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  • Name: Smeltdown
  • Faction: Crystal City
  • Branch: Military
  • Rank: 4
  • Function: Quartermaster
  • Alt Mode: Halftrack Transport
  • Type: OC


"The hammer can be a tool of creation, or a weapon of destruction. It all matters on how you swing it."


Once displaced when the factory he worked in closed from lack of resources, Smeltdown found a new home and a new calling in Crystal City. A skilled metalurgist and craftsman, he serves as a quartermaster and metalsmith; producing armor, parts and aiding in the management of resources in general. Though a soldier by necessity, Smeltdown is still a worker at the core. He applies the same ethic for quality and reliability to his defense duties and his craftmanship alike. A bit rough around the edges, but overall stalwart and dependable, able to work metalurgy wonder with even the barest of materials. He does know how to have a good time, but only when all the work is done first. Transforms into a halftrack vehicle with a plow for clearing through debris and a large cargo space for hauling supplies or tools. In robot mode wields his trusty hammer as creative tool, and as necessary a weapon of defense. Can internally generate tremendous amounts of heat, enough to melt most known cybertronian ores and alloys, or weaken enemy armor. Also carries drill-tipped explosives for excavation. Very modest about his work despite its quality, sometimes resulting in his effort and contribution being overlooked as part of the end result.


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