Dark Ages of Cybertron Wiki

  • Name: Shadow
  • Faction: Decepticon
  • Branch: Military
  • Rank: 5
  • Function: Espionage
  • Alt Mode: Mecha-Fox
  • Type: OC




Shadow is one of the rare few who posess the requisite tenacity to objectively and patiently gather intelligence, then distill, refine, and corroborate it until all that remains is credible, meaningful, and actionable. Accustomed to always being silent, observant, hidden, and unable to discuss her activities in the line of duty, making it difficult for her to befriend and relate to others. Formerly an intelligence analyst, recently decided to play a more active role in espionage, and volunteered to be permanently reduced to 1/12 of her original size (i.e., 1/1,728 of her original mass and volume), in order to be more adept at avoiding detection. This was accomplished with an experimental--and dangerously finicky--molecular reconstructor (i.e., shrink ray). This came at a steep price, however: she's physically weak, and any weaponry she might carry would be so small as to be useless (a laser rifle at her original size would now be equivalent to a laser pointer). Transforms into a quadrupedal form resembling a fox or wolf, rigged for silent operation, and equipped with enhanced audial, visual, olfactory, and vibration sensors.


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