Dark Ages of Cybertron Wiki

  • Name: Starfire
  • Faction: Autobot
  • Branch: Civilian
  • Rank: 1
  • Function: Medic
  • Alt Mode: Hatchback
  • Type: OC


"Can't we all just get along?"



Starfire is just a shy, quiet, friendly Autobot. Raised in Iacon, she has a strong sense of right and wrong. But, she is not a fighter, preferring to support her comrades with repairs and recharging. She is not very big in either mode, and has taken the form of a small medical carrier, able to carry supplies and little else. She has no weapons, and so has to rely on others for protection, or just has to avoid conflict. She doesn't like to run, but she is smart enough not to fight if she has little chance of winning.


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