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Megatron's Fury. A razed section of Cybertron with nothing more than just rubble and a blackened expanse. A perfect place for the Decepticons to set up traps and repair the beast known as Trypticon. The repairs are done, the traps are still in place, just in case the Autobots show up. So now it is time to awaken the beast from his slumber and let Cybertron know his power.

Psykeout stands behind a pile of rubble, watching silently. The hours of repairing, working towards this moment. He had heard from some of the neutrals in the area that the Autobots were thinking of coming along, but that has been taken care of. The traps set up around the area should provide to be debilitating enough. The only reason for his presence is the dire need of repairs. Perhaps an opportunity to remove an Autobot and...persuade them to release secrets.

Goa has taken to circling wide around the towering beast. At least some of those traps are his work and, should they fail, he wants to be ready to step up to the plate ... most of all, though, he's eager to have the stupid lizard functional so the guard shifts end.

Starscream rubs his hands gleefully. Now is the hour of the Autobots' doom. And the Neutrals' as well. The Air Commander is helping to get Trypticon back online, hoping to do so before any Autobots arrive. "Work more quickly!" he shouts to the repair drones and everybody else in audio shot.

+Roll: Depth rolls against his Awareness Stat and fails by 0! The total roll was 13. +Roll: Optimus Prime rolls against its Awareness Stat and succeeds by 2! The total roll was 15. +Roll: Shark rolls against his Awareness Stat and fails by 1! The total roll was 12.

The Decepticons have set traps and are on the lookout, this doesn't surprise the Autobot commander. He moves carefully of the area, looking for anything with his optical scanners that seems off, including the patrols. If he wasn't sure about it, he wouldn't go near it. He then silently motions to Shark to go the other way, to keep the group spread apart, so encase an opening is found, someone could take it and take out any patrols from the back. The plan was to get in, deal with the guards, and take out Trypticon without any high notice. This was harder then it sounded.

Shark was the one that found the location some decacycles ago and reported it in. Back then there was no traps, just guards in place. He had been lucky to leave without much damage at all. Following Prime in, he hopes the discussion that happened between his leader and that mysterious mech in the chapel is about to show itself in some sort of brilliant plan. He sees the gesture, circling around. That's when he trips on a wire and a trap sets off sending him flying. That.. hurt.

Depth had been wandering the bowels of the planet for some time, but now was top side, taking in the sights and learning all he could of the planet that he may have to call home for some time to come. Naturally he is poking around out here, and since he isn't aware to even look for an explosive trap he actually sets one off by accident. He literally splatters outward in a rain of silvery liquid. The individual bits land on the ground, then begin to flow back toward each other.

Combat: Goa attacks Shark with Trap trap trap - (Ballistics) Level: 2 and HITS! Combat: Shark's Armor buckles but remains functional.

Damage - Shark -------------- Subsystem Damage ----Status---- Armor 14 91/105 87% Hull/Health 5 183/188 97%

Cou-End: 15% Energon: 100%

Psykeout's optics flicker at the sound of Starscream's voice. It's almost grating, but the psychological experiments that he could have with him are intoxicatingly interesting. He makes a note of Goa making their rounds, but is more concentrated on Starscream's never ending whining. That's when the sounds of the traps going off surrounded him. Psykeout's optics flick to either side of him, where the traps were ignited. He paused for a moment, watching the reactions of his fellow Decepticons. As of right now, he's hidden in the shadows...that'll do, for now.

+Roll: Goa rolls against his Awareness Stat and succeeds by 4! The total roll was 6. +Roll: Starscream rolls against his Awareness Stat and succeeds by 10! The total roll was 2.

Goa quickly pulls up his diagram of the area and pinpoints the two explosions. His grenade turret folds out, already seeking a target as he speeds to the closer of the two ... and finds one in the fallen, smoking Shark. Something pauses the Decepticon, though, some deja vu ... "Seriously?" He remarks to himself, before switching something around in his ammo crate and lobbing a concussive shot at the Autobot instead of the frag grenades he'd used to wire up the perimeter.

Starscream is ready to fight. There are definitely Autobots, snooping as usual. "Show yourselves!" Starscream calls out, "So we can destroy you!"

Combat: Goa attacks Shark with Firing a concussive shot! - (ballistics) Level: 1 and MISSES! +Roll: Optimus Prime rolls against its Awareness Stat and succeeds by 2! The total roll was 15.

Seriously! Optimus Prime continues to somehow manage to get about and around. He then spots Goa, which was odd-- cause.. eh.. whatever. He continues his way up, however a Decepticon may spot him soon, as he might be running out of cover and being as large has he was.. well.. that didn't work well for stealth.

Shark grimaces, landing hard on his side. He glances down at his legs, which are certainly slightly fragged up, but still functional. He radios to Prime he's okay, but to proceed with caution. Not that Prime needed that warning now since not only did he trigger a trap, but someone else did too and it wasn't from Prime's direction either. No doubt the Cons will come to investigate, he better be ready. Right on cue Goa comes over with grenades ready. The triple changer leaps out of the way and dives into protection, the fragments hitting the pile of rubble instead of him. "Nice to see you too." he states with a flash of a toothy grin, recalling this one from the El Sleazo. He's going to cut to the chase here, aiming his black light turret in his arm at Goa, "Now you see me." off goes the shot.

Combat: +Attack does not recognize the /elements/3 Switch, or that is not a Weapon you Can use to attack. Combat: Shark attacks Goa with Temporary blind - (Element) Level: 3 and HITS! Combat: Goa's Armor buckles but remains functional.

Depth's smaller silver puddle bits meet and form bigger puddles, those meet up again to form even bigger puddles. The bigger puddles meet in a central location, forming into a large puddle. From that puddle rises up a silvery pillar of liquid metal. Out of that forms a vague shape, which shifts into a more distinct form as Depth reforms his robot mode. "Well now, that was interesting." he murmurs gruffly to himself. He peers toward the call to come out to play, "The one with the voice issue, lovely. Maybe I should shut him up."

+Roll: Psykeout rolls against his Awareness Stat and succeeds by 11! The total roll was 5.

Psykeout stays behind the pile of rubble, watching the events unfold before him. There is no doubt that any of the Autobots could destroy him with only a few well-placed shots. Psykeout knows better than to try and dive head-first into the battle. He will, however, wait for one of the Autobots to fall...then immobilize them, bring them back to the Decepticon lair and perform tests. Maybe see if their spark is a different color, rearrange their extremities or even see what their threshold for pain is. His attention snaps around to Starscream's continued yelling and screaming actually sparked something inside of him. That deep desire to watch the Autobots suffer an extraordinary amount of pain. Nestling down further in the rubble, he continued to watch in silence. Psykeout notices the rather large Autobot leader bumbling towards his direction. More importantly, towards Goa. Leaning over, he mutters into his radio...

Goa emits a shriek, briefly halted as he transforms by reflex, stumbling backward and clutching at his optics. "Gwaaarrrhh!" The photon-receptive element is shot, his diagnostics tell him, and under repair ... but that doesn't help that he's in the open and in pain. With another snarl and a click of his radio he stores his grenade launcher, flicks his antennae out as far as they go, and draws both his scythes. He keeps stumbling and trying to feel his way back toward cover. At least he can hear really well now...

