extra limbs capable of handling several times his weight.

Firestorm's OOU desc

Sun Mar 21 Firestorm

Things were much different this time around. With timeline now ruled by Starscream, Firestorm's past had been utter chaos. With a not as keen ruler came different results in experimentation on her. Replacing the moderately corrupted fembot in the separate universe was now a rabid monster.

Firestorm had now become highly corrupted by the poorly executed experiments she was subjected to, the electric blue lines usually found on wings and rudders now reaching here and there across her main body. Firestorm's mind had also been badly damaged in the process, leaving her incredibly hostile with extreme mood swings and a mindset that bordered on feral while large pieces of her past memory were shoved so far back that they only appeared in flashbacks.

Now she was merely a tool, a savage weapon to be kept away until needed. Such measures would entail being chained in the dungeons, equipped with an energy draining shock collar to keep her in order in public, or stationed in the throne room where she was ordered to guard the emperor himself. However that last one is usually tricky since she lashed out at Starscream every chance she got, hating him for what he'd turned her into.

Chains' OOU Desc

Sun Mar 21 Chains

Without the pressure the Decepticons were putting on the various independents, Chains never felt any need to shift allegiances from his gang over to the Autobots to protect anyone. He still feels no sympathy for the Decepticons, but isn't overly prejudiced against them either.

Instead, with the 'cleaning up' of Cubicron, different gangs took over, though they remained a reality, if in far less of the city. Those who were too destructive were wiped out or contained, while others, like Chains' 'Guardians' who served primarily to protect the worse-off parts of town didn't get the same kind of attention, and became stronger for the elimination of their rivals.

Chains has virtually kicked even the mafia out of his neighborhood entirely, and without having to worry too much about the war efforts on a constant basis, has turned attention instead to building up the worst neighborhoods, keeping the worst elements out, and establishing his own 'bikerbot bar', where anyone can drink and socialize, and enjoy whatever entertainment they can manage, but any sign of trouble will get outsiders bounced quickly.

In short, he's almost becoming respectable. Almost.

Lets do the Timewarp Again!

Mon Mar 22 Optimus Prime

Wasn't there a few comics where Prime gets tossed around Time and space?

  • thinks on this...*

I think there was, just can't remember if it was the British Marvel-- or future dated comics, anyhow. Let me explain the state of things for you Autobots under our faction, with this whole Time warp mess.

First Off - Optimus Prime does not exist! Yes, I am not there, but whom is to lead you? You will all be lead by Ultra Magnus and I, Optimus Prime, am Orion Pax(or the long name, but will just go with Orion for easy spelling).

This means, I don't have the matrix, and the matrix is-- somewhere. It may be with Ultra Magnus, it may be with the Council. Though I feel it is probably with the Council.

As the story progresses Optimus Prime may arise, will just have to find out? However in the real time, you are still all my servants.. I mean soldiers! Yes.. soldiers.. Anyhow, have fun with this and I will do my best as your fac-head to try to keep things lively in either world.

Good day! *gets more coffee*

How To Get Ahold of that Prime

Tue Mar 23 Optimus Prime

I have some strange hours and log on points, as I tend to check on MU*s at random points of the day and my most log activity is on early in the morning to about the afternoon, then I randomly stuck my nose in late at night.

For one, I live in Arizona, so we don't serve Daylight savings. We are -7 GMT and for the moment we are on California's time, however when DLS ends, Cali is then an Hour behind us and the rest of the MST becomes our same time zone, instead of being an hour ahead of us. Now with that explained...

If you ever need to reach me, I do have AIM and I have an email. Email is: neva dot foxxy at gmail dot com and AIM is LunarLeodaur. If you are gonna contact me on AIM, it is best to say who you are and where you are from, because I may turn around and block you. I tend to like my privacy rl, so I am a bit finicky around messengers and such.

