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  • Name: Siege
  • Faction: Crystal City
  • Branch: Military
  • Rank: 4
  • Function: Artillerist
  • Alt Mode: Self Propelled Anti-Aircraft
  • Type: OC


"Thunder from the sky shall deafen the profane. Fire from Heaven will cleanse the impure. The Divine chorus shall sound, and only the innocent, the meek, and the righteous shall be preserved."


A younger soldier with a fanatics zeal, tempered only by the reality of war. He is largely a quiet soul, mostly restricting himself to relevant lines of scripture or relevant affirmatives. Slow and deliberate, he endeavors to make sure that he always hits his mark, or at the very least turns the ground beneath him into an impassable no mans land. In vehicle form however (that of a mobile anti-Seeker cannon battery), he becomes less the ascetic and more the firebrand preacher, filling the air with exploding needles and exalting the faithful and condemning the infidel in every verse.


Murusa meets Seige - Secret Meeting -

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