Starscream sees that Optimus Prime is picking on Goa, so the Air Commander does what he does best: Try to shoot people in the back. He positions himself so that he's behind Prime, in order to nail him with a good solid Null ray blast. Sneaky, sneaky! And that'll teach Prime to come meddling around here.

Combat: Starscream attacks Optimus Prime with Say hello, prime! - (pistol) Level: 2 and MISSES!

Starscream takes the shot and Prime just moves his head to the side. "..." He then positions himself to look directly at Starscream, "Nice try." Well, no more time for sneaky, now time to smash! Prime charges up the hill and then with a powerful leap into the air, he goes to slam his foot into Starscream's face down below him now.

Shark finishes his sentence, "Now you don't." Switching over to his shoulder side mounted rifle now, the triple changer is going to follow the grounder back into his own traps if he possibly can.. or at least perhaps force him to expose them when Goa avoids them. Either works for him. Stalking after the back crawling Con, waiting to see what happens to him.. waiting for the black light to wear off before he takes another shot. (no attack)

Combat: Optimus Prime attacks Starscream with Foot to the face. - (Unarmed) Level: 2 and HITS! Combat: Starscream's Armor buckles but remains functional.

Depth decides to whip out a very large rifle from out of nowhere. Probably has some version of subspace. He clicks ammo into it, checks the power level briefly, then takes aim down the barrel, getting Starscream in his crosshairs. "Let's see how loud he screams." he chuckles darkly, waiting for big red to get out of his shot first, then squeeze off a very large ammo round at the seeker.

Combat: Depth attacks Starscream with Get a better voice - (Rifle) Level: 3 and HITS!

Combat: Starscream's Armor buckles but remains functional.

Psykeout looks at the events happening all around him. Goa's strained voice over the radio kicks Psykeout into gear. Noting his location, Psykeout makes his way from pile of rubble to pile of rubble. His sneaking skills are worse than, well, everybody. Anybody with a half of an optic could see Psykeout trying to make it across Megatron's Fury. He, however, is making no malicious advances towards the Autobots and if one were to take the time to watch, they would see him making a bee-line for his fellow Decepticon. The attacks continue to continue around him and Psykeout prays to Primus that he's actually able to make it to Goa before anything else happens. Starscream can wait...

+Roll: Goa rolls against his Agility Stat and fails by 4! The total roll was 18.

Goa sighs as he finally gets a dim, fuzzy image back from his optics, and looks up to make sure no one's about to jump him -- then down, and very nearly trips one of his own wires. In fact ... his boot hooks it as he skitters away, and the explosive goes off, sending him flying much like Shark was. Goa makes a nice rut in the ground as his shoulder slides against it ... he falls on his back. "Uuuggh."

Combat: Shark attacks Goa with You go boom - (Rifle) Level: 2 and HITS! Combat: Goa's Armor buckles but remains functional.

+Roll: Depth rolls against his Awareness Stat and succeeds by 5! The total roll was 8.

Prime uses his foot to Starscream’s face to push forward in. He takes notice of Trypticon and narrows his optics, before he starts to charge in that direction. That monster had to be taken down before it could be reawaken.

Shark is keeping enough distance between himself and Goa, eyeing those scythes of his warily. He winces as the Con trips one of his own traps. "Not too lucky, are you?" he asks, stalking into the spot where the bomb had been and stopping there. He glances around, hmming as Starscream gets hit twice. Someone was helping them out. "Do yourself a favor eh? Leave while you still got armor on you." this said to Goa. (no attack)

Depth smirks as he scores with his shot. "Not lost my touch." he murmurs, slinging the rifle over a shoulder as he passes up the smoking crater where the bomb that exploded him used to be. Approaching the beast carefully, half expecting another bomb to go off. He catches the trip wire this time, stepping over it. (no attack)

Starscream gets hit in the FACE! No, not the face! And to add insult to injury, he's struck by Depth's weapon as well. "AAAAAARGH!" he shouts, kicking up a leg to hopefully trip Prime up. "You'll PAY for that, Prime!"

Combat: Starscream attacks Optimus Prime with See you next fall! - (melee) Level: 3 and MISSES!

+Roll: Optimus Prime rolls against its Awareness Stat and SUCCEEDS PERFECTLY!

Optimus Prime continues his run and hears Starscream behind him, he takes notice of a trap. He then reaches down and with enough speed, and hard enough toss, he yanks the trap out of the ground, which is probably linked with other traps and tosses the mess right for Starscream, "Sorry Starscream, I left my credit chips in my office!"

Combat: Optimus Prime attacks Starscream with Are these not yours? - (ballistics) Level: 3 and MISSES!

Goa growls, half-pained and half-livid, flapping one scythe around until he finds a solid patch of ground to dig it into and pull himself over ... He isn't about to let the Autobots have their way with this towering thing he's spent so many fragging cycles circling, circling, circling like a centrifuge of boredom. Oh no. As he stands, he notices Prime and Starscream's scuffle, which only seems to strengthen the resolve on the Decepticon's face. Goa takes a couple of steps toward Shark, leering ... He does well to hide his limp, but grimaces every other stride. "No ... quite lucky, Autobot." The Decepticon suddenly blasts forward to bring both his scythes down on the snarky mech.

Combat: Goa attacks Shark with Angry cripple attack! - (melee) Level: 3 and MISSES!

Shark is going to keep pursuing Goa, try to keep him out of the picture. This gives Prime a shot at the beast, that is if Starscream doesn't stop him first. The two veterans are certainly having a case of miss-itus. He jumps back as the scythes slice down, just barely missing him. "You were saying?" he asks with a smirk, that rifle then fires off a round. He wants him to leave, not kill the guy...

Combat: Shark attacks Goa with Run away - (Rifle) Level: 1 and HITS! Combat: Goa's Armor buckles but remains functional.

Depth continues along carefully, searching the ground for further trip wires as he goes. He's getting closer to the beast and no one is stopping him, it’s almost too easy.

The Air Commander manages to wriggle out from under Prime and not get clobbered by a trap. He sees that it's necessary to get Trypticon's guns working again. He rushes towards the big black metallic reptilian, shooting pot shots at Prime once he gets there.

Combat: Starscream attacks Optimus Prime with Pewpewpew - (Rifle) Level: 3 and HITS! Combat: Optimus Prime's Armor buckles but remains functional.

Optimus Prime takes the shot, but he is chasing after Starscream all the while as well. He pushes off in attempt to tackle Starscream and keep him from waking up Trypticon.

Combat: Optimus Prime attacks Starscream with Tackel! - (unarmed) Level: 2 and MISSES!

Goa takes a shot in his chest plate ... unlike Shark's sentiment, his snarling and gurgling is quickly losing its sympathetic undertones. He, too, has every intention of keeping this Autobot out of battle, if it means Trypticon coming online. He starts to surround and circle Shark, trying to keep him on his toes or box him in, and rushes in with a slash across as soon as he shows the slightest mis-step.

Combat: Goa attacks Shark with Grrrr... - (Melee) Level: 2 and HITS! Combat: Shark's Armor buckles but remains functional.