Another method is maybe to use the MUDTape we have. I am not really sure how it works, but I am on M3 a lot and sometimes on SRT, but mostly on M3. So if M3 is on that list, just page me via that and page the following characters - Aeolus Cyber Hound Trance Ferham

On SRT I am - Archangel Hera Saiga Junki

These two MUSHes are heavily active with a populace of 30+ people and given scene there may be about 5 to 20 people rping in one combat scene and this is the reason when I am on and I am very, very slow on replies, you can figure I am on there, in a middle of a scene, writing a large battle post as it is common there to have people writing poses that are several(like 7) paragraphs long or more.

Hopefully this helps anyone to try and snag me. I will attempt to keep up with things but I still got allot more organizing to do with this faction before I can do that because we have one heck of a MIA list. See you guys in game.

Tonight's Capture Point

Thu Apr 01 Optimus Prime

Hey people, The capture point tonight may be delayed. If you guys still desire to do one, go ahead. My only request on these, for everyone, keep the numbers even. If you have 3 bots, get 3 cons. You got 4 cons, get 4 bots. I realize DA for right now is not a big MUSH, but let’s try to get the numbers even so it is a land-slide on the teams, alright? If I can get on tonight, we will be running, if not, go ahead and try people, and I'll be on tomorrow (with luck), to run one. Let’s keep the place active! - Prime

Wiki Update

Mon Apr 12 Death


Updated: Bboards for Autobot and Decepticon. Added new logs. Updated character profiles to include those new logs. Updated log timeline. Uploaded new maps. ENJOY!

Spire of Freedom

Mon Apr 26 Death

The area at the Spire of Freedom is considered a no attack zone for a very good reason, if you attack anyone there, it will power up and zot you one. Please do not fight in this area if you wish to avoid injury. First shot will be warning, of course. That's all.

Do NOT Panic

Mon May 03 Death

Just to reiterate post 9/4, do not panic. Discordia did a move of the clone site over to this site. Basically all +commands like transform, repair, energon harvest, combat, stats, exp, etc are not working. Any characters that were created within the last month will have to be redone. Discordia will clear things up for us all once she is online. So just don't panic. Be patient. And also, be willing to assist as we remake DAOC MUSH.

Big Wiki Update

May 12 2010 Death


Egads, this is what happens when I wait too long. Over 40 log files have been uploaded. The main page has been updated to show the past 3 TP events (see featured article) as well as to show what log files are new. 23 character profiles had their log sections updated. Also, I went through every last story and spell checked everything once more to make sure I didn't miss anything... like capitalizing Autobot or Decepticon for example. Log timeline was updated. Spell checked and updated all news files, all bboards, and all character generation. Redid maps so they are more readable. Logs came from myself, Goa, and also one from Rascal. Expecting a few more logs still, so it may be updated again soon.

Staff needed

May 29 2010 Discordia

We need TPstaff especially, if anyone wants to step up to the plate they're more than welcome. Until things are settled down here I can't do much myself.

Friendly reminder

Jun 03 2010 Death

Have you read the news files recently? Might want to brush up on them, especially the one about your faction. These may or may not change at any given time, so keeping tabs on the files keeps you informed and of course out of trouble. Remember, no fighting in Con base, unless you want a Meg cannon smack down. GAME ON!

Introduction and Such...

Jun 03 2010 Marduk

Greetings and salutations, fellow MUSHers. My name is Marduk and Discordia has seen it fit to make me the newest member of the TP Staff. You're probably sitting there and wondering what this means to you. Well, I'll be more then happy to explain this to you.

First and foremost, if you could @mail me a general idea of your schedule, I would greatly appreciate it. Setting up TPs is all good and fine, but if I schedule it when I'm the only one here, it kind of defeats the purpose.

Second, there is a new object in the OOC Room. Feel free to use it for any TP Ideas that you may have. It's completely anonymous. If you really want the credit for it, make sure you mention your name.

Third, I will do my best to have a weekly TP at some point. I know this is probably shooting a bit high, but we have a great core group of players. I'd love to see it evolve and become something wonderful. We've got a great director, so let's show our appreciation and kick it oldschool...or whatever the kids are saying nowadays.

