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  • Name: Windshear
  • Faction: Neutral
  • Branch: Civilian
  • Rank: 1
  • Function: Quick Cargo Transport
  • Alt Mode: HelixCraft
  • Type: OC

Pic of Windshear


”Get out of the way, I've got a delivery to make!”


Windshear is an independent for-hire cargo transporter who's alt form is a swift aircraft with top mounted horizontally rotating blades. That cargo can be anything to a few passengers to supplies of various sorts. While he is not officially aligned with any one faction or city he does have a soft spot for the Autobots, not that he will often openly admit it. He's of the opinion the sooner the war is over, the better. He is careful with his words as a general rule and he can have a slow to rise temper. He is a built listener and will offer advice when asked, or even when he isn't asked. His biggest flaw is his willingness to give some one the benefit of the doubt, even if the creature in question is normally not to be trusted. His trust is not completely blind but it can allow some one the opportunity to stab him in the proverbial back. One strange quirk of this mech is his unique obsession with photography. He captures images of just about anything he finds interesting, especially if no one else does.


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