Damage - Shark -------------- Subsystem Damage ----Status---- Armor 9 82/105 78% Hull/Health 3 180/188 96%

Cou-End: 15% Energon: 82%

Shark switches over to his pistol now, waiting to see what the Con will try next. This time the slash connects, tearing into the curved section of his chest. "Oh.. so it's going to be that way. Fine." he fires off the pistol.

Combat: Shark attacks Goa with Pew - (Pistol) Level: 1 and HITS! Combat: Goa's Armor buckles but remains functional.

Depth hmms softly, the look of things are getting grim, that the beast could hurt him that much so while the twosome of Prime and Starscream are duking it out, he's going to undergo his own personal inspection of it.. from the inside!

Starscream gets out of the way of the tackle and starts to fiddle with Trypticon's systems. Hopefully he'll be able to get it working in time...and then Trypticon can crush Optimus Prime!

Slipstream dives down from the sky, the sound of her engines roaring as she looks for a target. (no attack at this time)

+Roll: Starscream rolls against his Dexterity Stat and succeeds by 13! The total roll was 3.

Combat: The next attack WILL hit you.

A groaning noise echoes through the area as the sleeping giant now stirs. Trypticon is awake! The monstrous robotic reptilian is now open to commands, awaiting orders. It sees the Autobots below and takes a step.

+Roll: Optimus Prime rolls against its Agility Stat and succeeds by 14! The total roll was 4.

Optimus Prime refused to be put down, more correctly, he refused to let Trypticon become a threat again. He then timed it right, nearly didn't make it but he grabbed a hold of the massive Decepticon and then once he got a hold he started to work his way toward where the control panel was. If he couldn't blow the massive Decepticon up, then he scramble him.

Goa hisses and reels backward, now visibly faltering on his bad leg. Goa's logic chips, as they had arranged themselves, dictated this to be a fight to the death ... because where could he run from his own dignity? The blank, hazy look in his optics mirrors that thought. He edges in closer to Shark, getting more and more in the other mech's personal space, until he straight up tries to grapple him to the ground, hooking his scythes into whatever plates they can find. His own armor is cracked, melted, and straight-up shorn all over the place now ... from the sky, he may not even be recognizable.

Combat: Goa attacks Shark with Go go gadget grappling hook - (Melee) Level: 2 and HITS! Combat: Shark's Armor buckles but remains functional.

Damage - Shark -------------- Subsystem Damage ----Status---- Armor 10 72/105 69% Hull/Health 3 177/188 94%

Cou-End: 15% Energon: 79%

Shark is letting all his weapons recharge as he decides to go for the true test of those brand new teeth of his, but first he has to get close enough. Willingly taking damage from the fellow grounder, he grimaces and feels the ground shudder. "Slag." he mutters, then lunges toward Goa to bite him!

Combat: Shark attacks Goa with Bite! - (melee) Level: 1 and MISSES!

Depth puddles down and flows into the beast's foot. Inspecting his way up a leg, on a little tour with no one the wiser. Flowing upwards, through the torso, the neck, and into the head. What sort of chaos could he unleash. "Oh this'll be fun." he chuckles, reforming just enough of himself to start playing with wires one at a time.

Slipstream locks her rifles on Prime, as he is the more obvious target. Starscream is, of course, in the way. Waiting for just the right moment as she keeps dropping out of the sky like a black blur, then letting loose with the rifles, trying to be pinpoint about it so she doesn't hit the beast.

Combat: Slipstream attacks Optimus Prime with Pew! - (rifle) Level: 2 and MISSES! Combat: Slipstream attacks Trypticon with Pew - (Rifle) Level: 2 and HITS! Combat: Trypticon's Armor buckles but remains functional.

Starscream says, "Oh NO you don't, Prime! Starscream shouts. "Trypticon, DESTROY HIM!" The Red Seeker flies up to perch on the big black Dino's head.

Trypticon, for his part, moves a foot and tries to kick at the Autobot Leader."

Combat: Trypticon attacks Optimus Prime with melee Level: 2 and MISSES! +Roll: Depth rolls against his Dexterity Stat and succeeds by 10! The total roll was 3.

I-- am the fly that lands on your walls! I am the fly that your flyswatter can never be rid of.. For I am...!! Wait-- wrong program. Optimus Manages to hang one and yet continue his way up. "Starscream, once I take out Trypticon, I'll make sure your wings will be stripped." He said with narrow optics. (no attack)

Goa's dodge is deft, as if he expected to be bitten at. Or if he's been bitten at quite frequently in the past. He extracts one scythe, the hook at its end wreaking havoc on Shark's armor in the process, but leaves the other embedded in his shoulder as he spins around and tries to get behind him ... slowly, awkwardly, somewhat off-balance. Goa's deeper wounds are losing energon, mottling his appearance further -- he hardly affords the dive bombing of Trypticon a sideways glance, his focus completely on Shark. (no attack)

+Roll: Shark rolls against his Strength Stat and succeeds by 2! The total roll was 16.

Shark somehow misses the grounder, maybe he's stronger than he looks.. or lucky like he claimed. Doesn't matter, he's going to keep him at bay, give Prime that extra back up as now there are two Cons up there after his leader. Now it's just a simple grappling match, he manages to get the scythe out of his shoulder as he pulls back. (no attack) "Ow."

Depth pulls a wire and something in the beast sparks, no more talking for that beastie. "Ohh sparkly." he chuckles.

Slipstream circles around for another run, her engines burning hot to keep up speed, she strafes at Prime again.

Combat: Slipstream attacks Optimus Prime with Pew. - (rifle) Level: 1 and MISSES! Combat: Slipstream attacks Trypticon with rifle Level: 1 and HITS! Combat: Trypticon's Armor buckles but remains functional.

"You? Take out Trypticon? Don't be absurd," Starscream says, "He cannot be taken out by the likes of you!" And to make his point, Starscream dives at Prime, trying to dislodge him from his climbing attempt.

Combat: Starscream attacks Optimus Prime with Gitoffathere! - (melee) Level: 2 and MISSES!

+Roll: Optimus Prime rolls against its Agility Stat and succeeds by 11! The total roll was 7.

Optimus Prime manages to avoid the attacks, and when Starscream comes down, he pushes himself across the massive Decepticon he is climbing on, just in time that Starscream goes right past him. He takes a hold of another part, before he takes out a device from sub space and then latches it onto Trypticon's body. Before he starts to press some buttons. Apparently he has been setting these up since he has been climbing, but it is not just noticeable. "..let’s hope this works.." Then he lets it go.

+Roll: Goa rolls against his Strength Stat and fails by 2! The total roll was 17.

Combat: Optimus Prime attacks Trypticon with Sound bomb attack - (Cannon) Level: 3 and HITS! Combat: Trypticon's Armor buckles but remains functional.

+Roll: Depth rolls against his Dexterity Stat and fails by 0! The total roll was 13.

Goa starts to roar before he launches forward, but it sounds more like a vacuum cleaner failing to rev up. His empty hand goes straight for Shark's arm, and he tries to wrangle his weapon back from the Autobot without much success. "Drop that," he mumbles.

+Roll: Shark rolls against his Strength Stat and succeeds by 12! The total roll was 6.

Shark decides he'll give the fellow grounder a nice kick, yeah that should make him wish he had left before this got ugly. He maintains his grip on his rifle, obviously stronger than Goa at this point.