Fourth, I may be listed as TP Staff, but that doesn't mean that I can't answer questions for you. If you see me online and want to talk, feel free to page me. I don't bite. If you don't see me online and want to talk, @mail me. I'm on at least everyday, so the longest you'll have to wait is 24 hours. If it's a life or death issue, call 911...don't @mail me.


Wiki Update

Jun 09 2010 Death

I've been a busy skeleton: http://darkagesofcybertron.wikia.com/wiki/Dark_Ages_of_Cybertron_Wiki

New logs, two new character profiles added, character generation is now set up so you could go next and back through it, added a new mush timeline, updated charcter profiles (log sections + couple pics), and updated front page. ENJOY!

TP Action Thank You!

Jun 09 2010 Death

I'd like to thank everyone that showed up for tp night to help get the Shambleau TP finished. I'd nom you all if the code was working. Don't worry though, you'll all get a backlog of noms once it is in place! And for those of you that sent me logs via mail, you'll get those in backlog noms as well.

Next week we will be saying goodbye to Depth, so be here Wednesday around 5 pm PST/8 pm EST if you want to see what happens to the xeno. There will be drama, tears, good byes, and all that fun soap opera stuff!

Nom Reminder

Jun 18 2010 Death

Be kind and +nom your fellow players for their RP after every scene. Doing so will remind them to nom you right back. Also, don't forget you get bonus noms from me or Disco for being caught in RP. Extra noms for TP involvement. Even more extra noms for sending me logs! Its nomania! Game nom? Darn tooting!


Jun 18 2010 Psykeout

I'm going to be out for a couple of days. My fraggin' dog chewed through the AC adapter...AGAIN. I won't have MUSH access until after the new cord comes in. Between the 23rd and the 30th. I apologize for the delay. As for the RP last night, continue with what happened...I.E. No more tests, unless absolutely required. I will try to get back as soon as possible.



Jun 18 2010 Megatron

I am going on vacation starting Monday, June 21st. Sorry for any inconvinence this causes anyone's Roleplay. See you after the break!



Jun 21 2010 Death

Would all players and staff PLEASE read bb boards, @mail, and wiki logs so we are all on the same page ICly? Or at least ask what's been going on? Anyone not knowing what is going on is becoming a bit of a irritant.

Re: Request

Jun 22 2010 Psykeout

Right. Sooo, I can understand reading +bboards. I can understand reading @mails. However, going through the Wikipedia logs to get information that we may (or may not) know ICly? For example. In the log, Megatron demands that Psykeout has to get a psychological evaluation. However, unless I go and read the log, I don't know about it...Technically, that's mixing OOC and IC knowledge. That's a no no. Is it really that difficult for Megatron to drop a @mail or even do a +bbpost, saying, "Psykeout. Get your head shrinked." Or something like that?

I (as Marduk) accepted the TP position, mostly because there WAS NO TP PERSON! However, the day I stepped into the position, it was jumped all over and I was pushed aside, asked why someone else wasn't included in the @mail from the object in the OOC Lounge...

<sigh> I came back to MUSHing for one reason and one reason only. For Disco, to be honest. I gave up MUSHing years ago and never looked back. But, then Disco IMmed me and asked me to help on her last site...so I did. Then it moved here. Then I just started up again and she @pcreated a character that I designed over a decade ago. And now...it's not even fun anymore. When I have to do homework to come in and RP with someone, it's become absolutely ridiculous.

So, in essence, I am finally hanging up my hat. My Admin hat. My Charstaff hat. My everything hat. I'm done with MUSHing. No death. Nothing. Just...


