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  • Name: Strongline
  • Faction: Autobot
  • Branch: Civilian
  • Rank: 3
  • Function: Combat Retrieval Medic
  • Alt Mode:
  • Type: OC


"Don't harm the medics. We are your support"


Strongline was created as a type of Medic-bot, originally as a generic one designed to stay in the bases but slowly became more as he was upgraded in order to help relieve other Medic-bots on the field as they were getting slaughtered by the Decepticons. His alt-mode is actually a modified Cybertronian Cargo-puller. He had his alt-mode modified in order to be able to pull others. He rarely uses his weapons but when he does, they are mostly either a pistol or a rifle and will keep his distance instead of going into melee if possible. He's usually a pacifist but if he sees someone shooting or harming an innocent or a medic, he'll start shooting at that person to draw their attention away from the innocent or the medic in order to let them get away or do their work. He'll see himself harmed first if he's protecting someone or something while repairing them. His main weakness is that he's distracted by injured mechs. His main strength is that he is excellent at stabilizing heavily injured mechs along with transporting the larger mechs off the field and to bases.


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