Combat: Shark attacks Goa with Kick! - (Unarmed) Level: 1 and HITS! Combat: Goa's Armor shatters and is no longer working.

Depth pulls out another wire, nothing happens. "Hmm."

Slipstream is not having luck with jet form at all, so time for the robot mode to give it a go. Starscream is majorly failing in getting the Autobot leader off the beast, so she gives it a try. "Sorry about this." she whispers to him, making a grab for him.

Combat: Slipstream does a Generic Combat Roll on Optimus Prime and FAILS! +Roll: Depth rolls against his Dexterity Stat and succeeds by 4! The total roll was 9.

Optimus avoids Slipstream, he clambers up higher, placing another device to Trypticon for another sonic attack to vibrate the massive deception’s body. He has to keep this up, if this doesn't work.. He really doesn't want to do plan b...

+Roll: Goa rolls against his Endurance Stat and succeeds by 9! The total roll was 3. Combat: Optimus Prime attacks Trypticon with Second big boom - (cannon) Level: 3 and MISSES!

Starscream grunts in exaggeration as he misses Optimus. He rights himself, flying back towards the Autobot Leader.

Trypticon utters a noise and turns towards Prime, aiming a Laser at the pesky Bot leader.

Combat: Trypticon attacks Optimus Prime with rifle Level: 3 and MISSES!

Goa staggers... his legs waver, then buckle under him. The Decepticon crumples into a heap on the rubble-strewn ground. He isn't offline, but whatever Shark's strike hit finally took out his will to fight, if the way he's groaning through his dentals and curling up around his leg is any indication. Goa's arm shoots out and snags his blade that got dropped in the scuffle, and it finds its twin in a little pile of weaponry he forms under himself. Just as he appears most motionless and benign, he lashes out with the same blade, trying to trip or slash Shark in the heel or wherever he can reach and hook.

Combat: Goa attacks Shark with Anklebite 2.0 - (melee) Level: 1 and MISSES!

Shark jumps back from the slash. He may have an arm that isn't working right now, since that is where that scythe came out of, but he does have a working one still so takes a swing at Goa with a snarl. "Graaaah!"

Combat: Shark attacks Goa with Punch! - (Unarmed) Level: 1 and HITS!

Depth pulls a few more wires, there's a massive amount of sparks that go flying. The weapons systems just went down. "Heh, lucky guess." he remarks.

Slipstream isn't sure how she messed that up, but it must have been a combination of the beast, Starscream, and Prime all moving at once as well as Goa being in obvious distress. She grimaces as sonics ripple past, "What was that?" (no attack)

+Roll: Slipstream rolls against her Intelligence Stat and fails by 1! The total roll was 11. +Roll: Optimus Prime rolls against its Agility Stat and succeeds by 7! The total roll was 11.

Prime continues tsking as the device failed. Decepticons would be swarming him soon and they probably would get a good hit on him eventually knocking him off. Trypticon tries but he manages to yank himself up higher just in time, before he places the next advice, "..by primus all.. fall apart already.." he mutters softly, setting the device. "..I don't care if I come down with you.. just fall.."

Combat: Optimus Prime attacks Trypticon with Let’s try that again... - (Cannon) Level: 1 and HITS! Combat: Trypticon's Armor buckles but remains functional.

Trypticon makes another pained sound as he's damaged some more. Probably about to go out of control again...much to Starscream's chagrin. "No, NO, NO!" Starscream shouts, opening fire on Optimus Prime both barrels. "Stop this at once!"

Combat: Starscream attacks Optimus Prime with Pew pew pew - (pistol) Level: 2 and MISSES! +Roll: Slipstream rolls against her Agility Stat and succeeds by 3! The total roll was 13.

<Radio-MIL-AUT> Optimus Prime transmits, "Get out of the way!".

+Roll: Optimus Prime rolls against its Agility Stat and succeeds by 16! The total roll was 2. +Roll: Optimus Prime rolls against its Dexterity Stat and fails by 1! The total roll was 19.

Goa is punched squarely aside. He barely manages to stabilize himself atop one hand and one knee, and grabs at his beard to adjust his jaw ... then wipes a trail of energon from it, narrow optics surveying his stained hand. "Mnn..." He glances over at Shark. No venom or rage tinges his look -- just cold, drained consideration. "... War," his vocalizer gurgles. Goa draws back up like he was crumpled before, but with no pity-seeking intent. To the contrary, his rear turret folds out and launches a grenade borne for Shark's face.

Combat: Goa attacks Shark with Alright, get out of here. - (Ballistics) Level: 3 and HITS! Combat: Shark's Armor buckles but remains functional.

Damage - Shark -------------- Subsystem Damage ----Status---- Armor 17 55/105 52% Hull/Health 6 171/188 91%

Cou-End: 15% Energon: 77%

Starscream attempts to shoot him and Prime continues up. He just glares at Starscream before he puts down the last device he had. Then as it starts to tick down, he starts at Starscream. "...Starscream, you really need to learn some manners. No reason no one likes you." He says with a shrug and a shake of his head. Letting the device do its thing.

Combat: Optimus Prime attacks Trypticon with Can it be so? - (Cannon) Level: 2 and HITS! Combat: Trypticon's Armor buckles but remains functional.

Shark scores the punch, figuring he's made his point by now he backs away from the grounder. "Go home, Decepticon. You lost this fight." he states. Then that grenade hits him square in the face. Ouch. Big time ouch. He falls to his back, stunned. (no attack)

Depth ponders whether or not he is done messing with the Cons beast. Can't walk or shoot weaponry. That'll delay them for a little while. The sonics get his notice, "Time to get out of here." he mutters, slipping back into a puddle and flowing right of Trypticon's jaws to drop to the ground below with a wet splatter sound. From there he flows away from the area, just in case that sonic weapon scores next time.. he wants to see that thing fall.

Slipstream looks at the beast as something glitches, she frowns thinking the sonics must have did it. She's looking around to see where that sonic ripple is coming from, but isn't having any luck. Prime must have hid it really good. Time for Prime to pay for his actions. She takes her lance from her back, approaching close, then darting back as Starscream shoots, and then finally makes to skewer Prime with her lance.

Combat: Slipstream attacks Optimus Prime with Lance-alot - (Melee) Level: 3 and HITS! Combat: Optimus Prime's Armor buckles but remains functional. +Roll: Shark rolls against his Endurance Stat and succeeds by 8! The total roll was 9. +Roll: Shark rolls against his Awareness Stat and fails by 5! The total roll was 16. +Roll: Slipstream rolls against her Strength Stat and succeeds by 10! The total roll was 2.

Trypticon stumbles, as sparks start shooting out of various places on the beast. It keels over completely, landing on the ground with a heavy crash. Starscream gets out of the way to avoid being flattened. He angrily takes another shot at Prime for screwing up Trypticon!

Combat: Starscream attacks Optimus Prime with pistol Level: 3 and HITS! Combat: Optimus Prime's Armor buckles but remains functional.

As Trypticon starts to go Down, he takes a shot from Starscream. However with a grit of his teeth, he then leaps off before the massive beast can fully go down. Just as he gets ready to rumble roll for a safe landing, Slipstream's lance finds its way through his thick armor. His optics go wide from pain and he crashes down on the ground, sliding along from his heavy crash and then wraps his hands around the lance sticking out of him. "Nnhhh." He slowly starts to pull it out, bracing one leg against the ground as mech fluid drips out from the gash.

