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Name: Warpath

Faction: Autobot

Branch: Military

Rank: 5

Function: Warrior

Altmode: Cybertronian Tank

Type: FC

"A good POW shot is worth BAM more than a good ZAP intention."


Unlike most mechs, Warpath can pretty easily be summed up in one word- loud. Some of the other Autobots would add 'obnoxious', 'arrogant', and 'annoying' to that description, as well as a slew of other unflattering comments, and Warpath never does much to prove them wrong. For all his faults, however, he's loyal to the end, a decent friend (if you don't mind the constant assault on your hearing), and a good mech to have by your side in battle. That is, if you can put up with all the yelling for that long.


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