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Name: Quickrazor

Faction: Decepticon

Branch: Civilian

Rank: 2

Function: Medic

Altmode: Glider/Search And Rescue Unit

Type: OC

"Try not to get your aft shot off; it's hard enough to get spare parts around here."


Quickrazor is somewhat cold, calculating, and is seen as sparkless by others unfamiliar with him, but he takes great pride in fixing the most difficult injuries that a medic can expect during wartime. Entering his medbay frivolously will get you both the repairs you require (probably with no sensor-block) and a thorough tongue-lashing for wasting his valuable time. Recalcitrant patients generally feel a tiny pinprick in a major energon line, then onlining to a massive processor-ache and a vague queasiness from whatever obscure concoction Quickrazor had decided to utilize for anesthesia. These sometimes have effects other than the intended.


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