Goa has partially disconnected.

Combat: The next attack WILL hit you.

"Oh, for noooo..." Goa's attention /finally/ breaks, and he disregards the cloud of smoke and Autobot in front of him to look over at Trypticon, who tips over... over... and falls with an impact heavy enough to shake the ground under the roller's feet. He stares. Looks back at Shark, then stares some more, then limps, practically dragging himself over to the stunned ground fellow. Goa stares down at him, stabilized on the point of one of his scythes like a cane. His lip curls up, baring his dental plates... "Hate this. /Hate/ it. And you know her," One arm, shakily, points out in a direction ... the best way he can guess the Autobots arrived from. "Get out."

Shark must have heard Prime, because he's not on his back overly long. Though obviously blinded from that grenade to the face, not to mention a serious case of black face, he transforms and floors it. Hoping he'll miss the traps on his way out... no such luck! A trap goes off and sends his car form rolling.... oh the indignity! But at least he rolls out of range of the falling beast. (no attack)

Combat: Goa attacks Shark with What a day. - (Ballistics) Level: 3 and HITS!

Combat: Shark's Armor buckles but remains functional.

Damage - Shark -------------- Subsystem Damage ----Status---- Armor 18 37/105 35% Hull/Health 6 165/188 88%

Cou-End: 15% Energon: 77%

Depth watches on in awe, is it going to...? Looks like it... c'mon... "YES!" he shouts as the beast comes crashing down, the ground trembling from the impact. Blackened soot and fine debris fill the air immediately around Trypticon, blanketing the area in a slight smokescreen, good time for the Bots to get out.

Slipstream yanks /hard/ to pull the lance out of Prime while he is also doin so, "That's for all those mech hours we put in to fix this fragging thing." she hisses at him, the lance pulling free. She eyes the energon stain on the lance, then actually licks at it. She hmms, "Taste pretty good, Prime." she murmurs. (no attack)

+Roll: Shark rolls against his Agility Stat and succeeds by 8! The total roll was 6.

Prime grits his teeth behind the face-plate as the Decepticon femme yanks the lance out. The area sparks softly from the damage it had taken, but the Autobot commander was not out of it. He slowly pushes himself back, those blue optics locked onto Slipstream, as he debates the best next course of action.

Starscream is nearly apoplectic. Trypticon is down, and not likely to get up anytime soon. Snarling in frustration, Starscream heaves a kick at the fallen giant. Then he turns towards Optimus Prime. He aims another shot at the Autobot Leader. He's so shaking with rage that he doesn't even say anything.

Combat: Starscream attacks Optimus Prime with pistol Level: 2 and HITS! Combat: Optimus Prime's Armor buckles but remains functional.

Goa just watches Shark go. Flee, perhaps. Yes, that word makes him feel better about the situation. His ventilation fans wheeze and stutter, their frames warped by the damage he's sustained, along with the backfiring coughing noise he produces, a cleaning cycle for his vocalizer. In the meantime, he rests on one knee and scans the perimeter ... flipping through visual modes to better penetrate the debris cloud, in search of reinforcements. And possibly wherever Slipstream has landed. He wipes another loss of energon from his mouth, this one greater than the last, and flicks it off his hand. His 'cane' sturdily supports his push to his feet, even if the blade does sink into the ground a quarter of the way ... and Goa starts limping toward Trypticon to find his comrades.

Shark somehow ends up hover jets down, so powers up and points himself in the direction of home, however hovers in place so he can short range radio his leader, <Prime, I'm blinded. Sounds like you got it, let's just go home."> Goa gets a response, "Good fight, we shall meet again. Trust me." Then slowly hovers in the direction he is pointed.

Depth has seen enough, so flows out of here as if he wasn't here to begin with.. and no one even noticed him.

Slipstream smiles down at Prime, he is at her mercy. She glances toward Goa, who obviously handled himself well all considering. She leans over to whisper to Prime, "I owe you for saving my life, you are free to go." The lance holding hand moving said lance enough to gesture he go before she changes her mind. (no attack) "Go."

Prime gets shot, and he grits his teeth. His optics are flickering as his systems start to switch over. He then narrows his optics, but when Slipstream speaks to him, he glances over to her, before he raises to his feet. Optimus Prime then takes a run for it, transforming and driving off.

Shark is on his way home, maybe Prime will catch up to him considering how slow he is driving.

Slipstream watches Prime run out of here, then runs over to Goa to see how bad it is... and it's bad. "Straight to medical bay with you, no complaints." she states firmly, "Think you can hang onto my back?"

Goa looks up at Slipstream slowly ... then disjoints his blade backwards to snag it over her shoulder. "I'll manage," he grunts, and pulls himself up. "But I ain't goin' anywhere near Psykeout or Shredder, you know."

Slipstream nods in understand, "Well it’s the medical drones for you then, unless you seriously think that neutral in Cubicron has any decent parts."

Once the Autobots leave, Starscream goes up to Trypticon to assess the damage. He sighs. "All that work, and look what happens," he mutters, "Now we'll have to work twice as hard to get him back into shape again!"

Slipstream nods and hovers up with Goa on her back, heading back to base as it is probably the better choice where parts are concerned.

Goa secures himself over the seeker's back. His grip is strong, a bit too strong, like a locked jaw. "No..." he admits, almost in a whimper. He cringes towards Starscream's plight ... plight in general. Maybe, he hoped, they'd move Trypticon to a more secure location now...

Slipstream soon has Goa at base and carries him all the way to the repair campus. She gets him on a med table and says, "Lay down." she says, then moves to get the drone working.

Goa collapses onto the table like there's no resistance in his servos at all ... though he does struggle to look around, in mild panic, and see precisely who else is around this cycle. "Slip ..." He motions at her as she moves off, "Are you alright? Did you get hit?"

Slipstream checks her systems and replies, "No one even bothered trying Goa. My energon stores are at 64 percent." The drone trundles over to examine Goa. "Just calm down, you are safe now. I won't let Shred or Psyke near you."

+Repair: Decepticon Medical Drone repairs Goa. +Repair: Decepticon Medical Drone repairs the Hull Plating on Goa. +Repair: Decepticon Medical Drone repairs the Armor Plating on Goa. +Repair: Decepticon Medical Drone repairs Starscream. +Repair: Decepticon Medical Drone repairs the Armor Plating on Starscream.

Starscream sighs as he gets fixed up. Autobots interfering again has cost them the advantage with Trypticon. More work!

Goa looks at least content with the answer, as he rolls his head back and his optics dim. The mech still makes a wheezing sound when he aspirates. None of the shots he absorbed were particularly critical, but all hit the weak points of his armor, and they only complexed the general compressive damage inflicted by his own explosive trap. Not to mention his leg was even further out of commission than before -- Shred's little outburst only scratched the surface of the weld, but his walking on it torqued it, and the kick he'd taken nearly knocked the frame right back in two.

"Thanks," he chokes. "Safe. Heh... Showed'em." Goa lays one of his hands on his midsection, digging at some of the ruined plating there. With the other, he motions to the drone, with awkward, flailing body language towards his medical energon input, that he needs fuel immediately as well. "Why didn't they have air patrol to start with? ..." He mumbles, starting to drift off.

