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Name: Streetwise

Faction: Neutral

Branch: Civilian

Rank: 1

Function: Tracker

Altmode: Black and White Street Racer

Type: FC

"Knowing where you are gives you an idea of where you are going."


Raised as an orphan adopted by a mafia boss in Cubicron, Streetwise was too good natured and righteous to stay there for long. Thus, he left as soon as he found out his father's business, joining the Autobots and his brothers. Teamed up with the other Protectobots as trainees, nothing escapes his notice, and he can adapt to any situation or enviroment easily with a sense of shrewd cleverness for getting what he wants or WHO he is after. The only thing to deter him from his prey is an empty fuel tank. Training in the use of a double-mounted air compressor cannon and a photon pistol. Has a tendency to overheat as a car if he is not paying attention.


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