Re: Request

Jun 22 2010 Death

  • Sigh* It just has to be one of those weeks/months where every single thing I do or say is wrong . *rubs at temples* Listen guys, I'm really not trying to be a dictator or mean or spiteful or make it seem like I'm giving out homework here. The best I can hope for is that you at least read the bb boards and afterward ask if there was anything going on you should know about. Not everyone on this game is going to post every single incident that happens on the grid. Not everyone is going to think 'I better drop X player a @mail about Y situation'. I'm not going to expect everyone to do so as it is totally unrealistic. As for mixing OOC and IC, I'm not asking for anyone to do that either. If you read the logs, that's great. If not, it's no big deal. What I would ask for is that you be a responsible bb poster. I also ask you be a responsible adult and log in your characters, especially the FCs. All I can do is ASK really. Maybe my expectations are too high. That's all I gotta say. Death

Long Goodbye

Jun 27 2010 Offroad

As some of you know, or may not know. I play as First Aid and as (was as) Optimus Prime. I also was the former player of Jazz and Sky Lynx.

As of late, I've been rather busy in real life. I've been dealing with my mom, taking care of her, working on my comic, and furthermore, working on my own MUSH.

Sadly, due to these 3 factors, it is affecting my ability to come on here and do my job as not only a player, but also as a fachead for the Autobot faction under as Optimus Prime. It is with that, that I am resigning. It has been rather fun here for the time I had been here and I did enjoy myself. I hope this place continues on and that someone will fill in my shoes as Optimus Prime who can dedicate more time then I could.

I just wish I could have done better.

Take care everyone and Best Wishes.

Logs and Request

Jun 28 2010 Discordia

Reading logs is NOT required. Heaven knows I rarely read them!

But at the very least, read your faction bbposts. That is something that is quite important to do. IF there's a reason your char wouldn’t (IE, out in the field in deep cover, a slacker) then that's fine too - just let a staffer know so we're aware :)

Marduk has been contacted too about the incident, and sadly will not be returning at this time.

Meet The New Boss

Aug 12 2010 Optimus Prime

...same as the old boss. (Ooooold boss.)

Hello, folks, I'm going to be your new Prime for at least the next two weeks. I may know a couple of you already, due to yesterday's scene, and, well - playing here a year and a half ago or so on this same character. ;) I ask that everyone who's got IC ties to Optimus that I should know about, please shoot me a @mail so that I can get myself up to speed on things. Comments, questions, yadda yadda, if I'm on I'm probably available to talking.

See you guys on the grid!

<o> Optimus Prime <o>

Nom Code

Sep 20 2010 Taweret

Sadly something in the nom code broke so it isn't adding like it should. Monster will look into recoding it. So for now you just don't +nom players until its working again. Hopefully soon!

Also, there will be no TP this Wednesday as Odin is going to a concert that evening. There should be one next Wednesday, however. - Taweret (Charstaff/Code Tester)


Oct 09 2010 Metro-X

Been hectic as hell. But I'm gonna be trying to be about.

re; absense

Oct 09 2010 Optimus Prime

So what was supposed to be a matter of replacing an ethernet cord turned in to a room that was unusable for about a month, a broken screen of a backup netbook, and then an adventure in piles and piles of STUFF. The result, my extended absense. (I swear, it was only supposed to be a little while...)

My apologies to the entire MUSH. Won't happen again...and if it does, I'm blaming Unicron.

<o> Optimus Prime <o>

Nom Code

Oct 14 2010 Taweret

It is working again, thanks to the hard work of Monster. Our busy little coder has the stats checks nearly all done so next step is the player vs player combat code! Wee!


Oct 15 2010 Ironhide

Let's face it. I haven't been very active lately, and if that's going to be the case, I need to step down to a smaller role. I'll be back sooner or later. Maybe even immediately! It's best for everybody if Ironhide is available to a player who's got the time and effort to do him justice. I'll at least stop in from time to time to say hello. It's been a pleasure to have the opportunity (twice!) to play one of my favorite roles in all of TF MUSHing. Thanks to Disco and her entire staff for giving us all this wonderful diversion from the doldrums of everyday life.


Oct 26 2010 Megatron

As a reminder I will be out to the field with no internet access for the first two weeks of November starting 1 Nov. See you guys after Veteran's day.

Merry Christmas

Dec 19 2010 Megatron

Megatron here. I am going on leave for Christmas to spend some time with my family. They do not have Internet, so I will see you guys back after the start of the new year. I hope to see and RP with all of you then!

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