<Radio-NEU> Shark transmits, "Shark here. Lifeline if you are on this channel.. Prime and I just got majorly wasted..Managed to limp back to Iacon."

Slipstream has to pause a moment, gathering herself, then says to Goa, "I don't know. Megatron and his worse patrols stuff..." she sighs, shaking her head. "No one to blame but himself on this one."

<Radio-NEU> Lifeline transmits, "...On my way."

<Radio-NEU> Goa transmits, "Torque ... your shop busy?"

<Radio-NEU> Torque transmits, "Nope, slow cycle. You need somethin'?"

Goa recomposes himself, narrowing his optics a little to look curiously at Slipstream ... looking thoughtful, considerative. "I suppose so," he murmurs. "You can't jump shifts, Slip. Once they get the expensive repairs in ... I know a place."

Slipstream glances down at Goa as he radios that femme he had spoken of before. "Really?"

"Really. You wanna come along?" Goa chuckles. "It'll be funny."

Slipstream sighs softly, "I'm not letting you walk there if that's what you mean." she points out, glancing over at Starscream who apparently is out while the drones work on him first... the privileges of rank. "Up on my back then."

Goa taps his beard... that's right, of course Starscream would be gumming up the drones. He sighs and pulls himself aboard. His clampy-hand strength feels more diminished.

<Radio-NEU> Goa transmits, "... sort of. I got myself a bit wrecked."

Shark's face is blackened badly, his optics shattered.. he's feeling around for a med table.. totally blind except for his scanner and radar. Prime is already on a table, out for the count as he got pretty toasted too.

Lifeline arrives quickly, well, compared to her usual. The Iacon guards show her to the repair depot, where she hurries to help Shark to a med table. "What in the Pit happened?"

Shark turns his head toward the voice, offering a shaky smile, "Hey Lifeline." one of his arms are totally unusable, having suffered a blade sever at the shoulder. His chest is sliced into as well, who knows how deep that went. And his face, yeah he's not gonna be a looker, if he was one before... at all. "Went after the Cons beast. They sure made us pay for it. But we got it.. got it good.. I hope." Prime took several shots plus a lance somewhere on his body. The drones are dealing with him, getting him stabilized.

Lifeline mutters a faint curse as she makes a quick visual assessment of Shark's injuries, then starts snapping out orders to whomever is available and not currently working on stabilizing Prime. "Shark, sit here and don't move. I'm going to go help make sure Prime is stable. All right?"

Shark nods his head to the request, "Yeah sure, no problem." sitting there still and just listening to what is going on since he is blind at the moment. "He took on two of those Cons." he says.

Lifeline nods, even though Shark can't see it. She helps the medics with Prime, quickly dealing with what had yet to be done for Prime. Then she's back. "Okay, Shark. Let's take a closer look here." She starts checking the mech's face for anything that would make replacing his optics problematic. Sadly, there's no way to deaden the pain receptors on his face.

Shark grimaces at the touches, a soft gritting of his teeth made as he holds back the need to cry out. It hurts. A lot. His optics were shattered completely. The glass is gone, the mechanisms beneath trashed beyond redemption. Taking a grenade in a face will do that to a face. It's surprising his teeth are even in his mouth..

Yeah. It's bad. "Okay. Lie back for me. I want you to initiate a recharge cycle so I can do what I can for you."

Shark does as he is told, lying back on the table as best he can with just one arm useable. Then he starts up the recharge cycle, which powers him down and will probably help you work on him as he won't feel any pain now.

Lifeline helps Shark lie back and waits for him to enter a recharge, then as soon as he's completely settled she starts working quickly and diligently. The repairs are finished, and Shark is left to finish his recharge cycle while Lifeline goes back to working on Prime nearby.

Shark's face is repaired then, as is his arm, and the chest plus all the parts within it. He stays in recharge though, probably will be for some time to come. Certainly won't be released out of medical bay right away either.

+Repair: Lifeline attempts to repair Shark but FAILS! +Repair: Lifeline repairs the Armor Plating on Shark. +Repair: Lifeline repairs Optimus Prime. +Repair: Lifeline repairs the Armor Plating on Optimus Prime. +Repair: Lifeline repairs the Hull Plating on Optimus Prime.

Lifeline finishes what repairs she can on Prime as well, and opts to wait for either or both to awaken.

Shark awakes, but not in a peaceful way. Instead he jerks awake, crying out Lifeline's name. Nightmare apparently. He looks around, "Oh... hey.."

Lifeline steps over quickly when Shark startles awake. "Are you all right? You came out of recharge kind of abruptly.'

Shark lies back down, looking up at Lifeline, "Yeah. Just a really vivid nightmare." he explains softly, "How's Prime?" he asks.

Lifeline says, "The same. I don't expect him to wake anytime soon."

Shark nods to that, "Good, he needs a break. Swear don't even seen him til a mission comes up." he murmurs, sounding tired. "Could use a bit of energon, Lifeline. There's a cooler in the barracks." he says.

Lifeline nods. "All right." She has one of the guards lead her to the barracks and returns after a bit with a ration of energon. "Consume this carefully, you are still missing a fair amount of facial structure."

Shark inclines his head slightly, taking it gently from your hand, trying not to make too much contact. "Thanks." he says, sucking on the end of it to take in the energon within slowly.

Lifeline stays close in case Shark needs help, but otherwise doesn't interfere.

Shark grimaces a little, having taken in a third of it before he has to stop. His face is obviously still bothering him. "Heh.. I keep getting my head rearranged.. don't I.."

Lifeline takes the rest of the energon back and sets it aside. "You do. Do you think maybe someone is trying to tell you something?"

Shark smiles only a hint, "Yeah.. that I need to be uglier." he jokes softly.

Lifeline smiles faintly at that. "Or maybe make some other part of you a better target."

Shark nods, "Maybe." he replies.

Lifeline says, "Preferably something non-vital and easy to replace."

Shark hmms, "Like what..."

Lifeline considers. "Like... your processing core?" She smiles a bit uncertainly, hoping her attempt at a joke doesn't fall flat. Like last time.

Shark cracks a smile, chuckles a bit, then grimace. "Ow.. okay no jokes.. hurts to smile or laugh."

Lifeline ohs. "Sorry. Could be worse, though, right?"

Shark nods, "Could be in cold storage without a body like Lonestar."

Lifeline frowns slightly. "Who?"

You say, "A mech that Jade made sure got put into storage. He was indescribably bad off. His parts were very hard to find, it at all findable. Feel bad he's been there so long."

Lifeline looks around. "Really. Maybe that can be a long term project for later."

Shark mmms, "Maybe. I should go back into recharge Lifeline. Feeling tired."

Lifeline nods. "Good idea. Rest well, Shark. I'll be here for a few more days."

Slipstream carries Goa all the way to the underground to the location of the radio responses. Hoping his friend is standing by when they arrive. "Hope she's good."

Torque is indeed ready for their arrival, the femme standing outside her shop to wait. The garage door was already wide open, a table free for the mech and a full display of medical tools set out beside it. It never hurt to be prepared.

