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Name: Sludge

Faction: Autobot

Branch: Military

Rank: 2

Function: Armored Assault

Altmode: Saurian Armored Troop Carrier

Type: FC

"Stomp your enemy, crush him under your feet!"


Sludge likes to make presence known -- a single footstep can be heard and felt for miles around. Woe betide an enemy who does not heed this warning of Sludge's approach. Although terrifying and dangerous in battle, Sludge is actually rather shy; a true gentle giant. He hails from the Cable Jungle, where he is most at home - when standing still he looks much like the giant roped cables of the jungle, especially with his long neck and coiled tail. Not the cleverest of Dinobots, Sludge dislikes big words, and is more likely to bow to shows of strength than words when amongst the Autobots. He can exert 40,000 psi via his feet -- enough to shatter the Brooklyn Bridge. Possessing immense strength and endurance, Sludge is most adept at fighting in water, swamp, and jungle; however, do to his mass, inertia is not his friend. In his half-ATC, half-sauropod mode, he can transport up to four smaller Autobots on the 'battle platform' that makes up his back as he stomps into battle, flame pouring from his mouth. In robot mode, Sludge wields a thermal blade and blaster, along with a whip fashioned from his altmode's tail.


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