"Me too," Goa chuckles. Finally getting to traipse through the under layer of Cybertron with Slipstream, the dim light filtering down from above, renewed his good humor, even if it didn't help every pain receptor complaining.

When they arrive at the body shop, Goa is an odd sight ... or at least Slipstream is, as the glimmering black seeker is a much more obvious silhouette in approach than the grounder on her back, clinging around her shoulders. "Hey Torque," he shouts, to clarify his identity.

Slipstream nods toward the neutral femme as she carries Goa in and deposits him on the waiting table. "You be good for her." she tells him.

Torque doesn't seem to bat an optic as Slipstream comes in for a landing, a soft smile and a wave issued once Goa announced his presence. "Hey there. Let's see what I can do for yah, hm?" She nods to the other femme in return with the same smile, following them into the shop. "Heh, no need t' worry. He's always good. A little quiet, but that's a nice change from the mechs that talk their vocals out." She chuckles softly, pulling up her wheelie stool and sitting heavily upon it before the table.

Goa slumps limply onto his back when Slipstream sets him down. "Always? ..." his chuckle is self-muffled.

From a quick once-over by a repair bot's eye, Goa mostly looks scratched up, thin stains of energon criss-crossing his plucked and scratched armor where he's received all variety of scuffs and blast wounds. One thigh is bent in an odd way and leaking energon much faster than the rest of his form.

His paint also looks blasted to the pit, his entire cape armor stripped to a dark metal ... but that damage is waxed over, like it's from a different fight. "You need me to get anything?" He wheezes, his vocalizer carrying a bit of a click-buzz.

Slipstream gets out of the way, taking a seat nearby to watch on. She nods a little to the femme's comment, "Thank you for seeing him, he's a bit jumpy about our medics." she explains. No sense in hiding that fact. She is totally unharmed herself. Only thing noticeable is she's totally dirty from head to foot from the fine debris that the beast stirred up when it impacted the ground. And of course her back is smeared with Goa's leaked energon.

Torque snorts softly with a smirk, shaking her head a bit, "No no. You just relax. And turn off your sensors. Gonna do a bit of internal work." Googles move over her eyes, the femme first grabbing a small laser knife and a few clamps, slicing open the crooked thigh to get to his insides where she pinches off the energon tubing to stop the leak. "Now what'd you get yourself into? You didn't make a femme angry, didja?" She smirks to herself as she works.

"Not today..." Goa smiles, then disables his own pain receptors... doesn't seem to help the ache in his processor that's lingered a few cycles now, though. He lays his helmet back -- he seems to trust Torque. But his antennae are flicked out. Apparently he's curious to see how the two femmes interact.

Slipstream watches on, glad that Goa shut off his sensors finally. She idly rubs at her own leg, like she was feeling it too. "I should have been there." she sighs, "There should have been more guards on duty. Megatron is going to be so ticked." Frown forming upon her lips.

"What, did your base get attacked or somethin'?" Torque more or less asks the both of them as she patches up the leak as well as any others he has. She then starts to literally hammer out the dents and warps as she separates parts of his armor so she can work on both sides of the metal, also using her strength to bend and press them back into shape.

"So let him be. Like you said, it's his fault," Goa says as he laces his fingers over his chest ... halfway to his interrogative posture that Slip might recognize. "Torque." He lifts his helmet to look down over the edge of his chest plate at her, voice toned quiet, not bombastic as usual. "Yeah." He smirks, thinks, second-guesses, then continues. "Your friend's a pretty fragging good fighter... He bites." The Decepticon's expression flattens to deadpan sincerity. "If that's a problem, tell me now. I'll go. But I think you know how much this war thing bothers me."

Slipstream replies to Torque's question, "Nothing like that. We were guarding the beast and the Bots showed up. Set some sort of sonic detonators on it and down it came. I showed up late, but was able to at least injure the Bot leader before he and his associate left." she pauses at Goa's words, "She knows the mech you fought?"

Torque pauses as well at what Goa says, her hidden optics staring blankly at the bent metal before her while antennae twitch lightly. But she quickly snaps out of it, going back to work while saying, "Hmm, glad you like my handiwork. Made those teeth myself. But no, stay. I'm neutral, yah know that. Doesn't bother me if you two fight... Just hope it doesn't bother you instead." She gives the mech a brief glance from the corner of her optics before replying to Slip, "Yeah, I know him. We're... friends. At least right now."

Slipstream glances toward Goa and nods a little. "From what I am seeing, he is a good fighter." she remarks. "Prime is too actually." she admits, "Took my lance and only made a small sound while we both pulled it out of him."

Slipstream idly teases Goa a moment later, "You haven't been studying up on your enemy files again."

Goa gives Slipstream a long, wordless look, then a shorter one at Torque. "Just friends?" Goa snorts with amusement. No ... he had an /uncanny/ knack for annoying, bothering, or otherwise unsettling medics, even seemingly nigh-impervious ones like Torque, it would seem. "Glad for you both. Glad for everything down here, really..." Goa drifts. "Prime's a funny mech," he adds, seemingly to himself.

Torque gives Goa's chest a light, yet prompt rap on the chest with her hammer, smirking lightly while giving him a glare, "You wanna get fixed up or not, funny mech?" She finishes pounding out the dents, the pieces of armor back to their original shape which she fastens back on him and starts to fill in the cracks and scratches.

Slipstream peers back at Goa as he talks like that. "I told you to be good." she states in a neutral tone. Honestly what she has to put up with at times. She shakes her head, sighing. "Ignore him. The crystals did something to his mind. Makes him say the stupidest things."

"Fsssh... Heh. Rate I get cut up, I'll have to learn to fix myself." Goa's pretty certain he knows Torque's bounds of humor now, the confidence he's acting with. He starts to charge up air, again with the wheezing sound, to continue, but lets it aspirate back out, smiling at Slipstream. "Nah, you're right. No talking for so many vorns, now I think like I've gotta catch up or something."

"By the way, you're gonna need some new paint. Unless you wanna walk around lookin' like you just crawled out of the Abyss." Torque grins, finishing up the seals and pulling out a rotating sander to smooth out any bumps the filler created. It's almost like a massage for a Cybertronian.

Slipstream considers that then shakes her head, "You don't have the hands or nerves for it, best to stick with what you know Goa." she states softly, though she does favor him with a little smile at the last of his comment.

+Repair: Torque repairs Goa. +Repair: Torque repairs the Armor Plating on Goa. +Repair: Torque repairs the Hull Plating on Goa.

Goa actually sets to purring quietly. "Hands? Nerves? Slip, you see a trend? Every single medic, they go crazy. That one in Cubicron, she always seems like she's about to rip someone's limbs out. And Torque here," He smiles at the other roller, "She puts up with my Decepticon aft for some reason. I dunno what would happen to me if I went more crazy. I'd pro'lly jump off the tower and try to fly or such. You know ... like I do already."

He relaxes after that little monologue, 'catching his breath' so to speak ... the compression damage to his internal components is stressing to his vocal structures, heating them up quickly. "... what if I wanna look like The Thing From The Pit? It could be fetching," Goa holds out his arms like he's posing. The plates have passed far beyond 'dulled', now chipped, scratched and sanded down. "I dunno. What do you think about the gray back, Torque? Hard to see from above, me thinks."

"I put up with everyone's aft. Doesn't bother me much." Torque shrugs, moving the sander here and there to even out his armor and take off excess paint. "Hmm, probably. Go for whatever look yah want. Though I doubt bright fuschia would suit you." The femme snickers to herself at the thought.

Slipstream frowns a bit at Goa, she shakes her head, "I cannot believe that considering one of my sisters is a medic." she states matter of factly. "As for that one neutral, consider where she lives Goa. Wouldn't you be a bit on edge if you were down there as a medic?" then a pause, "Why do you put up with his skid plate anyway Torque?" she asks, then to Goa, "I know you won't do that Goa. Even if you did by accident I'd be there to catch you." she gets up from her seat to observe the ongoing repairs, "Might make you look like a convertible." she remarks.

Goa grins, lower optic shutters curling upward. He's just barely not snickering. Something about Slipstream having a medic sister is amusing the mech, but he won't say what. "But ... I AM a convertible ... into a car..." He intentionally misses the point, holding his hands out and making a sort of steering motions, lips pursed innocently. Goa's been kind of afraid to open his cabin ... after using it more like a trunk for vorns and vorns, who knows what's rolling around back in there.

"I guess you're right. Nice to visit though." He ponders about Lifeline for a click. "Man, there's just too many opportunities ... fresh paint ... I guess I'll get it put back on. Green's good in some places." Goa's thoughts drift back to his premonition.

Torque shrugs again, "Dunno. Guess I'm just hard to annoy." She smiles and shuts off the sander, bringing out a hose to give him a blast of air to blow away the paint dust and making sure to get in the small cracks. But she was curious for some reason, figuring since Goa's a grounder that he might have who knows what lodged in him. It was common for her to find the most bizarre things in peoples' trunks and such. They were all hoarders. "Open up. Wanna clean out the inside." It may be demanding, but she says it with a smile as she knocks on his cabin.

Slipstream smiles a bit to the tease from the other femme, "What is it with the color pink?" she asks, shaking her head a little. She cannot stop smiling at the thought. A pink Goa would be outlandishly humorous. She giggles a bit at his driving motions, "I think you will need a energon ration and recharge once Torque is done with you. Your injuries are making you act sillier than normal."

Goa peers at Torque. What, could /everybody/ read his mind now? Slip might be right about his air headedness, as he doesn't hesitate to roll himself over in unusual compliance. Maybe he just really misses being clean. "Pink goes with /everything/," he mumbles, his face momentarily stuffed in the table -- the central plate of his cape clicks up, then slides forward, revealing the seat and controls of his vehicle mode... partially.

It's buried in some amount of junk. Datapads, data chips, little trinkets. There's actually one or two tokens that look to be of organic origin ... and a notably well-sealed container that's branded as from a lab somewhere. "There."

Torque raises a brow at the large amount of stuff crammed into his cabin, starting to pick through piece by piece and place it on a side table in front of Goa so he can view it at his leisure. "You.. like to collect, don'tcha?" She muses, looking over the tokens curiously as well as the box, though she didn't try to open it.

Slipstream is close enough that she can see whatever the grounder is hiding in his subspace.. or trunk.. whatever you really want to call it. She peers at what is in there and shakes her head, "Turbo pack rat." she mutters.

Goa snorts weakly and twitches his leg a little, clearly unused to having anyone else back there. "Whatever. 'S in there, I know I can find it again. Well, so long no one tries to shoot it full of holes." Thankfully, when Shred had turned the autoguns on him, it HADN'T punched through and ignited the crystalline energon he was taking into his protection...

The artifacts from off world are pretty unremarkable ... well, to him, anyway. For Torque and Slipstream, it may be the first time they've seen real stone, much less real stone carved into a couple of smooth tools ... maybe to 'thresh' the crystals he found so long ago. There's also a couple of teeth he'd saved ... organic, calcified teeth, not the metal teeth of a turbo raptor or other Cybertronian predator.

Though despite that, they are of quite comparable size, if not larger than anything from this world.

Slipstream picks up one of the organic teeth, examining it closely. "Interesting." she murmurs. Organic tooth. Intriging to someone that never seen one. Then picking up a stone tool. Ah the grounder and his secrets... Still showing themselves a little bit at a time.

Torque isn't as marveled as Slipstream, but she still examines the pieces closely with her scanning systems. "Huh... How far off planet didja go to get this stuff?" She places the objects down for now, finishing the cleanout and making sure to get any dust or dirt. "All set. Just need the paint."

Goa turns his pain receptors back on with a visible shudder, and snaps his cab shut reflexively. "Paint? Paint ... err ..." The Decepticon swings his legs around and sits up all in one smooth movement, scratching his helmet. He hadn't actually realized Torque was removing the straggling, abused paint ... which constituted most of the paint on his armor. So now he's looking over his legs and front with some confusion. "... pretty far, Torque..." he sighs, "Pretty far. Don't go off world. It's a jungle out there." Goa smiles weakly. "Hold on, I'll go find it. Gotta get the right shade," he says, already standing and wandering off to the back of the shop, leaving the two along a moment.

Slipstream shakes her head again at him, "Figures he'd want to mix it himself." she notes to Torque. "Is there any way we could repay you for helping him out?" she asks.

Torque nods, optics following Goa as he walks off to the back, her goggles moving back up as a hand raises to toss the cable hair in her one optic to the side, though it just fell right back. "Hm? Oh, well credits are always nice. And trust me, I'm a lot cheaper than most places. Even less than what the base might take outta your pay for fix-ups." She smiles to Slip, though she taps her chin in thought for a moment before telling the price, which really is cheap.

Slipstream smiles and nods, "Sounds fair to me." she states, giving her the credits before Goa gets back. "That covers his paint too right?"

The gunmetal mech strolls back out, hefting the two tones of paint and the spraying equipment. He stumbles ... recovering, but even still. The weight doesn't bother him, but he's having a hard time keeping his balance. Goa sets it all down next to the bench. "Emerald green, fire orange. Bit brighter, maybe." He sits himself back down, looking smugly over at Slipstream, though unaware of the conversation.

Slipstream looks over at Goa as he returns with the pain, she peers at the selection. "I think you've been hanging out at the smelting pits one too many cycles." she remarks, it was a in joke that only he'd get. "I should get back to base Goa, now that you are okay. Someone has to report to Megatron about what happened." she frowns, "Maybe I'll do that later... still though I need to rest. Been a long cycle."

"Aww, Slippy. Don't let Cubi bite." Goa swings around and flops his arms over the seeker in a hug clearly designed not to aggravate her wings. His chuckle shows that he caught the jab. To outside observation, it evidences they'd known each other ... some time. "I'll send one in too. Out on duty when the raid started." He hops back onto the table a bit more sullenly, turning back to Torque.

Torque nods as he brings the paint and spray gun over, putting down her mask and goggles to protect her face as she fills up the pressurized tool. "Alright, just hold still. You'll be lookin' good as new in no time." She smirks beneath the mask, firing up the spray machine and testing a few sprits on a blank piece of metal before approving of the tone while the two embrace. She just rolls her eyes and smiles, spraying even coats on his legs first once he gets back on the table.

Slipstream pats his back and let's him go. "I won't." she assures softly. Then heads off toward Polyhex.